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  1. Very happy in terms of the big picture, less so personally - Shropshire up 1.5% MOM, 0% YOY Now that's static for you...
  2. Maximum security, or what? Zombie Proof House
  3. Chin up, better than being IN a car crash in slow motion... (ie being indebted with a great big mortgage and dodgy job prospects)
  4. Are your family fit and healthy? Are they essentially happy in themselves? Do they know you love them? All those things matter much more than whether or not you own your own home. You've had a run of bad luck on rented. I feel really sorry for you. But put it in perspective. Good luck!
  5. from the news blog - thanks guys The Express: HOUSE PRICES FALL 3.4% IN YEAR
  6. Who is Particle Man? Did he do a lot of acid in the 60s?
  7. By what reckoning does ordinary punters being encouraged to flog their assets cheap = a bubble? Genuine question. edit: bad typing
  8. Could be worse. My kids are likely to pay a third of a million £ just for a year's tuition by the time they go to uni in 2027...
  9. Is this student halls of residence on campus or off?
  10. There was an interesting aside in a piece in today's Guardian re the riots, and Charlie almost being beheaded by anarchists... Guardian linky The cuts have barely started yet...
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