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  1. The poor guy probably woke up to several horses heads in his bed recently!
  2. Of course he does! " It's a British coup, for British soldiers "
  3. http://www.comparethemeerkat.com/tv-ad.htmlDoesn't always work out for that little fella either
  4. The reason he doesn't get it is because he is one of them
  5. Oh Lord That's all we need! Terminators turning up in the middle of all this
  6. How in the name of Crap does Yell build up a debt like that????
  7. If I was in this situation I would bung an unemployed chav a few hundred quid to go and riot on my behalf!
  8. So err, will this have a negative impact on house prices?
  9. The big issue this time around will be how many people out there have a perfect credit rating and at least a 10% deposit? Not many a suspect
  10. What a load of rubbish! I haven't heard of any reduction in credit card interest rates and personal loan rates are now 3% higher than this time last year. You wouldn't be about to lose the shirt off your back would you??
  11. Heading for lowest close sinse October 2002 was just mentioned on Bloomberg (Dow that is)
  12. Mr Bean always made me chuckle!!
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