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  1. It is inevitable - as the price of gold moves higher so will the amount of counterfeit gold coins and bars in circulation. Buy direct from national mints or a reputable dealer where you have a come-back if you are concerned.
  2. The percentage you hold depends on how much you are paying for it. I'd say 10-15% would have been about right when the price was around £300 - £350 per ounce. As the price moves higher so does the percentage you need to hold for it to be effective. A higher buy-in price also confirms the current 'fear factor' thus confirming the need to hold more - about now I would say you need to hold more like 30-50%...next week/month however could be a different story...unfortunately the more you buy, the more risk you take too! If you have no gold ATM perhaps wait for a pullback to £550 or so...if you da
  3. Nice tip stoobs, hope you bought some - the unofficial Winter sale at the Mint is over now. These were increased in price by 40% 27/02/09.
  4. Take a look at Goldmoney as an alternative to BV - here you can (if and when the time comes and the idea takes off) make "Goldgram Payments" to other account holders....you can also take delivery of your metal, though if you think you may want to do this, I would suggest holding Silver (at the London vault for convenience). Because of the minimum bar size limit you would need to have a sustantial amount invested in Gold. Hurry, while stocks last.
  5. No I think you must have that wrong - have you ever seen a Sov? They are slightly larger than a 1 pence piece! Check out the specs of the other £1 coin on the RM website: 19.62 grams, currently £625. So 59 quid (if that is what they went for) was an absoloute steal for those Concorde beauties! :angry:
  6. At £875, that worked out at £681 per ounce, for a limited edition, proof quality, fine gold coin in a walnut case. The £1 version was total price fluff up by the looks of things at £59. Sold Out - surprise surprise. Clever Mint...
  7. Time for action... G O L D Terdling is lined up at GoldMoney ready to buy on the dips. F'it.
  8. PB's are worth having if you want a chance of winning or a safe place to put your money - but there's more to it now for me... I've held PB's for a couple of years and my winnings have dwindled to next to nothing. I've kept them for safety reasons recently - however I REFUSE to be punished for being a saver and a non-contributor to the current climate, so it's time to do the decent thing and NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT HAVE MY MONEY!...nor ANY bank... ...hence I may buy gold/silver instead...god help me.
  9. Hi Carseller, I always end up reading your posts in this forum whenever I visit. You appear to be changing your view on gold a lot recently - bull to bear as often as the price moves up and down - I am interested to know if you hold any?
  10. "...number of enquiries from new would-be buyers rose" Enquiries? Not purchases then.
  11. What a dire state of affairs - and a crap programme! £250,000 to live with that bunch - something isn't right......
  12. Anyone here this interview on Radio 4 this morning with David Walker at 7.50? Listen again here
  13. Hi all, Just found this site from a link on housepricechat.co.uk which I found by googling 'housing market analysis.' (I was wondering how much longer I have to keep up the renting, saving, lining the pockets of buy-to-let entrepreneurs) Good work. I pass the word on.
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