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  1. What do you make of this guys? http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Chinese_cent...world_0323.html
  2. What do you make of this guys? http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Chinese_cent...world_0323.html
  3. slightly racist post i thought. if indians were no good at IT, then they would also make poor doctors etc. being good at IT doesnt come from the color of your skin ??? At no point did the OP make any reference to skin colour. You did. We can't win in this country! If we say that another countries labour force is not as good as our own, we are accused of being racist, even when some of us have got first hand experience every day for years and have formulated our own personal perceptions. Skin colour is irrelevant to all of this and very, very annoying when it is injected into the conversation for no reason. Indian Web Devs are cheap, and aren't as skilled as their peers in this country. Simple as. In itself, there is nothing wrong with that, but it does become a problem when we start loosing our jobs through no fault of our own.
  4. I'd agree with this 100%. From what I have seen they verge on the robotic. IYou get what you pay for. If the Government thinks this is the answer to solving all their problems, I think they're in for a very rude awakening!
  5. The Web Design agency I work at outsources development to India, as did the previous place I worked at. I'm a Web Developer by title, with many years of development experience, but I very rarely actually get to do any because it all goes to India... My role has become admin - pricing up jobs, co-coordinating parts of the developments and occasionally fixing Indian's ******-ups, all of which are typically done via MSN Instant Messenger or email, which is frustrating. I find it hard to understand what they say over the phone. The quality of their output, in my opinion, is very poor. The biggest problem though, is two-fold. Firstly, because India is so far away and hard to communicate with, we have to spend much, much longer writing project plans and specifications in order to nail the development to the floor before development, and pass those requirements on to India. Secondly, because India are literally 'code-monkeys', any flaws in the original plan are re-produced in the final development. Acknowledgement of a problem, or any kind of lateral thinking is completely lacking in their work-flow. The luxury of easily adapting the development to fix a solution is absent, it requires more documentation, more calls, more MSN chats, and well it doesn't seem efficient to me at all. On top of all that, any small changes that could be done easily in house in minutes is handed over to India and can take days or weeks and has a habit of coming back misunderstood. Our agency charges £750 a day for a UK developer, whereas India charges £250 a day. We charge India out at £750 to our clients. I feel really worried about my future as a Web Dev as most companies would take profit over quality every time.
  6. The BBC headline is: "Crisis more serious than 1930s" Just Googled and found the following article written in 2001 entitled: "Today's Crisis Is More Dangerous Than 1930s" Alarmingly similar and rather late perhaps? Mr Balls, 2009 Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hankel, 2001
  7. Cheers guys. I suppose I really just want to protect what I have, and will have in the upcoming year or two, and try and put it to best use...
  8. Hi all. I have £5k to invest now, and approx, £1k per month thereafter with a hope to someday being able to afford a decent house, at a decent price, in a decent area! With pathetically low interest rates at the moment, is it worth me ignoring my ISA allocation, and trying some other form of investment? I see gold mentioned from time to time as the only true currency. Is this a good investment in these worrying times? Are there any good articles I can read to help me research the subject? I'm frantically Goggling, but I'm not entirely sure what I should be Goggling for! I'm assuming buying/selling gold would involve telling the taxman of any interest earned? I'm currently PAYE.
  9. Thanks for the insightful perspective, I've never thought about it like that. It still feels like the government is trying to stop me saving... True not a huge capital compared to some, doesn't stop me from wanting a rant though!! I agree, since I've been reading this forum I don't trust any of the national media. I told everyone I knew about this place early last year and that it was generally predicting a big crash. Everyone laughed, and said it was impossible.. I'm saving everything I can until I get the nod from here to buy, buy, buy!
  10. Well, this is just getting silly now. I'm not a property owner, but I have been following this forum for quite a few months and so far everything said here is coming to fruition. So a few months ago I started saving, and now plan to put away about £1000 a month in the hope I'll stand some chance of getting a decent house, for a decent price when thing balance themselves out in 12-18 months (?!). I had hoped that falling house prices would help me achieve this, but coupled with falling interest rates the government are giving me no incentive to save! Another BOE cut today, 4.5% inflation, free 2 years mortgage repayments to those idiots that borrowed over their head and subsequently lose their job, at my expense. I have some savings, about £5k so far. What should I do with it? ISA? Foreign currency? I'm really at a loss with it all! Dom
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