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  1. Going for lower is the wrong answer 70% of the time. Quelle surprise.
  2. Yep. Think that just about sums it up. Apparently the Swiss are getting a little narky that their manufacturing/export industry is starting to suffer. I think I'll do a bit. I was having the same thoughts when the euro was 0.75CHF and did a bit then too, now at 0.82CHF I'll do a bit more. When Greece goes belly up, maybe I'll do the last bit... Thanks!
  3. I moved to Switzerland with work in early 2009. Since then the £ has sunk some 21% against the CHF (Link). Soon, I'll be moving to France where the Euro is also at an all-time(ish) low against the CHF, down 20% since early 2009. (Link). It's interesting that in terms of CHFs, sterling and euros performed nigh on the same since early 2009, even though they have had their own stories and scandals. Sooo... 20% sounds like a good profit for cashing in some Swissies, back to Sterling or into Euros. Question is, is now too early and should I let greed take over for a few more months / years. Appreciate that Nostrodamus is not amongst us, but grateful for anyones 2 cents. Ta.
  4. Ok, sorry, just thought there was a bit of hypocisy going on there for a minute. If it was just a perspective I obviously stand corrected. Enjoy the beer. God I miss a decent pint. no, I really do.
  5. And there is the proof (well, a bit of it) of why I'm more than happy to leave you to it. Tata!
  6. Ok, I can live with that. By the way, does this sound familiar: "Dont want to return to evil crappy england, total downer." If it doesn't ring a bell, may I point you to your sig - "My House In Tampa Florida That I Bought For $14,900". I do hope you dont upset anyone else as patriotic as your good self. Ahem, God save the queen!
  7. The battle was lost a long time ago. The people in charge are squeezed into such a minority that the tide will never change. They will cling to what they have at the expense of the general state of the nation. By transforming the state of the nation they will maintain their control and their position and be happy ever after. Ah bless! I left the UK to Switzerland at the start of the year. I am well conditioned after 30 years in the UK that I would not lift a finger (well perhaps one) for anyone. "Let 'em rot" and "Me Me Me" is all you get in London. Over here there is community and people actually care about each other. I saw that once as a kid in Gloucestershire. I cannot remember anything of that ilk in the last 10 years. Good luck in changing the state. Think you've got a few hurdles, but good luck.
  8. Two top tips: DON'T waste money on expensive ipods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If you want to "switch tracks", simply think of another song you like and hum that instead. DON'T waste money on expensive paper shredders to avoid having your identity stolen. Simply place a few dog turds in the bin bags along with your old bank statements. Sound advice if ever I heard it.
  9. I went through TorFX back when Euros were around 79p. I did 10K, it was easy and pretty close to the interbank rate. If you phone them up they'll give you a quote, just as the other guys like HIFX. My experience with Moneybookers has been nothing but bad news and their rates suck in comparison.
  10. Here Here! (Rant of support): http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1499644
  11. Firstly, thanks to you all for saving me a heap of cash. A lurker from 2 years ago when I was sitting on the fence on whether to buy or not, you guys pushed me off onto the right side, for that I am very grateful. Secondly, I'm off. Having saved and rented all my career, I am devastated that the greedy and stupid (ok, encouraged by Brown et al to be so...) are getting all the helping hands. Will someone pay my rent when I get made redundant. Erm, no. Am i just as likely to get made redundant as a golden balls homeowner. Erm, yes. Yesterday I had results of an MRI scan due to going deaf in one ear. I was told that they had no idea what was wrong and there was nothing they could do. All over in 3 minutes. Thanks guys! I think that is the only tax money I saw come directly back to me as an individual this year, and if it could have bought me a pizza instead it would have done more good. On the other hand, I find myself bailing out banks and am now to dish out for the aforementioned thickos!? And for those saying it's just a deferral of a percentage blah blah blah and they'll pay in 2 years time blah blah blah. Again, erm, no. So, off to Switzerland in the new year. Right wing fascists? compared to this lot, I don't mind. Sorry for such a negative first post. Nothing special other than a rant of support and the fact it has taken this to make me write my first post must mean something. I'm a happy chap really
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