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  1. Best thread ever on HPC The way i see it, the system has worked for hundreds of years, and it was all based on TRUST, no ? But perhaps TRUST has been replaced by GREED, greedy bankers, greedy sheeple, wanting too much too soon, even the bloke( short term memory loss) from HBOS said the business was growing too quickly. Anyway good luck Injun and XYY, love to see how that turns out, although i feel it could be many many months.
  2. I agree with that, and also the BOE is always 1 step behind anyway, but i still cannot see interest rates going up YET! Maybe next year, maybe sooner if we get this QE hyperinflation scenario.
  3. Aaahh yes , thanks for reminding me , I think theres latest unemployment figures out today reporting another 100,000 without a job, But i cant see an interest rate hike on the horizon. With these two factors alone, your saying that this will lead to repossession, but the the goverment and the banks are trying their damnest not to let this happen, so it's either going to be a long drawn out affair to the bottom or (god forbid) could actually keep house prices over inflated.
  4. yep, plenty of sold signs gone up around where i live, even FTB's are entering back in the market, this is one helluve bull trap, what's going to trigger the next wave of decimation i wonder ? Worrying times
  5. So,( i am fully prepared to be slaughtered for this next comment) Are we out of the bubble yet ? @ 2.9% Surely the bubble only started when we crossed the inflation line, no ?
  6. Where do you get a solar water heater from, how much do they cost, can i fit it my self ?
  7. if i was to use an indirect cylinder, i thought the 1st flow pipe would be connected to the cylinder the output from the cylinder to my first radiator and so on and so on until it completes the circuit and returns to the boiler, leaving an extra in/out pipes ? point taken though, about gentle steady heat to a screeded floor, i too would just want to belt some heat out on an evening, but wanted to warm up up the stone cold kitchen floor at the same time, and with the delayed response time should still be mildly warm (or not freezing anyway) in the morning
  8. hmmmmmm, intresting topic, since i am pondering on which way to heat my new home. my house has no gas mains line to it and would need national grid to connect me up, only electric supply, but i do have a good supply of wood. I was thinking about a wood burner boiler stove ( smoke control), because i live in a smoke control area. The only one on the market of this type is the Yorkshire Dunsley boiler stove. The Dunsley Yorkshire wood boiler has 4 x 1" bsp fittings to the boiler, so im wondering if i can use one set for the upstairs radiators, and the other set for wet underfloor heating in the kitchen, ive done the BTU Calculations for each room and the boiler is more than up to the job. In my understanding the UFH is just a big radiator, but do i need to do calculations to determine the pipe size and space between them, also do i need some sort of mixer valve/pump ?
  9. Does anybody know when the Nationwide march statistics are out ? I thought they would have been out now, as we are in april, and they are generally released before the end of the month. Will they coincide with the end of the tax year ?
  10. LMAO Even sent the bill to huddersfield town afc this week for their overnight stay, because they couldnt handle the long weary drive there on matchday !!!
  11. +1 Not what you want hear, and the old stigma of not owning your own home or we are some how lowwer class citizens.
  12. Thinking about buying a house within the next month !! Before you all go mental with me, its a family sale, going to get it valued, agree a price, (at least 20% off lasts years valuation ( £150k)). pay £500 p/m rent for two years, get it valued again, knock the £12k off the lowest valuation. No lose situation. just a bit of background info, its a 3 bed, red brick semi, nice rural location, big garden, sounds pretty average to me ? Also QE worries me, so getting first valuation could be crucial if we get to hyperinflation/double digit intrest rates. Just a bit of hard graft rennovating it, which isnt as hard as it sound because all family are trades ppl, so only material costs to think about, but who doesnt buy a house then rip out the kitchen/bathroom as soon as ? Sensible comments welcome.
  13. hi, its lost 21% since 1st july 2008, it has recovered slightly just recently. thinking about the reason why the second fund has shot up, is maybe to do with the loss of value in sterling,so when the bonds are returned we have more purchasing power because of the lower exchange rates. If the goverment is going to start printing money (which is looking more and more likely) and we get double digit inflation or worst case hyperinflation, would it be wise to invest in overseas bonds with regard to the fund value?
  14. Hi, after recently checking my pension fund value, i discover its lost about a third of its value. Ive got at least another 30 years of graft before i retire, so was thinking to go go more risk averse ( uk ftse all share index), but after reading a few posts on here, play it safe. The fund is currently invested here: http://www.aegonse.co.uk/funds/downloads/c...allifestyle.pdf i was thinking about swapping it to here: http://www.aegonse.co.uk/funds/downloads/c...verseasbond.pdf Are government bonds the safest thing around? What about the effect of inflation/deflation? also the graph in the second looks pretty good to me or have i missed the boat (again) ? any advice welcome
  15. So basically then, QE or the lowering of base rates has nothing to do with what you, me or joe public has in the bank or in my pocket to spend or save as i see fit, its all about UKPLC?
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