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  1. Financial Hack

    Smelly Freezer

    Even if he won't pay for one, get him to accept the freezer is broken and say you'll buy your own and get rid of it (usually the retailer will dispose of your old FF when they deliver a new one). That way you have your own fridge freezer which may come in handy if you buy a place or move somewhere with no white goods.
  2. Financial Hack

    Stealth Taxes

    I love all these Labour plans for things they want to bring in several years down the line. They won't ******ing be there!
  3. Financial Hack

    Landlord Stole My Bike

    I seriously don't buy this argument. Firstly, if your corridor is so narrow you can't walk past a bike in the event of a fire, then you must be living in some kind of medieval castle. Secondly, if you trip over the bike then you should look where you're ****ing going as they're large enough to be easily seen.
  4. Financial Hack

    Landlord Stole My Bike

    So what happened then? Did you report the bike stolen? Did your LL get arrested?
  5. Financial Hack

    Visiting Pets

    Agreed. We've just got 2 kittens, but I've told the LL I'll pay for the carpets to be propertly cleaned and for defleaing treatment when I leave (don't expect to do that for quite a few years anyway as we really like the place). It seems fair enough. I don't agree with LLs saying you aren't allowed pets, but at the same time I realise they can make additional mess and its reasonable for the LL to ask that it is properly cleaned up afterwards.
  6. Financial Hack

    Toilet Opens Onto Kitchen

    Here's a thought. Couldn't you just wash your hands if you're planning on cooking after having a shit?
  7. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    You could do it if you ensure there is a single outlet for the router to plug into and then just put a locked box or something around the socket so they can't attach a phone to it. Problem solved, and you add a bit of value for your tenants.
  8. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    Plus you're forced to use their internet. I've never seen an ISP that will let you sign up with an NTL/Virgin line. They always want BT for some reason i'm not really sure of.
  9. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    Wow, I never knew so many people were getting charged like this. I've lived in 3 different places in the last 3 years all with BT and never paid a connection fee. All they have to do it flick a bloody switch FFS!
  10. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    Well, all I can say is that my very recent experience tells me BT do not charge simple to turn a phone line back on. If they had I'd probably have just gone to Virgin Media.
  11. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    Actually, I moved 3 weeks ago into a house that had been unoccupied for 4 months. BT did not charge me a connection fee. I can only assume they saw you coming.
  12. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    Every time I've moved house I've just been given a new number with no additional connection fees charged. I've been using the same account with BT for about 5 years now and just take it with me, but never had to pay to have the line reactivated.
  13. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    They can't actually do that unless the LL pays the electricity for you. It's your right to shop around on the open market. Probably the LL/LA get some kind of commission to keep you on there (is it Spark energy by any chance?). Anyway, it's bull**** so don't put up with it. Get the cheapest leccy you can find.
  14. Financial Hack

    Ast Clause On Phone Numbers

    You don't pay a connection fee unless your house has no line to it, which it would in these circumstances.
  15. Financial Hack

    Landlord Didn't Secure My Deposit

    Hmm.. it may be difficult to chase up the money afterwards if you are abroad, but if you've got some family members still over here then perhaps they could help you with it. There shouldn't be any need for you to personally attend the court provided you write to them about what happened as it's an open-and-shut case.

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