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  1. Sorry to rain on your parade as well but was in Hammersmith last night, and walking along Goldhawk Road at 7pm minding my own business, towards the green, two lots of drunks abusing other men for 'not being like them', noisy shouting people, very threatening behaviour...just wanted to get the hell out of there.. Feeling of agression in the air....
  2. I trust all the above is useful. James Wyatt F.R.I.C.S. Useful? No, not really. Just rather dull. Come back TLP with your finesse and wit!
  3. There has been no posting on the 'Fulham' forum for five weeks. I take it that this is because it was invaded by the likes of John D Wood etcetera, which I agree is extremely offputting. However, TLP's updates were cogent and amusing. I , for one, miss them, as do others I am sure. What's the likelihood of some further postings TLP or have you gone off truffling in the woods?
  4. Savills Auction today of house in Eddiscombe road with guide price of 700k remained unsold !! Last bid of 763k failed to meet the reserve of 800k which begs the question: why put a guide price 100k below the reserve? Reserve very overpriced in my opinion...especially with loads of work needed on it (was it a council property before?) and a noisy road with aircraft flying over....enough said.
  5. My pleasure Angry pirate. I've knocked 15 percent off my rent for the next year and wish you luck. I hope more people do this and knock some sense into the rental market...Let us know how you get on.
  6. Hello Angry Pirate, And mine's a coffee... you will easily get a good 2 bed for 300-320 a week. Knock at least 10 percent off the asking price for rental or give a silly price and say it's not negotiable. Saviles is advertising a really nice 2 bedder for 310 per week. At the moment there is so much on the market for rental that tenants are in the driving seats. Most flats are renegotiating now for new leases end August and in my smart block there are loads of 2 bedders looking for tenants. There is a good agent (tiny) at far end of Fulham Road called Windmill Estates...he seemed reasonable and understands the market. Also Bushells have loads...just do the whole street and play them off against each other. Good luck. Putney Bridge end or Parsons Green end better than F. Broadway and closer to parks/river...Good luck
  7. Well that makes 2/3 of us if Fodder is in too. Anyone else? Think about it. This could be the start of something...
  8. 1)On Bishops' Road, I now see that it is under offer via Winkworth....wonder how much for? 2) And yes, I am suggesting that similar Fulham buyers get together to share information so we don't unknowingly bid up prices ....or aren't 'used' by ramping estate agents to make them silly money...Who's in?
  9. Okay Fodder, what say we meet and chew the cud about the properties we have seen? One day next week? Starbucks, Corner of New Kings Rd/Parson Green? You say a time. 10ish suits me. And anyone else who wishes to join. Post here. Tks.
  10. Interesting..very interesting... Two other Fulham related points: 1) Anyone know why the 4 bed house on Bishops Road due to be sold at auction yesterday was withdrawn? I wasn't interested in it as it needed too much work but still.... 2) I notice that a number of Fulham HPCers are looking for 3/4 bed houses...just like me in fact. Is there anyway we could get together and share what houses we are interested in so that we don't bid against each other.....You know the scene: you show interest in a house with an agent and then, lo and behold, suddenly there is another buyer interested and the price is ramped...Suggestions please....Meeting perhaps??? 3) Anyone else noticed that asking prices in central Fulham are now at 2007/2008 prices again? I'm not going to bite that's for sure but it makes me angry especially since the sellers are asking for twice what they paid four or five years earlier...
  11. Three little Pigs, you say you want anecdotals, well here they come: Have been looking in fulham for last 6 months and, imho, most of the agents are overpricing just to get a house on their books. A number of them have been honest to me about this (!!) and when I point out that, no, I do not wish to visit a heavily overpriced house and that they will lose the house to another agent after 4 weeks, they agree and I have seen it in at least half a dozen cases. But you know something? There are some idiot buyers out there too and some houses have gone at full price....There is little decent stuff on the market as most sellers are putting their houses to rental if they can't sell...and there is a rental glut right now. I think that crunch time is definitely on the way... Spoke to an agent yesterday about a 2/3 bed house I was vaguely interested which was originally on at 900k...there is someone dealing now at 750 and the agent reckons he will get them up to 795....Other franker agents have also privately told me that they think prices will fall in next 6 months...But the main problem is sellers...they are still being unrealistic as are landlords with rental prices. There is a 2 bed glut in Fulham..and prices are being negotiated down ..by 10 percent. Research is essential if you want a good deal.
  12. But there are still some heavily overpriced houses out there and some of them seem to be going under offer...Saw a house yesterday in the window of an agents, only 1100sq ft and priced at 800k. I told the agents it was overpriced and they said' We know. We've just taken it on but the owner wants that price on it as another agent priced it higher than we did'...With agents and sellers like that around, how long before Fulham starts getting some sensibly priced houses?
  13. With pleasure TLP! Changing track a moment, did anyone else see the figures in the Financial Times this weekend (sorry but don't have them to hand) which tracked all the house prices in London boroughs and showed RBK&C as having lost approx 28 per cent value over the last year and H&F a mere 8 percent? H&F came in at 30th ie with the lowest price decreases....where do they get their figures? Any comments?
  14. That makes sobering reading TLP. I thought of it this morning as I was making my coffee and wondering whether I would renegotiate my rent with my landlord..downwards of course. One further snippet, one central Fulham agent says that this last fortnight has been dead as a dodo..in lettings and in sales..refreshing to hear though, after all the hype that some others in the area are trying on. Another couple of properties have magically reappeared on the market by the way and open days are a newish marketing ploy...!
  15. Great post. I too have been looking at a few auction/probate properties and still find sellers' expectations far too high if you factor in the 12 months or so and hassle it takes to do a modernisation with planning etc. On another poinr, I have noticed that a number of Fulham houses are coming back onto the market (cheaper) after having supposedly been under offer for 2/3 weeks. Also one agent sent me a mail after a viewing recently off the Wandsworth Bridge road saying that 'all offers had to be in by Monday at the latest' and the seller would decide who to run with....' Interested? Moi?
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