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  1. sorry but this won't happen. i could pay off both mortgages in cash if i thought a 3.5% return was the best place for my money. yes i believe in fairly small falls....but in case i am wrong i am not heavily invested (in the context of my overall wealth) in UK property. i joined this forum becuase its always good to listen to a wide spectrum of views. however its a fact that to date that when taking a view of the overall UK residential property market (ie not city centre flats etc) the uk property market has not crashed and to date has faired fairly well given the unaffordabilty and length of the recession......its all about employment and interest rates and niether appear to heading quickly in the "wrong" direction for house prices
  2. its a symbotic relationship. PS which financial meltdown are we talking about this time eurozone? japan?? china.....or don't tell me everything?? like i said earlier, as long as you are hedged you should be able to withstand whatever it is you are talking about....."flight to quality" and all that
  3. long term tenent (relative) in it for one reason....
  4. or http://www.metro.co.uk/news/847864-theo-paphitis-backs-lord-youngs-never-had-it-so-good-claims PS i was talking specifically about house price armaggeddon
  5. they lent me 95% LTV on the house but took a 2nd charge (for 20% of the LTV) against another property. worked for me at this time
  6. why post on here....was just asking myself the same question.....think i'll just clock back in, in 12 months to see if people are still predicting armageddon like they were in 2004...2005....2006....2007...2008...2009...2010 3.49% SVR, fee free, legals paid, no tie ins
  7. does that mean last year i said house prices would rise???? don't think so........until about 3 minutes ago i've never said on here which way house prices are likely to go
  8. yeh you're right "dump them both" is clearly the best advice given the facts we know. as for my "time frame" i think house prices will decline (4-7% next year) and a little less the following year before flat lining for say a further 3 years which will be errr 2016. then say in real terms they may be back to current levels in a couple of years later. that is my best guess. which means for me personally it made sense to buy this year. why......because the finance was available at a good rate and 95% LTV (i did put up other collateral...but its meant very little of my own capital is tied up) and more importantly I NEEDED A HOUSE TO LIVE IN (that i could alter/ treat as i pleased). But really i don't care what happens to house prices......all you experts should know investing is all about HEDGING....not been fully in or fully out
  9. sorry without trying to sound obtuse i don't get the analogy....the prices for 2010 were flat....as in they finished the year where they started...nothing more...nothing less
  10. errrrr.... house prices finished the year broadly where they started them...sorry doesn't that mean they were flat FOR the year??? maybe its more technical than i thought???
  11. go on then...what specifically was i telling you different last year
  12. my point exactly....no one knows what prices will do (up, down, sideways every cloud's got a silver lining)....i needed a house at that time....so i bought one.....if the "value" goes down i'll just roll with the punches.
  13. ok but i'll leave the agony aunt stuff to those with more time if its alright by you
  14. yes i agree. don't panic remember most of the people predicting a CRASH have predicted 7 of the last 3. nationally prices were flat for 2010. when i bought recently i bookmarked over 100 houses on rightmove and i would say 75% are now sold (or some may have been withdrawn). next year prices could go, up, down or sideways. the only thing the past decade should tell us is expect the unexpected
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