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  1. Indeed. The whole delayed post thing does make it difficult to participate. Which would seem to be the point.
  2. Yes I know Harry, I have enjoyed many a positive debate with yourself and many other bears on this site. And thanks to all who have posted their support in this and other threads. As it seems all our posts are now being time delayed for mod approval as well as new thread starts, the level and intensity of debate possible even under troll status has just been degraded still further. I fail to see how this can be good for open and honest interaction, or good in any way for the long term viability of a website and forum built on debate.
  3. ALL of the most regular bulls were given troll status. Every one of them. Not a single one of the bear trolls were given troll status. No matter how abusive or insulting their posting style, no matter how much online bullying they engage in, and no matter how much repetitive spam they post. That tells you everything you need to know really. Open debate is not welcome, bulls are not welcome. One sided self-congratulatory group think only. When house prices go up, when people start to listen to or engage the bulls in debate, their status gets changed to troll. And as was posted earlier in the thread, apparently this is not the first time. So, no ability to post positive articles (without hours of delay to let a bear spin it first), no ability to communicate directly with the mods to ask why, no ability to PM, no communication about it, no warnings....... Hardly fair, balanced, or neutral, which is surely what moderation is supposed to be all about? Just an action designed to hinder the communication of all the bulls on the site, and try and discredit their argument to new members. If that is the only way bears can win the debate, it is a shallow victory indeed.
  4. One more time...... The average full time male income, mean, is already 30K when you include all people. When you exclude the bottom 30% or 40% of earners, the average (mean, male, full time income) jumps to close to 50K. Particularly when all income is included, ie, bonuses, overtime, etc. This is not the same as saying that the top 60% of either males or everybody earn 50K or over a year. Think about it........
  5. Solicitors, doctors and dentists are on closer to 100K unless they're just starting out. 50K these days is sales rep or middle manager territory. And there are vast areas of the country where 120K to 150K will buy a 3 bed terrace or semi. WHich puts it within reach of a low paid couple (low paid by house buying standards) such as a teacher and nurse, a secretary and lorry driver, a pub manager and cook, etc. Buying is not the preserve of the rich, nor even of the professional classes, but it does require a skilled worker level of income. Plenty of cabbies and lorry drivers able to buy in vast areas of the country. Minimum wage burger flippers? Not so much.....
  6. But 25% to 30% live ion council/social housing and so do not need to be able to afford to buy. Home ownership is not now, and never has been, affordable by 100% of the population. I'm saying the same thing will happen as has always happened.. The ownership of property will be the reserve of those that can afford it. And those that can't will be renters, either form the state or private landlords. Just as it always has been.
  7. No, it's the fact that only the top 60% to 70% of earners are actual house buyers that is to blame. Mean average full time male salary is around 30K for all people.. When you remove the bottom 30% or 40% of earners it's around 50K. At that point, 3.5 times single salary is 175K, and 3 times joint (assuming the wife makes a lot less) is 225K. The fact that the average house price at peak was in between those figures, and CML verifies lending average at peak was around 3.5 times income, is no coincidence. If you want to blame something, blame the fact that a lot of people make a lot more money than you think.
  8. Yes. The average price of sold property has indeed risen 18% in two months. Don't be ridiculous. When did I claim that? Neither. They were part of a typical spring bounce for a Scottish market. Although much stronger than expected. We will see small falls next winter. But the bigger and longer the bounce is, the less the likelyhood that the upcoming falls will be enough to cancel it out before the recovery next year.
  9. Ummmm, not quite. The CML average loan to income for actual buyers never crossed 3.5 times even at peak. It's around 3 times income now. Epic Fail, try again.
  10. I've made over 150 posts in the last 2 weeks...... Hardly "quiet for a while"....... Silly bears.....
  11. Not yet..... Theres still the "bear trap" to come this winter when we see a few months of small falls, before the recovery begins good and proper in Q2 2010. But it is fun watching them squirm for the moment.
  12. Yes, theres something wrong there, thats not the same document I accessed this morning. In fact, this mornings one was more recent and on an interactive flash reader not a pdf. Check the scottish section.
  13. Wait...... People make mistakes when typing?????????? Nooooooooo........ Good thing I'm not ccc or this entire post would have consisted of......... TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh, they will be. But just in TINY increments...... Thats the flaw in your plan. I'd expect repo's to be even lower and the bailout to be ramped up further that close to an election.
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