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  1. Wow... Lunch and a few emails, and I come back to find you've all been very busy! Yes, this is me. Can't complain that you've found it I guess as it's all stuff I've put out there myself. Good detective work! Totally agree, although the lesbian metaphor is a bit graphic (I presonally like the response from one of the HPC followers on Twitter: http://twitter.com/knackeredhack/status/1172614444 ) No need to be rude or reply since it's just thoughtlessness, but amusing enough to share Louise PS If I can get Kirsty on film eating her hat you'll be the first to know about it!
  2. There's no money involved... they're hoping we'll do it out of the kindness of our hearts.
  3. Hello all, Thought you might be interested in the latest HousePriceCrash.co.uk press email I've received. Any thoughts...?! Louise -- Subject: Relocation, Relocation To: [email protected] From: ******.*****@iwcmedia.co.uk HI there, I am a Researcher on Channels 4's Relocation, Relocation and currently working on casting contributors for the new series. We are hoping to attract applications from across the UK and would like to find house hunters who are based in across the country and who need the help and expertise from our property experts, Kirsty & Phil. I have attached the press release which we are distributing and would be delighted if you are able to run a feature or carry an advertisement in the most relevant pages within your site. The show attracts in the region of 4 million viewers and is especially popular at this time given the state of the housing market. The show deals with topical issues such as falling house prices, difficulties in securing mortgages and revisits house buyers who report on their experiences following an initial offer on a property through to the purchase. If is not possible to include a feature or insert in your web site then could I ask if the press release can be displayed in a staff area, carried on an intranet site (if available) or emailed to the staff at your workplace. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide with our search! Please email me if you have any questions about the series. Best wishes ****** ****** ***** | Researcher | Relocation, Relocation IWC Media | St George’s Studios| 93-97 St George’s Road| Glasgow| G3 6JA
  4. It IS exciting... Yes it's a Flash game, but that's the hook, to get people interested. The serious stuff is coming soon, I assure you. Hey, it's Friday, just enjoy
  5. Thanks for all your help guys... We have now launched (more features to come though) Feel free to spread the word http://www.BailoutBrown.com Louise
  6. Thanks for all your help so far... Graphs/tables etc will be v useful. Some great places to start digging. Keep em coming! Will be offline for a few hours but will keep check back this evening. Thanks everyone! Louise
  7. I already have: 10bn (Sep 19 Northern Rock) 50bn (Apr 21 - rescue package to allow banks to swap mortgate debt got gov bonds) 50bn (Sept 29 Bradford and Bingly) 700bn (Oct 8 - rescue package and lending support) 37bn (Oct 13 - RBS, HBOS Lloyds TSB) 200bn (Jan 19 - new bailout) Which makes 1047bn, or rather, more than a trillion (?!) However, this is a minefield because some of this is an unlimited guarantee, some is capital, some is in exchange for assets, some is earmarked but not taken up etc etc Anything I've missed/is inaccurate? Louise
  8. Me again. Just to clarify - I'm not looking for the total loss, because obviously there's no way to know yet. I'm looking for figures to suggest how much the UK has already commited to spending to save the banks. Facts, not opinions please! Thanks Louise
  9. Hi HPC-ers, I'm Louise - I work for Fubra, who own HousePriceCrash.co.uk. I'm posting because I need some help getting reliable figures on the banking bailout(s). Im trying to find a top level figure on how much the UK Government is *potentially* exposing taxpayers to. Not national debt, but the total figure that the government has pledged to commit to saving UK banks in the future - including: Capital eg share purchases Short term loans Underwriting business loans Acquring potentially toxic assets Quantitative easing We're planning something big... I'm afraid I can't say what yet, but it's really exciting. Can anyone provide links to good articles, PDFs or primary source material that might help? In exchange for your help, I promise that when the new site is up we'll post it to HPC first Louise
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