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  1. Where I live you would not have noticed a recession apart from Woolies shutting down and a few other little shops. The main reason being that the majority of people here are employed by Education,The Health Service and a nuclear power station or are on Government benefits. Just wait until the cuts come in these fields and the shite is really gonna hit the fan across the UK. That's when the denial will end and reality kicks in for most people and it's the exact reason why Labour will not cut spending before an election.
  2. I think the grand finale to this expenses story will be Blair. I can't believe that him and that penny pinching sorry excuse for a wife didn't milk the system for their personal gain.
  3. This complete ar*e lost all my respect when I saw his little rant on Newsnight (not that I could have given a shit about the guy anyway). The way he shouted at us viewers to say we have all fiddled our expenses. NO WE F**KING HAVE NOT. I never did you upper class nob head. Being a law abiding citizen who pays his taxes has done me no favours.
  4. When the RBS windows were being smashed there was a couple of people doing it and about 30 photographers surrounding them. It looked like some sort of set up on a movie set. Oh and according to the mail one of them was Russel Brand.
  5. You can imagine in 1000 years Dubai will a top holiday destination for people visiting the ruins in the desert of some advanced ancient civilisation that disappeared in the space of a few years.
  6. Just what exactly is the point of Royal Mail in the 21st Century? Think about it. The business is making a huge loss and the only way it can make money is by delivering JUNK that nobody wants to receive. This Junk mail pisses everyone off; householders, postmen, anyone who cares about the environment. The number of hand written letters sent each day is miniscule and most companies are using e mail and the internet for important things like bank statements and bills. This company needs to be wound up and replaced with a small service that only delivers stuff that people actually want and need. Smaller private companies should deliver the mail and if a business wants to send out thousands of thick catalogues to every house then they should pay through the nose for it.
  7. I often look at the BBC website that lists all the worlds markets. Something that I've noticed a few times is the 'BBC Global 30' will often be showing an increase when virtually every market in the world is in negative figures (as is the case as I'm writing this) . Is this another example of the BBC trying to make things look rosey?
  8. I always wondered who the people were that still vote for Labour. Royal Mail workers are one of the group of people who will vote Labour no matter what is imposed on them. Even if they lost their jobs they would still vote Labour, believe me I worked with these clowns. They spend ALL DAY moaning but will still support Labour and the Unions to the death.
  9. Heard it aswell. It was some of the most sensible stuff I've heard spoken during the econmic crisis. It was funny listening to interviewer as it just goes to show the mainstream mindset just can't comprehend the idea of an economy that isn't based on debt and borrowing.
  10. "This is a global banking crisis and you've got to deal with it for what it is, a global banking crisis - Broon" Brown and Co are completely bricking it that Britain is being left to fend for itself while all the other countries of the world look after their own interests, rightly so. Britain has put absolutely everything into being part of not just a European Community but some leftist utopian 'Global Community' at the expense of being self sufficient. Now that the financial system has collapsed we have nothing left to generate wealth. Lets just pray it's the end of socialism.
  11. The Labour government want to win another term because they are not through yet with turning Britain into a socialist, multicultural human rights Utopia. They will stop at nothing to achieve this. Brown has shown this to be the case with carrying on with the huge levels of public spending when our country can no longer afford it. And the other thing is that Brown and Co are so far up their own arses that they really do not believe any of this mess is their fault. Socialists are always blinded by their own self righteousness.
  12. I think youve hit the nail on the head. The government knows we are shafted and has just been buying time to try to win the next election. How can lending be the solution when it is the cause of the problem?
  13. When a bank decides to print money how do they get that money into the system? I mean, they can't just give the money to people so what do they do?
  14. I have never understood this whole gym membership thing. Where I live we have some wonderful cycle paths in the countryside and some of the nicest mountains and scenery within 40 minutes drive or train ride. Yet these bozo's would rather fork out £50 a month or whatever to sit on a cycling machine looking over a main road for 2 hours at a time. These trendy gyms are another symbol of the last 10 years. It was another must have for the Soya Latte drinking, I wanna be like Rachel and Chandler from Friends generation bunch of w@nkers.
  15. I know a self employed tradesman who mainly did cash in hand jobs. He was bringing home about £1000 per week maybe more without paying any tax. He actually declared £11,000 as his yearly income for several years on the trot. Yet no-one in the tax office thought it slightly fishy or odd that a tradesman was earning £11,000 per year during the boom time for tradesmen. Either they are too busy to notice or extremely dumb. I'm all for people making a bob or two but when I was in a job getting a fraction of this salary and being shafted by Gordon Brown every week it does kind of get on your tits, especially when those same tax evaders call you a tight git for not spending £200 on a night out.
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