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  1. Don't forget to negotiate on price either.
  2. Abbey's 5 year fix went up by 0.05% last Friday so draw your own conclusions ......
  3. There's been very little coming on the market for about a year now. A lot of houses around 900K that were on the market from summer 05 have suddenly sold. There's also been a lot of activity in the streets behind Waitrose in Weybridge. Still a lot of houses up for rent now have been on the market since last summer too and as for flats......
  4. I hope you never have to arrange for one of your parents to go into a nursing home because they are suffering from some awful disease. The NHS was supposed to care for people from the cradle to the grave. Anyone who needs nursing care because they are sick has to fight for funding because otherwise their needs are classed as social care rather than illness.
  5. Local paper (surrey area) Secure Move Corporate Property Services advertising for Repossession Team Leader _ "we are creating additional Team Leader positions ...." Repossession Property Administrators Property Care Administrators (to liase with repossession management teams) "our core markets have expanded significantly in 2005 and we are planning for even greater growth in 2006" based in Weybridge
  6. We got 15% off our rent with nothing up front except the deposit and a let out clause after 4 months with 2 months notice. (It's a 12 month contract)
  7. Pound's been going down against the us dollar since Thursday -about 3 cents now. also down marginally against the euro.
  8. is this what you want? The Link [ url corrected by Moderator ]
  9. "The poll has only been going for two hours and already the largest majority of people on this website are from technical backgrounds" That seems quite an extrapolation! but then I've a BA (French), 2 MA's (Education and Teaching English Language) and an MSc (Organizational Behaviour).
  10. We doubled our money in Aberdeen after 12 years but now are looking to buy down south.......
  11. Can I just say - 9 months or so of pregnancy then baby can sleep in a cot in your room for about 6 months - makes night feeds easier- by which times hopefully prices have gone down enough for you to buy. Don't get fixated on that extra bedroom for the baby. and pregnancy might not happen immediately either unfortunately so you could be looking at 2 years before you need to move.
  12. [also to show everyone that EA's are NOT reacting to market conditions - THEY ARE GREEDY!!] Definitely agree. House next door on the market Nov 2004 for 699k when house 4 doors along in same state sold May 2004 for 500k. House next door was reduced gradually to 599K - agents confident it would go around 550K! Apparently it's sold so waiting impatiently for land registry figures.
  13. Do you want to be in the centre of things? then go for the New Town (Georgian - think of Bath) or the Old Town but lots of tourists and students. Bus service is reliable so you could go further out like Morningside. Lot depends on where you'll be working I suppose. If you can afford it best would be to go up for a weekend recce once the Festival is over and stay in a cheap B & B - the tourist office is a help for booking. Go into the Property centre on George Street - have a look at their website www.espc.com/ Get a map and walk around to get a feel for the place or take the buses -
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