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  1. the interest rate is a Psychological tool at the moment which powers the way we buy and therefore look at the housing market because of its effect on mortgages. more and more awareness of the issues surronunding the MPC has caused this.
  2. more repossesions and dealings with debt councillors then. the gov obviously dont expect a crash if their shared equity schem isnt planned in until 2006
  3. expect it to go down a quarter next month for about two months then back up to 4.75% any other thoughts?
  4. sorry, iwasnt directly talking about the housing market, more of its impact on peoples pensions and what will happen when called upon.
  5. it wont happen today but next month they will bring it down a notch. not good for savers, not good for the housing market but good for the governement. apart from the fact that people will still be depending on their house as a pension. it will be intersting in 40 years to see what happens. by that time, Blair and Brown will either not be in power so wont care (well, they may do a little).
  6. exactly, they are pushing the marketing side of things for shared ownership and it is getting coverage in the nationals. although there has been a few bits, not all is positive, infact most of it is negative!! a name keeps popping up as well. as well as bing in that guardian piece, firstrungnow seem to be putting themselves about where as alot of mortgage companies etc who offer shared ownership mortgages and advice are staying clear because of the bad press. would be interesting to know how many FTBs get on the ladder by inheritance (which the gov tax too much!!) or via funds provided by par
  7. i think they do as FTBs have a huge influence on the housing market and therefore the econoomy indirectly. if there are no FTBs inthe market then that spells trouble. thats why they have risen the stamp duty threshold and done some work to promote shared ownership (although it has existed for years!!) they are doing stuff, but only enough to keep it ticking for a little longer.... something else must be on the horizon. maybe pushing joint ownership or pushing parents to spend their cash on deposits for us youngsters!! (well, not so your anymore!)
  8. have a look at this story (if you havent already!?) www.money.guardian.co.uk/news_/story/0,1456,1498871,00.html Alliance and Leicester are jumping on the FTB bandwagon with an interesting stat. FTBs in the UK need £33bn to get a typical FTB house. works out at 29k each.... when will the gov realise that we cant afford this!?!?!?!!? and shared ownership isnt the way forward...
  9. a story is gonna come out in the national press over the weekend which says how much first time buyers need in total to get on the property market. It is something stupid like £33bn!!!! (in total obviously!) look out for it to discuss on monday
  10. it will be very interesting to see what is outlined in the announcement on wednesday. i get the feeling that he will get a very good reception from it until the papers get hold of it. he shouldnt have said anything at the weekend as it just gives us time to think of all the reasons behind it! they know that house prices are the key to the economy at the moment and they must not fall but need to be seen to be doing stuff for FTBs. increasing the stamp duty and advertising shared ownership are two ways. as the stamp duty increas didnt have an effect, they will wait and see what happens with thi
  11. you're right!!! i have used www.firstrungnow.com which helped me alot when informing me of shared and joint ownership. the gov havent pushed it before because they just want to be seen as taking a giant leap!! how do they work the rent out for the rest of the mortgage? it all sounds very complicated and if not many people can enter it... whats the point!? they need to pump some money int housing associations to push it in certain regions that it makes sence to. will afluant londoners want this?? it all sounds very council house type sit from 80s
  12. does anyone know the in's and out's of shared ownership schemes?? will this announcement make people think its a good thing or a bad one?
  13. i got the impression that it was meant to get existing aspiring FTBs get onto the ladder?? not wait for a few years for houses to be built. if that is the case then house prioces may have crashed in this time so the scheme will be for the people who are really on their a*se therefore turning these new builds into council estate type areas that no-one can move away from because of tight contractual reasons. it is interesting to note that their plans have existed for years in shared ownership schemes. some good points made here http://www.politics.co.uk/issueoftheday/fi...036;8569447.htm inte
  14. i am looking to buy in the south east and prices have dropped and are continuing to do so. i am also seeing alot of people removing their property from sale as they think they have missed the boat so wait for prices to rise again. this is only set to harm the market as FTBs are essentila for the economy and also, once on the propertyy ladder any other house you buy is relative to your own! very frustrating time for us all!!
  15. i agree with the shared ownership comment. if they force people into these deals it will simply keep the house prices artificially boyant. the governement seem to think that this is the way out of the housing problem but more needs to be done. i would like to see no stamp duty for any FTBs and some kind of extra tax on landlords.
  16. their will never be an end but i do think they will drop like flies over the next few years if they dont branch out their business to incorporate shared ownership schemes or join forces with housing associations to help FTBs onto the ladder. From personal experience, more and more companies are optimising their websites and therefore avoid having to use an estate agent. i know that www.williamthomashouse.com is using a search engine optimisation company as their estate agent isnt doing the job...
  17. i think estate agents will be dropping like flies over the next few years if they dont incorporate other areas of housing consolidate. i can see some linking themselves to shared ownership and housing schemes to keep afloat as i know of a few developers using Search Engine Optimisation as an alternative to posting their property through estate agents. www.williamthomashouse.com is an example of this and i would be suprised to see more people doing this in the near future!
  18. I assume that these reductions are mainly in the south east where house prices are finally dipping? the ripple affect from London when prices went up is beginning to happen now that prices are going down in certain areas. i am currently looking at property and some estate agents have even knocked 10K off the asking price just after walking through the door!! ps - this is my first post!
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