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  1. I wonder was a focus on the income side quite what the Germans were expecting? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-31574868 Sounds like a cover for relaxing the spending while promising to balance the books by improving tax take. Yes, I've never heard anyone plan that before. But will Germany let it pass?
  2. Demand will approach infinity as price approaches zero. All that's needed is access to markets.
  3. Indeed. And who's fault is that? And what's the cure, lower productivity?
  4. Unbelievable debate. It assumes that no new production occurs using the spare labour released by the productivity improvement. The premise seems to be that total production volume must remain static, then productivity increase will result in spare labour. It totally ignores the opportunity for expansion of output. Of course, when restrictive conditions, garbage education and monopolies are created to prevent that, it's not an unreasonable thought, but as has been said for four pages now IT'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH PRODUCTIVITY.
  5. Certainly wouldn't put anyone on ignore, especially when the poster is perfectly reasonable and brings a well articulated viewpoint. I'm just surprised that these matters haven't been settled given the volume of threads, we were debating how railing against productivity is a road back to the caves years ago, and reaching the point of artificial monopolies back then.
  6. I can't help thinking they bought in to the political project with the assurance that it was all too big to fail (a not uncommon stupid idea!). I can't fathom the brains of the national governments; a triumph of heart over head I suppose. I mean, anyone sceptical about the European dream didn't buy into it for a minute. Brussels of course doesn't give a shit about anything other than the Project.
  7. Well, yes and no.What I meant was that at the inception of the Euro it was obvious that this meant full Union and anything else was stupid. I know that's been said by many of us for .... well ever since before the Euro, back to EMU, but it's odd that this seems still to escape so many.
  8. I didn't suggest investment, I compared it to giving. Like London gives to Liverpool or Newcastle.The Germans seem to want to buy Greece, aided by holding their competitiveness down (and their own up) through a shared currency.
  9. When I stopped coming to the forum a few years ago these articles were appearing fairly frequently. I've dropped in again now and find they're still happening.Has there been any break in the service in the meantime?
  10. I do think the Germans are taking the piss with their massive trade surplus without having an appreciating currency. In the rest of the World, when you share currency with weak regions you have to shunt money over there without anything in return. They rather appear to want it both ways.
  11. If only he can get them out of the Euro he can move on to his real objective; making a living tapping up wealthy foreign tourist ladies in bars.
  12. So your post is nothing about productivity, just like everyone is saying. The rest is simplistic.You'd be better served focussing on why improved productivity doesn't translate into people diverting their labour into other productive ventures.
  13. Exactly how can they come up with terms that have even the slightest resemblance to what the Germans want and what they've been promising? I can't get my head around it.
  14. Not true at all. Waste is optional, more things to consume does not mean more waste, it just as easily means consumption of more fulfilling things or greater comfort / utility / quality.
  15. Personally, I think there's been no progress at all, just two days room bought. Surely the Greek government will be overthrown if they so quickly and dramatically go against the specific promises they made? Their whole purpose was to end the bailout conditions.
  16. I suppose everyone will announce they won. Fast forward to June then, and another last minute "deal".
  17. Employing fewer people for the same output is great. The key is what those other people then do, but don't make the mistake of thinking the solution to that matter is low productivity. That's completely the wrong target.
  18. Yes, that's why we have so much less that we can take for granted, like cars, houses (even when stupidly overpriced because of said monopolies) quality food, clothing, etc. than we had when we had crap productivity.
  19. Obviously increased productivity is the only way we can become better off. Think about it; unless more can be produced for less we only have, at best, the same output. The problem you're complaining about relates to dysfunctional markets and rentier abuses of State-created monopolies. Absolutely nothing to do with productivity.
  20. Very good point. I tire of conventional left / right classification. I constantly find myself explaining to friends why I hold apparently surprising opinions that don't follow normal fault lines.
  21. EU can't, it takes unanimity. The only problem for Germany is that they've loved having these garbage economies keeping the Euro weaker than their mighty DM would have been. A German exit would mean a gigantic DM and tough terms of trading.
  22. The Germans know that any agreement with the Greeks will be broken and the problem will just get bigger. One thing about Germans is that they think strategically, they won't back down.
  23. They might win a pyrric victory. Certainly moral victories don't pay too many bills. I'm hoping this finally jolts Germany awake to rethink the Brussels project. The Greeks need to get back to running a chaotic country largely based on dodgy shipping and tourism. With a crap currency they'll rightly be the holiday choice for millions.
  24. Always fascinating watching someone who has had it easy telling everyone how it should be done finally getting the job. Bit like the LibDems really. Germany is not going to back down, they know the Greeks have no intention of honouring any agreement, they just want to boil the frog in reverse, and they know the Spaniards and the Italians will be getting their begging bowls out as soon as the Greeks get what they want. The schism between Brussels & Berlin is because the Eurocrats have no interest in anything except the Project. This could drive Germany towards Camerons position and get them thinking this mega-Europe thing is a load of balls and they'd be better off just cutting it back to a trading bloc of the northerns.
  25. Not really, tax avoidance is a consequence of them using the tax system for social engineering. If there was a simple flat rate, no allowances for pension provision, no convoluted rules, nobody would be able to avoid it.The other side of the equation - the using of the services - brings us to the problem of disagreement with application. Wars? Misdirected welfare? Hopelessly wasteful projects? I do t want to pay for any of them, I certainly don't enjoy the result or feel any benefit. We're back to our old friend the inevitable misdirection of capital by the State.
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