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  1. Like Geoff I have not heard of paying upfront for EA fees but is it because you are in Scotland and it is a different system? I am no expert but I would have thought that you are not "terminating" the contract - it is expiring after which you are entitled to take your business elsewhere? Seems to me that they are trying it on.
  2. Hope it goes well for you, Geoff. I was in exactly the same position 2 years ago with a "choice" of 2 very dfferent schools. Thankfully he did get in to the preferred one (still think he must have scraped in as friends 0.3 km further didn't ). I'm waiting to hear tomorrow about No. 2 son and I know he'll get in as he has a sibling and we live much closer now but my stomach is still churning! Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  3. Thanks for the replies both of you. I've obviously misundersood as I thought that this was something new and I have been using the "added" functionality already. I don't think that anything has come up in my area showing as reduced, though that may be simply because nothing fits that criteria yet. Thanks for the info on Property Bee LG, but I have been using it for some time now. I fully agree with you on how useful it is and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have it. It even introduced me to Firefox which is now my preferred browser!
  4. I'm being a bit thick here Is the "properties added in the last 24 hours" feature on Rightmove or Property Bee as I can't find it on either?
  5. Being Reigate, it doesn't surprise me as I suggested in my post at the time. I live very near here and the front-page headline on the local paper this week says "House Prices Bounce Back" with an article saying that "Reigate homeowners can boast an average £30,000 rise in the value of a two or three bedroom property" and that "scores of Reigate homes have actually increased in value by almost 10% over the past 12 months." Reigate sellers will be even more entrenched in the "It won't happen in Reigate" scenario now.
  6. Glad you got in OK but sorry to hear about the lack of curtains etc. Are you a member of your local Freecycle group as you may find that a "wanted" post on there may bring some curtains as people replace theirs in the sales. Good luck!
  7. Anybody else think that Peter Allen sounds just like the chef Anthony Worrall Thompson?
  8. The current rise in prices has a lot to do with lack of supply (certainly in my area. If/when there is a significant rise in interest rates there will be many more forced sales than there are now and this will have the effect of prices going down again IMO.
  9. Shame that this thread has deteriorated somewhat as it has the potential to be an interesting snapshot of the state of the market in this area. I can vouch for Hairy's comments about the price of houses around here as I live in the same (very long) road. His house is clearly not a FTB house so presumably anyone looking at it is likely to have a reasonable/large deposit. On a household £100k income they would be looking at houses quite a bit more expensive. There has been very little coming on for sale around here and the fabled Spring Bounce in prices has lasted way too long for my liking. Anything good has been sold very quickly and the agent Hairy is on with is the most pro-active I have been dealing with as a potential buyer (sold my house too). I have got the impression lately that things have slowed a little though, presumably pre-Christmas lull. Getting more agents ringing to check if I'm still looking although they have nothing new to offer. One offered today to knock on doors in any particular road I am interested in. They weren't doing this during the spring/summer - too busy I expect I will be watching this thread with great interest to see what develops. Good luck, Hairy.
  10. Please tell me it's still only th beginning of November..............
  11. When I registered I didn't know the difference between a Bull and a Bear so I put Neither. Now I can't seem to change it .........
  12. The Buyer's Commission is not for auction properties, it's for a standard purchase. Of course, if they have a property on their books which is on with another agent guess where I'll be going?
  13. Choices has an Estate Agent local to me and they are charging a "Buyer's Commission". Looks like they are: a) Trying to change the way the system works Getting a bit desperate?
  14. I heard this and it was interetsting that while the ARLA woman was plugging the increase in take-up of Buy-To Lets the interviewer pressed her hard on the fact that sales are hugely down on this time last year which she didn't answer.
  15. I was listening to parts of the 5live broadcast from Hull. As I was driving I wasn't concentrating too much on what they were saying but I thought that they said that unemployment in Hull had risen 70% in the last year. That can't be right can it?
  16. It's a "how long is a piece of string" question but I wouldn't say that 3 months is that unusual. One I was interested in took from offer in October to completion in February (with 2 broken chains) and one I was going to buy took 4 months beore it fell through. I've seen qute a few on RM for 3+ months. Why don't you ask the agent or get someone to do it for you if you don't want to show your hand?
  17. There's something very strange about that article and the photos. The whole article is written as if she has yet to do the work but the photos show "after" photos of the kitchen etc. and the house is clearly a different house in the "after" from the "before" shot. The only way it makes sense is if the "after" shots are from the previous house she refurbished but that certainly isn't what is implied. Strange indeed..............
  18. Not only did Kirsty come up with the "renting is pouring money down the drain" line but Phil repeaetd it later! As you say, January 2008 so the place they bought for £850,000 will have depreciated a fair bit by now. On the other hand, it seemed perfect for them and it looked like a long time home. The other couple were more cautious and ended up pulling out from buying a place they really liked solely due to the dropping market. Wonder what they're doing now?
  19. Do you know WHEN it was repossessed? Is it possible that the original prices which you thought quite steep were set by a desperate owner trying to sell to avoid repossession?
  20. I wouldn't be too happy about it myself but I think that it is now legal. It didn't used to be but (something to do with the EU maybe?) although I seem to remember that you do need to have a washbasin in there too.
  21. Hi 3bedsemi, I live in Merstham but am looking for a house in Redhill. I'm fairly sure that the Copyhold site has failed to get planning permission in the past but that doesn't mean it never will. I have found this from the local paper which tells you a bit more http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/news/In...il/article.html Not wishing to complicate things any further and you may already know this but the same paper last week reported on plans for a new "village" in Nutfield Road on the site of the old quarry which is close to your intended house http://www.thisissurreytoday.co.uk/news/Vi...il/article.html Of course, this too may not come to anything but it's something else to take in to account. If I can help with any further info, let me know.
  22. But I wouldn't have thought that the "developer" would have accepted anything that wouldn't make him/her a substantial profit when it had only been on the market for 3 weeks? Will be very interesting to see what the surveyor makes of it if it needs a mortgage.
  23. Aaaaagh! I have a 10-year-old who loves Top Gear and Lego and we live about 10 miles from Dorking. BUT we go on holiday on that day..............
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