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  1. Hi, We have held out on buying a property for a few months, but today decided to view a house, just to keep abreast of things. Anyway, we viewed a property that has been on the market only a week. It's on at £265k and was bought for £250k in August 2004. The agent said that he had received 2 offers of £250k, but the vendor rejected them. He also said that he has received a cash offer of £265k that has been accepted. Do you think the agent is having us on? Are they legally allowed to say a property is under offer when it is not? (We don't know he is lying for sure, it's just a hunch). Also, is this likely to happen on a property within the space of a week? The property is in London, W14. Kind regards.
  2. http://www.theRatandMouse.co.uk/weblog/arc...ide_repo_1.html
  3. http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsarticl...LSON-BOWDEN.xml
  4. http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_...icecrash.co.uk/
  5. Thanks for your honesty FF - it is refreshing and helpful.
  6. Just a casual observation, but in my local estate agent I noticed they had put stickers on each of their properties in the window: - "£1000 CASH BACK!"
  7. I have to agree. We've been looking for about 9 months now and most of the estate agents we have dealt with have been intimidating bullies. When you start talking to them about "the market" the do lie even when you quote them hard facts about the street/area you're buying in. However, they are not all bad. We dealt with a lovely EA from Faron Sutaria who seemed to be pretty clued up but hinted that it was the vendors who made their lives hard. She said she'd rather sell properties at way below the asking price than have them hanging around like a bad smell. Unfortunately, the EA for Faron Sutaria no longer works there!
  8. I think it's here: - http://ch4.homebuying.co.uk/
  9. Could asking prices have gone up because vendors know what's happening, so want to hold on to as much profit as they can?
  10. We've been offering about 10% below asking price. Each time we have done this it has been rejected. We've gone up to 7% below asking price and again rejected. This has happened on a number of occasions and is anecdotal evidence that it's true that vendors are not budging at the moment.
  11. You could always email Rightmove: - [email protected] or give them a call: - 0845 456 8439
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