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  1. think Hamleys has been folded into House of Fraser, theres a Hamleys branch in the Birmingham HoF.
  2. considering how small their stores are, its not exactly 'prime retail space' they would be quite a good fit with someone like Thorntons, where they could share stores in smaller locations, & have stores next to each other in larger areas.
  3. There were a lot of withdrawn properties from that auction, not listed as 'sold prior' etc
  4. afaik, Hilco are a specialist firm bought in by administrators to run retail businesses
  5. Allsop's auction today 15/12/2008 255 lots about 1/3 withdrawn big block of properties were being sold by Oakwood Home Loans, looks like all theirs were withdrawn wonder if theyll try & drip them through the auctions over the next few months, instead of all in one go?
  6. Santander seem to have a massive amount invested in this: $3.1bn If the figures are correct, a $50bn loss, theyre in for over 6% yow! Santander do seem to have grown very quickly in the past few years B&B savings were sold to them, not on the open market, or nationalised with the rest of B&B & NR, hmm
  7. I wonder how many ex-cabinet ministers will end up with them after the next election
  8. Virgin may have guaranteed the orders, but theres no way they would pay for stuff that hasnt been delivered. Maybe theyll buy EUK, if they get it now & keep it afloat, they may well keep hold of the other customers as well. Of course, with Woolies gone, slightly less competition on the High St for cd's & dvd's now. I dont think the average Woolies music customer is that internet savvy?
  9. I work at a uni, so unless theres a major downturn on the student numbers, should be ok. Should be AAT qualified by summer next year, was going to look for a new job. Oh well
  10. There are lots of people that drive to the gym!! How b***** pointless is that. Then theres all the 'correct' clothing, the health drinks, the health snack bars etc etc People must be spending absolute fortunes when its all added up. I walk to the bus, get the bus into town, then walk to work. All it costs me is a bus pass.
  11. If you look at the lots that dont sell at auction, or are withdrawn, the sellers are still expecting to get what they paid for them within the past 2-3 years. Even properties on with EA's, the ones that have been on a while are having £10k reductions, but are still on for more than the new instructions are coming on for.
  12. 01/05/2003 £103,000 £11,000 loss 10.6%
  13. Arnt these the ones that close down every couple of years, then reopen with the same owner? Think Watchdog flew over his house
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