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  1. Ditto, in almost every sense. I too have just bought in Glasgow! Three bed flat after years and years of sharing in London. Good luck to all.
  2. On the other hand it does have some twigs in a giant vase..
  3. Good luck, we've been trying for the past year to save the great Wenlock Arms from conversion to flats, initial success in preventing outright demolition was followed by their attempt to build a glass cube with two apartments in it on top of the georgian building... we're hoping the economy has frightened them off...
  4. The point of that story is that IDS etc lied big time to whip up anti-foreigner hate - it's NOT 2 billion. Even at 155 million it's ****** all in terms of the welfare budget - and probably less than brits are getting out of other countries.
  5. Same here. We've just been bought by A Big Telecoms Company so are being crawled over by 'integration teams' at the moment - everyone knows there will be cuts, no-one knows where or how much or how soon. I've been doing more SFDC stuff recently which is already probably my most sellable experience.
  6. I fail to see how putting in a bunch of corrupt semi-fascists will improve *anything* whatever. A huge percentage of their MEPs (their only nationally elected people) have been caught out breaking laws and fiddling.
  7. You're wrong, hope that makes you feel better: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1582270/Woman-deported-to-Ghana-despite-cancer-dies.html
  8. Lots of knees jerking as usual. This just brings England into line with Wales and Scotland and will save money: if it stops one currently entitled person getting infected by one of the newly entitled then that's already cancelled out the cost.
  9. Was in the local Waitrose last night, prosperous N London area, and heard the following snatch of conversation between two staff as I passed them: A "...well I hope they don't sack me" B "Yeah, these cutbacks don't look too good do they." A "We did well over xmas though didn't we?" B "Yeah, but they're still cutting some posts apparently, and more stuff to come I heard..."
  10. And yet you have a govt composed of parties that between them got most of the votes, odd that.
  11. They don't, it's one of the Noes most insidious lies. In every round, until someone reaches 50%, *everyone* has one vote, given to their highest remaining preference.
  12. Only to the simple. Most Labour MPs are for a No, most New Labour former Cabinet ministers are for a No - so even by your own cracked decision making process you've screwed up.
  13. It's not perfect by any means, but it *is* better than FPTP.
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