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  1. I normaly take an objective view but have you read this shight It blamed depressed prices on “the large stock of property on estate agents' books relative to the pool of able buyers”. Lack of available houseing anyone? This is the best bit though - The number of unsold properties per agent fell from 77.9 to 75.4 in January as owners chose to avoid selling for as long as possible f*ckin lol its cos they cant sell them not cos they 'choose not too' you lying kunts, why would some one try to sell something ,then choose not too? Could it be Rosemary the receptionist?....could it be Henry the mild mannered janitor?....No its cos they cant get the inflated price they want, and their ego wont let them drop the price, cos they been bragging to friends and family about how cleaver they been watching, their house go up As an aside, I was working for an ex car dealer yesterday, he said the audi q7 things are getting to the end of 3 year leases and worth a quarter of what they initialy sold at, and not only is that gonna slap the mongs who bought them but moreso the lease companies and apparently Barclays bank are one of the biggest vehicle leasing firms in the country. This lad knows his stuff too - he got out of car dealing 18 months ago maybe a little more and sold a few houses at the same time, talk about good timing eh. He is building his own house now the kitchen is 12 metres by 6..........no, not feet.......metres
  2. I dont think he should be payed millions.but He has three michelin stars, getting one is far from easy, 3 is at the fat end of imposible. He respects people that work, learn and listen............. and those that dont, he tells to f*ck right off. My kinda guy!
  3. Ah so thats why tottenham dont win. They have a load of goals that have yet to materialise
  4. Whoa, dont like this, the kunt is talking sense, and all i do is lag him for being a kunt. Oh got it he puts his kok in boys bums........hes a kunt still and just to add, why didnt he say this 5..10 years ago? I know its cos he went alomg with bronws b0ll0x, and no has seen it for the b0ll0x it is so is making a claim with hindsight...f*ckin [email protected]! We can all do that! you ******in aids victim looking kunt please die [email protected]
  5. Im a home owner too, and all that headline says is the stupidity carries on, and the frustration for ftb's just increases. I hope they halve in price, I dont care.
  6. Will he f*ck! About the express, their demographic is older people, kids and yound adults but the sun/mirror etc. They all own houses, thats why they still go about diana too , most 20 odd year olds never knew her.
  7. Wheres this^ from? Why would an EA phone someone to say a house has sold?
  8. Its an old people thing, I told me mam and dad the exact same thing, flog the house f8ck our inheritance we dont want it we will work for our shlt (me and 2 sisters who both agree) But they'er having non of it. the thing is though they love their bungalow, so you kinda have to accept that. I dont want it I'm a worker not a taker.
  9. But surely interest rates will soon rise to pay off the bail outs (that we didnt get a referendum on on) back
  10. fook knows! <----- does that help? pm a mod
  11. I remember one was 2 grand, but they add it to the mortgage, so the mongs dont really feel it.. Which of course ends up as 4 grand with the interest Banks are cleaver, some say they are so cleaver that they could run their business into the ground and get the government to bail them out, with tax payers money (without a referendum) and then award themselves bonuses. But I cant really see that happeneing....can you
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