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  1. Careful winkie, you used Government and Planning in the same sentence, they will think you are referring to Planning Permission and call a housing boom.
  2. 1. I dont think its illegal. 2. If it is illegal to write "gone away" on a letter and repost it, then I dont think you can expect a police raid anytime soon.
  3. I work at a ftse 100 company and in the last 12months about 60% of the women here have got pregnant or had a child. It's quite staggering and there seems to be a new one every month. That includes 4 women in HR! It's an on running joke how only men will now be recruited and left in the company. There is a lot of incentive to have a child now here... 6 months fully paid maternity leave being one. 12 months if you are a teacher, plus if you time it right (like we have), then you can extend that 18 months due to the summer holidays, you just need to take register on the last day of the year and then get paid for the next 6 weeks.
  4. Why is shaking like a leaf ? Does she expect to mugged off, when she leaves the assembly.
  5. Actually, a resounding YES !!! (Although not me of course, I couldnt get credit when they were dishing it out, my Wife wouldnt let me. Smart woman, but she is sitting next to me as I write this. I SAID SHE IS SMART).
  6. I just thought there was nothing on the tele
  7. Definitly (especially the new Maxi Cosi or Quinny) car seat in a chasis system.
  8. www.housepricecrash.co.uk used to have at anyone time nearly a 1000 users on it at this time of day. The numbers online are pathetic. What happened to the HPC spokesman, who used to do the rounds (very convincingly) telling people about this website and putting across excellent views ? Where are all of the older members gone like PropertyGuru, Injin, and Realistbear ? This site is great, but investment needs to be paid in promoting it, so people dont forget. The Mods seems to quick to move topics off topic, while at the sametime we are bombarded with ads. A less strict line needs to be employed in my opinion, this site is ok, but it has been great and I would like to see it remain great.
  9. Nearly every couple I know of child bearing age is either : 1. Expecting a baby. 2. Trying for a baby. or 3. Had a baby in the past 12 months. From where I am sitting (next to my Pregnant Wife), who is going to pay for the extra social services, such as schools, social workers, after school clubs etc. The Tories are saying cuts.... The NuLabour are saying cuts . . . The Lib Dems are saying savage cuts ... So whats going to happen ?
  10. Many of my friends had over reached themselves with loan, car HP and credit cards and then one of our friends decided to draw up a budget looking at how long it would take to repay their 50k debt at current repayment rates and it was like 9 - 12 years. They worked out a budget on how much they needed for food, gas, electric, phone internet and council tax and then and then for food and going out. This came to around 40% of their salaries, where in the past the remaining 60% was split between mortgage repayments and unsecured borrowings. Almost all of them have now ceased all repayments on unsecured borrowings and bought seond hand cars, and are playing the game of Dodge the Debt Collectors. The first part of this game is transfer all of the unsecured borrowings away from the bank where they have any mortgages or savings accounts, then change their phone number with BT and make it Ex-directory, the simply dodge the debt collectors. When they send letter reminders, final notices and even a Court summons, they simply wrote on it, "GONE AWAY" and returned it in the post. The money that have saved has gone to paying off the mortgage at overpayment rate to clear it. When I first got wind of this, I said it wouldnt work, but after nearly a year, nearly all them have paid off at least 75% of their mortgages. They have even cleared out savings account, all in a bid to be mortgage free. They know how to play the game, they know the debt collectors cannot lay a glove on them, until they can prove they are at the address, because a county court judgement cannot be served (only 1 attempt), if you send it back to the issuing court. All borrowings are unsecured anyway, so they wont be losing any homes over this. It seems like a great sport, just wondered is anyone else doing it too.
  11. I have a really radical idea. Why not offer a decent interest rate to attract more savers and close the funding gap.
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