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  1. An update A message was left on our mobile phone voicemail by our house buyers. They said that they have had a report produced by their electrician and want to send this to us for us to see. They asked for our address. We have not returned the call and do not intend to. We will be soon speaking to our solicitor for guidance on the matter.
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. My own view concurs with most on here that providing we haven't been dishonest about anything then the buyers have to accept that they purchased the house as seen and with the known problems that the survey highlighted. We certainly aren't going to enter into any dialogue with the buyers and for reassurance sake we will briefly seek our solicitor's advice on Monday morning.
  3. I wonder if anyone can give us some advice. We recently sold our house and have now moved into our new one just two weeks ago. During the purchase of our old house the buyers had a survey done and this raised a few areas that needed work. The buyers were happy to let us do this work at our own expense. One of the things that the buyers asked for was an Electrical Certificate which we did not have. The buyers were happy for us to find and use a qualified electrician to do this. The survey highlighted some old rubber insulated wiring emerging from the fuse box and the electrician followed this quite a long way through the house and replaced with new wiring to the point where it was new and acceptable. There were a number of other issues that he found and all were made new and safe. We have just been contacted by the buyers of our house. They are having building and internal work done and their electrician has told them that there is wiring that is unsafe and that needs replacing. He is quoting them around £2000 plus VAT to do the work. The buyers say we have conned them and are wanting us to pay for this work. They have also mentioned using a solicitor if we do not agree to this. I have just spoken with our electrician and he has told us that he carried out the safety certificate process as required and that there are obviously some areas in any certification where it is impossible to check without pulling the entire house to bits. it is likely to be these areas where new work has discovered problems. We have been perfectly honest and upfront in our dealings with the buyers of our house and obviously this development is now quite a worry for us. I would therefore appreciate it if someone with knowledge regarding situations like this can offer advice and tell us what our legal position is. Many thanks
  4. I suppose the completion date is the last day of May when we're actually out of our house. Contracts have been signed though so it will all go through.
  5. Well after 9 happy years we decided to sell our house last year and although we had some viewings during 2012 there were no offers. Then, the weekend when we had loads of snow in January, we suddenly, out of the blue, had five viewings. One offer followed, shortly followed by another. The result of this was that we managed to get our asking price. As part of the sale we asked to be allowed to stay in our house till the end of May, thinking that would be ample time to find our new dream house. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out like that and we are still looking although there are two properties we've made offers on. The houses are not straightforward though as one has had a garage converted into a kitchen but without building regulations. The other is next to a River and is classed as a moderate flood risk according to the Environment Agency map. This flood risk makes an insurance premium of £850/year which is quite a cost. I also think that insurance premiums for flood risk areas could go up even more as the government deal guaranteeing flood cover ends in June. Goodness knows how that could affect policies. Apart from that though the two houses are nice and I reckon we could probably get them for a price that we would be happy with. If anyone can offer a little advice on our dilemma it would be very much appreciated.
  6. The stupidity of politicians never ceases to amaze me. How on earth will relaxing these planning regulations get us out of this dire economic mess? We urgently need to make things that either halt the flood of imports or better still are sold abroad. Only then will we actually start creating wealth instead of watching all our ££££'s flow out of the UK to other country's economies.
  7. Cows mooing, sheep baaing, pigs oinking, tractors running, birds singing. The countryside is a nightmare. Then again there are always country suppers to make up for all that inconvenience...
  8. OOOOPS, I was so excited at getting the scoop I forgot to add the link!
  9. Well many parts of our region do speak their own language..............................................................................................................urdu. And of course many others speak Yorkshire! So, Boycott for PM and Parky as Chancellor. What can possibly go wrong?
  10. And of course lets not forget those selfish drivers (sorry, parkers) who also need to use some (or all) of the pavement to park their pride and joyss. Well it's better for a mother with pushchair to walk in the road than have your door mirror knocked off isn't it? Roads are for driving on, not parking. Charge them!
  11. I actually find Comet a decent store to use. The staff seem friendly and not at all like the smarmy wide boys you get in Currys or Dixons etc. There is one big advantage with buying at a store and that is you can have the item there and then. Online shopping seems to involve me spending half my life waiting for a courier to deliver something. Staying in to receive an item is quite a cost of my time. Then there is always the possibility that the item is faulty. You then have to wait again for a courier to collect the faulty item and then AGAIN when the repaired/replaced item is brought back. Just another perspective...
  12. We've just 'invested' some of our money in a 2002 MR2. You can't take it with you, you're only young once and in another 10 years we probably won't be able to get in one anyway. Enjoy it while you can!
  13. When the Maestro was launched I had a conversation with a designer who worked at VW. VW knew the car well before it's launch as BL were using their gearbox. He eulogised about the design of the Maestro and how advanced it was compared to the current Golfs. Not many Golfs of that era around now either. Rust isn't fussy what it eats. Just saying.....................
  14. What's the risk/problem with buying a CR diesel at that price? Looking on Autotrader there are diesels that have gone the equivalent of half way to the moon. Is the advice just regarding Ford CR diesels or all manufacturers?
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