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  1. Very very good choice imo. A PC friend of mine took me for a spin in their new 330d (2wd) with the ZF 8spd auto. The smootest auto I've been in, almost seamless gear changes.
  2. By which point they'll roll out a 'Help to Sell release 2' to deal with the side effects of the student loan debt.
  3. Excellent observation. It's the bitter truth of where we're at and what we're up against. There needs to be another riot.
  4. As well as hoping on houses reducing in value (hence you can justify a hit on the savings return) you also have to consider the greater amount saved, the smaller the eventual mortgage and less interest (dead money) the bank will get from you.
  5. That is precisely what i've been doing for the last few years. I also try to buy stuff on ebay second hand if if available, only to avoid 20% VAT
  6. Same here. Sisters former boyfriend worked for RM and would occasionally cruise round in a tv licensing van. I asked him one day when he pulled up in one to have a look in the back. He told me it was a load of BS, the van in practically empty, no such thing as detection kit.
  7. Funnily enough, I just had a look on the express website. No mention of it yet, so it's a guaranteed front page 'house prices surge again' tomorrow. Still, it's a change from a week of just weather/cancer/madeline related headlines.
  8. I live in a semi-rural area of the south-east and not one field around here has crops growing on it. Very sad state of affairs
  9. Kids should be brought up at home by their mothers, not reared in a nursery
  10. Wouldn't have got the same speech if Gordon got the job. There would have been a resurrection of the miracle economy
  11. So it's perfectly acceptable to talk house prices UP, impoverishing first time buyers :angry:
  12. The bottom one was loaned f.o.c. to sussex police for about 9 months to help out with their speed awareness seminars.
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