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  1. About that democracy… you mean Gove et al are going to start campaigning for an elected head of state and second chamber? Nah thought not…
  2. Andy D


    This is an interesting read from someone inside the negotiations on the Greek side (so obviously comes with a bias) http://www.mediapart.fr/en/journal/international/080715/we-underestimated-their-power-greek-government-insider-lifts-lid-five-months-humiliation-and-blackm?onglet=full Shows how unfit for purpose the EU is…
  3. Everyone appears to have forgotten one of the real lessons of Henry Ford - pay people a decent wage and they can afford to buy your stuff
  4. Yeh but the country going to be 'so full and unworkable' because old people live longer, with the vast amounts of money that's being funnelled into heathcare and social security actually going to them rather than the people who are experiencing the bulk of the cuts. That said when Child Tax Credit was brought in Child Benefit should have been merged into it.
  5. Andy D

    Miliband To Abolish Non-Dom Status

    Don't agree with Lords and all that other titled crap, but I'd argue anyone who's non-dom shouldn't be able to hold a title or position in politics. And if you were born in the UK you should be able to hold non-dom status either.
  6. Andy D

    Rate The Leaders On Their Performance Tonight

    If only the rest of us had two salaries to start with - there's no way he can do both jobs adequately! Of course when he donate's his salary to 'charity' then he'll still be claiming the tax relief on it won't he and whether donating to a charity he set up himself can really be considered charity is debatable. This is of course the same Alex Salmond 'man of the people' who loves expensing five star hotels, and expensive travel, including to attend the premier of a film in Holywood - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/SNP/9487588/Alex-Salmonds-entourage-spends-48000-to-attend-Brave-premier-in-California.html
  7. Bristol letting agents CJ Hole are busy writing to landlords encouraging them to extract more rent from their tennants… https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/stop-cj-hole-exploiting-the-housing-crisis-in-bristol
  8. Why should you pay tax if you're expected to fund others during their hard times but get f'all in yours - welfare system is broken for people who are net contributors and then lose their jobs
  9. Yup it's Deloitte, on of my daughter's friends is on the apprenticeship scheme, basically do paid work, get accountancy qualifications and a degree in the process and free to walk away at the end. Yes they're going to work bloody hard but they get qualifications that may be of use and no debt
  10. I'm surprised it's kept going this long given both Manchester and Liverpool airports are around 60 miles away
  11. The EU referendum is a trap - if we vote to stay in the EU then the pro-integrationists will treat it as an OK for further integration - if we vote to go out then our economy is going to suffer as less people will want to trade with us over time I'm broadly in favour of an EU that's a free trade area with free movement of goods and people, but without all the political United States of EU that comes with it, and don't like the likely outcomes of either a yes or no vote
  12. Motorola had $2.9bn (?) in cash when bought, they sold the home unit for $2.35bn, are keeping 15,000 of the 17,000 patents and some of the staff so a loss overall (depending on value of patents) but perhaps not as bad as the headlines suggest
  13. The Mrs has a pair and I doubt she be buying another pair as they're not the greatest knickers in the world - think they're trying to charge a premium over normal knickers but not delivering the quality / style of the more expensive ones e.g. Marie Jo at 26 quid a pop
  14. It's pretty shocking that once you reach state retirement age you don't pay NI even if you have a job. Employers still have to pay it for people working past retirement age so why shouldn't employees? Age discrimination case in the making for someone but who represents the young's interests?

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