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  1. Nope, you're in a race to avoid commoditisation. If you stand still you lose that race and get swallowed up by competition and your rewards fall. You have to find new ways to create more unique value and drive your rewards up, whether you be a business or a person. This process is why we now have more wealth available to us than at any time in history and why we communicate now on this forum using cheap as chips laptops. What we really need is free access to markets and far, far more capitalists.
  2. Increased prductivity is the only way we all have more goods and services available to us for the same amount of labour. Not surprising, since that's pretty much the definition of productivity. If we measured our economic health by productivity rather than consumption we'd be in a way better place than now. I have no idea why people who would like to see living standards raised have a problem with increased productivity. The only fly in the ointment is the waste of people released from doing something that is now automated.
  3. Thanks, you've captured how I feel about this better than I could. It's like they feel any outcome where you're not in the gang is bad.
  4. Yep, the really funny thig about all this is that it's being treated as the end-game of the crisis, when in fact this is just another quick chat before the next f-up. No behaviour is going to change. When the Greeks/Italians spunk it all over the place next time there'll be a talking to behind closed doors and the can kicked further down the road. The people most likely to be on the streets next will be the Germans.
  5. I take it you'd like to have signed it all up and even now be sitting at the radio listening to Rumpy-Pumpy and Barbarossa announcing the latest tractor targets?
  6. Oh ok, exports weren't up and what there was went to the EU which, by inference I guess, we won't be allowed to do because we stopped them plugging their problems with our one and only great big profit generator. All these threats are ******, and you get influence by people needing you, not by agreeing with them.
  7. Good, bog-standard hpc rhetoric. I guess you'd have signed over the rights to France/Germany to tax the one bit of the UK economy that brings finance in to pay their bills. I mean, that was the choice so you must have wanted to do that, yes?
  8. This is my dream. I trade hugely with Germany, I can feel the tripling exponential growth coming through!
  9. And it was the +£6bn bit that Sarkozy wanted to get his hands on. Yeah, would have been so much better to hand that over and "be at the centre of things".
  10. So you'r ehappy with todays developments, as a movement in the opposite direction of one enormous country?
  11. No, it's a battle between who wants all the profit the City of London makes. And these banks are quite capable of trading in foreign currency, it's got zero to do with currency stability.
  12. But... but.... we wouldn't be able to trade with Europe as Europe only trades with EU countries. Doesn't it..?
  13. Why Dave? It's not our problem and we're not the solution. That was pretty much what I understood he's been saying for weeks. We have our own problems for sure, that's a different story and one that won't be helped by putting our financial services industry into the pot to solve their problems.
  14. Laughable characterisation as putting Britain on the outside. We have always been there and Cameron should have been hung had he agreed to Sarkozys demands. Low stuff trying to push the idea that this is Cameron sticking up for Banks, had we handed over the City to pay off their problems we'd have had nothing left here.
  15. Someone told me of an elbow test assessment once; you get the girl to put her hands behind her head and if her elbows can't touch the wall before her tits do, then you hire her. I can see that working in in hiring reception, or factory workers if you're a manager with eyes on the fringe benefits. But seriously, surely anyone in a position of genuine responsibility (as opposed to a petty team manager who can play around without impact on the operation) will hire only on the basis of what will work the best. The only group I might be wary of is women who look like they may spend 4 of the next 6 years away on maternity leave.
  16. Here's the problem; it would be nice to think you can wall yourself off from everyone else and enjoy the benefits of their lower standards of living. But it can't happen that way - nothing stays the same, and your high standard of living was only based on a temporary condition where they were willing to give stuff to you for really low rewards. Eventually they get their ideas, they build up enough wealth and don't feel like providing for you on the cheap forever. And so it all ends. Immigration is a less painful way for that process to happen. Rather than one "country" just dying in it's own uncompetitiveness, the people all mix up and smooth the process out. Of course, that leads to an averaging out of living standards, and because we personally did nothing to earn the higher standard we enjoy (much being based on the other peoples lower standards - cheap stuff and the like) there's no moral case to argue. This is tough to take because we in this country have been brought up like children, that we are entitled to a higher standard of living. If we did it entirely in isolation then there'd be an argument there but we don't; it's critically reliant on those other people making things and gaining education, and willing to sell it to us for next to nothing. So immigration is inevitable and a form of fairness. We have two choices; cry and whinge about it, or earn our way in the World. There's no third option.
  17. Portillo just blew him out the water by saying Bragg is all nostalgia. Now Brillo called him a useful idiot. Oh dear.
  18. and dear old Billy Bragg dreaming of the Unions sweeping the government away. Bless.
  19. We need to spend more on wealth consumption to get our growth going and reduce borrowing costs. Yes, that makes sense. It's staggering what garbage the left gets away with, but it's all because people just want to hear that stuff can keep on being provided forever.
  20. A one day strike is utterly pointless. Far better to go out for good and let's see how it falls. The country needs to make a decision whether it really wants to pay public sector workers what they want, but at least if we do it properly we can settle the argument and do something more interesting.
  21. You're wrong; my customers agitate for more service at less cost. I oblige, because they are offering me more business as a result and I can use that to make it all work. That's how it works in a properly functioning market. We should be pressing our public servants to deliver better service at lower costs, just like we do in the private sector.
  22. Give me my money back and I'll sort all my own household rubbish. And I'll sort my kids education out too. Deal. What people moan about is crap service and having to pay for it anyway.
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