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  1. It’s not a fact though is it ? Just an anonymous piece of anecdotal posting on an Internet forum
  2. But millions can’t afford to live like they are now emotionally, physically or financially Your position appears to be they are not as intelligent as remainers, by the same token many vocal remainers especially the Islington and West London mob seem to have the lowest EQ I have seen in a lifetime - Their inability to understand what drove millions to vote leave is quite breath taking considering they would label themselves as well read and intelligent
  3. Why? The UK driving test is pretty good. I don’t need an IDP in the US - is it because they are the most powerful country in the world and have a healthy dislike for pointless bureaucracy?
  4. Remain has also become a cult only the ‘intelligent ‘ voted Remain be good children and trust Mother she knows best. And you appear to be part of it with your last line There are plenty of rational intelligent people who voted leave and plenty of dumb ignorant people who voted remain The continued generalisations, binary position taking and insults from both sides are not going to move us forward
  5. Think your missing the point - there is no real competition for the big money stuff - the BT solution works but only they can offer because under the skin they still own the majority of the infrastructure I would sort of be with BT when they are dismissive of amateur geeks saving 2 Bob here and 2 bob there - your not buying a product your buying an end to end service - spent thirty years of my life dealing with people who approach me socially to show off their geek knowledge which normally amounts to what you just said no offence ?? I doubt whether they want the retail business anyway
  6. Actually where it counts commercial data lines where the real money is BT still has a stranglehold ie if you want True diversity with a planned and certified route through two different physical locations then the only provider is BT
  7. It’s fundamental not binary - within reason I can choose not to deal with those corporations, people can move jobs or relinquish their shares When that is not easy ie utilities they should be in public control - but rightly so if it is supported by our money then the rigour with which governance is applied should be of the highest standard You don’t actually have to apply the same rigour to most private enterprises because they can always fail but the truth is in spite of all the stuff that you mention they deliver good value to the consumer and shareholder returns By all means hold an ideological view but in truth the vast majority of the public don’t care as long as the service or product is perceived by them to be of value
  8. Ideal for you - I can find far more productive ways to use that amount of money 1. Investing in myself through my businesses 2. Enjoying life in my peak years say 30-60 3. Getting my children privately educated so no uni debt by age 25 or earlier through their career success 4. Helping them into property modestly so they were both properly owners in their mid twenties - so no need for financial support from us here onwards I have lived and earnt my own money since I was 29 when I was last employed by someone nearly 30 years ago - can turn a buck in virtually any service field if I need to Of course you need a cushion but 2 years outside a pension/retirement savings seems excessive - so just saying ideal for you not everyone
  9. Aren’t you missing the point ? It’s not my money they can do what they want - with very few exceptions I have a choice - I can’t for instance change my council easily
  10. That’s my shark theory - look at a shark swimming around do they worry about the weather up top ? Nope they concentrate on being the best shark they can be
  11. 90% + of same DNA, ethnicity, language culture and values makes for a better outcome in education whatever the resources ....you don’t say ??
  12. It’s a gift and I agree but your not brain washed neither are your kids ?
  13. Oh I did that’s why I have created loads of jobs and even now employ apprentices who wouldn’t get a break anywhere else the poor can’t help the poor..... my generation wanted change and we achieved it, essex boys making six figure salaries instead of three generation blue blood, public school boys, Opening to another level recruitment, IT, the law from us wrong side of the tracks from comprehensive school kids Not sure what generation you are but if you are a late boomer we broke the mould - this generation if anything is supine and really not making a difference
  14. So do I and so did my old man so my questions stands why does that amaze you ? Don’t you ? Just joshing but your obviously a good man I would guess they would come out well ??
  15. Not sure about that. I am half Eastern European half central London Kentish Town and believe me closer to the ‘ empire ‘ in ww2 there was little respect for empire when you see posh Johnny’s avoiding call up - hence lack of local war memorials the closer you get to W1 the right embraces human nature, we are tribal since we fell out of the trees, the left ignores it. Our future is probably a blend of the both but as my old man said the poor can’t help the poor and the weak the weak, sooner or later you have to lead and that’s where the left fall down. Why are you amazed at your kids - was your family prejudiced before them ie you ? judt saying
  16. I heard Majid on LBC say that under Isalamic teaching you never question the motive or reasons behind someone’s actions or words . Which actually is very NLP - in that asking why is a waste of time - the only questions that can yield understanding are How, what, where and when So actually not reasonable at all and certainly in the opinion of one very intelligent and of the Islamic faith person against his religions teachings .............
  17. Or a bloke who likes cars and can get his mitts on a really nice piece of engineering. It’s is perfectly possible to run a top end car cheaply if you buy well, know a bit , and use independents for servicing Saying that all of us who aspire to nice cars because we well just like them are poor trying to be rich is a bit know your place comment ie why are the oiks buying Bentleys when they live in a flat and can’t afford a new one By the way the Bentley to have is a run out model Arnage not the GT ? defo future classic
  18. He’s 26? I am 56 and have employed people either for a corporate (IBM) or in my own business from my late twenties. Plenty of HG post rings true and nice to see it from a younger person. If it isn’t how do you explain the thousands of vacancies in high paying roles such as IT, corporate sales, even freelance film production to name a few ? Even the fabled entrepreneurship of younger generations seems to involve renting a desk at We work or Regus and dreaming of the latest app. Scale up businesses of 10 people or more are rare, most of my competitors in Technology outsourcing or corporate film were founded in the 90’s or early 2000’s There is a shocking level of entitlement at interview these days, whilst the savvy 20 something’s get in get their head down and get on with it, whether that be a Microsoft apprentice on my help desk, a runner working 16 hour days in the film business or the young person bashing the phones on the way to becoming a six figure earning account director in their late twenties
  19. The two types of insolvency tell a different story. Company insolvencies rise as companies expand on the way up after flat or negative performance - the classic over trade. In a weird way positive - so mis reported by someone who has never seen it or lazy reporting Personal insolvencies are probably the real story here, seems pretty structural and will only get worse and supports the jobless recovery ( or continued growth meme), AI, restructuring in retail etc.
  20. You are, I used to go to a few of these probably about 15 years ago. They also ran boxing do’s and other events similar format Time moves on, if my daughter is to be treated equally then all this power play bullying has to stop. It’s not sexual it’s abuse of power. At some of the do’s people even bought their female colleagues who seemed uncomfortable I am no snowflake but time moves on and by the way to all my younger friends on here it seems men of 40 or less seem to be the worst culprits now perhaps insecurity I don’t know or their exposure through social media to the objectification of women
  21. Regrettably there are plenty of Boomers who deserve the nasty, selfish boomer tag. My current circle of friends are pretty clued up and would past muster on here as boomers who agree they got lucky. However I say current because have found myself detaching from some social groups because of their ignorant attitude towards this issue. Don’t know if it is an age thing but when I was younger did that a lot and none the worse for it - so maybe back to the future ??
  22. I think I prefer Dugsbody’s reply as well - mine is well spiteful so apologies. Just we aren’t all nasty boomers like all millenials aren’t coffee drinking, iPad buying hipsters who just need to buckle down and buy that house !
  23. Also being in finance ...I rest my case m’lud
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