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  1. The adds were irritating, the slow page loading a pain. The censorship was terrible. Why a mention of (****) is so taboo on here now, I don't know, as far as I know it never used to be. Don't forget, a lot of the regulars on here have always known and sometimes talked about **** as we used it on occasion when HPC was experiencing technical diffuculties. This site has alway been freely talked about over there. As for saying that you don't allow the advertising of other sites, why has a mention on the main board of **** been so quickly moderated but mentions of other sites have not? There's als
  2. I've been going elsewhere a lot more latley. I'm tired of the adverts, sick of the slow, jerky scrolling and fed up with being advised to download firefox/ad blockers etc as I don't need them for the other place, or any other place but here. The only speedy thing on here now is the swiftness of moving threads off the main board that contain links to certain places or mention anything about being pi**ed of with how this place is going crap. Reminds me of the heavy moderation of that C4 site we all used to laugh about. As soon as the other place gets busier, I'll be staying there.
  3. I'm using IE. No idea what version. I don't do messing with computers, they tend to stop working when I do.
  4. I'm now having problems with the back button. I click back, the egg timer appears but nothing happens, I'm having to click the back button several times. This is only happening to me on the HPC site.
  5. In the case of interest rate rises I don't think that any house price drops would quickly rebound because of pent up demand, simply because people now seem to be going of affordability of monthly repayments of their mortgage and not the total debt. People buying don't care if a house is 100k at 5% or 70k at 10% so long as they can pay the monthly amount. We've had a good show in the rear view mirror this last couple of years. HPI slowed down pretty abruptly with the last interest rate rises and house prices have really just been bobbing along since. I personally would be happy for inflatio
  6. A thing I realised about the rent v mortgage argument is that, while it's true that my rent is at the moment cheaper than the interest part of the mortgage I'd need to buy, the interest that I'd pay on a repayment mortgage would decrease as the amount of capital owed reduces.
  7. I don't know how to do a link but Webmaster has posted that the whole site is shortly moving. The post is in the thread Site Speed which has been moved to 'about housepricecrash'.
  8. This is a silly question but can anyone tell me how to close my account?? I can't find it on My Controls, or am I looking too hard?
  9. I'm finding the site slow. Has it maybe got something to do with the not so discreet ADS?? :angry:
  10. Wow, I must be an amazing woman, I got a new job whilst pregnant and continued to earn after the birth. You guy's (a select few only) seem to think us feeble women can't get a job whilst pregnant AND expect to keep earning after the kiddie comes along. By the time your on kid number four, believe me, you have learned how to juggle home life and a job. BTW terrified congrats on the new bump. The only advise on extra income I have is on dog breeding, rotweilers could do well if things get as bad as some people fear. Quote muttley "By the way, you have to work for a c
  11. Getting better now . Almost back to normal.
  12. This scrolling delay is getting on my nerves. :angry: Hope it gets sorted ASAP.
  13. I'm up for it. We'll even bring the kids and make a holiday out of it.
  14. Thanks for that CTT. Next quarter will be interesting with an addition of a table showing the number of landlord possession actions.
  15. 1 Because we've had a boom, guess what comes next? 2 'They' can't stop it happening. 3 The ATM now has a capped limit. (no super-sonic HPI=credit limits are now set) 4 Banks are starting to share information about customers. 5 Unemployment rising.
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