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  1. Any business should have unlimited liability, in my opinion.A company is a fictional entity, owners own the assets and profits and should own the liabilities and losses.
  2. Good old wonderpup; quote a post then write something completely off the point.
  3. See this is the problem for many on here. You're envious and bitter so have to assume that anyone doing fine is cheating. Just re-read your post; full of baseless assumptions and twisted frustration spilling over into bad emotions. That's a dark place you're in.Most other private employers I know actually give a lot more than a damn for the people they work with. I know one who, when his firm was nearly going under had to do big cutbacks, including for himself. When the got things good again he not only restored everything, but then backdated the good news right back to the start of the cuts and stuck a bonus on top. His staff would walk through a fire for him, they know they can trust him. It's tough if you've never encountered that type of business but utterly stupid to think they don't exist.
  4. We are the market. You and me, and everyone on here who talks about making decisions due to price. You can no more wish away markets than you can dismiss the need for oxygen, it's fantasy. The problem is the corruption of market by outside interference. For instance, what price would the market make it to hire exclusive use of land if there wasn't monopoly and regulation? Would it be lower than that which prevails under the State regulated model? What would be the fate of a speculator who blew all his turns money on bad bets if the laws of limited liability didn't exist? Would it be easier or tougher than under the State model? I find it weird that everyone looks at a ******ed up system that is dripping with State regulation and created monopolies, then gets angry with a free market.
  5. They're not. As I said in my earlier post, the immigrants are the ones with the get up and go - after all, they got up and went. Therefore it's the best of them coming over.That said, my very top guys are all natives, came through apprenticeships in the most part and are paid well over local norms.
  6. Uhh? I'm the one saying good luck to hard working people from all countries and I'm the one getting the racist jibes? Totally weird!There's no discrimination makes sense. I just hire the best people. Discrimination is what you want (hire Brits regardless of calibre / skills). And as for buy British - who in their right mind thinks that's smart? Buy best I say, it's only sense. Are you Gordon Brown?
  7. No, I sell loads because my technology is ace, quality likewise, and costs good. And I pay very well for skills. Doesn't fit the popular idea I know but if you deal in caricatures that will happen.Speaking German wouldn't be a disadvantage. Pity I dont.
  8. No, some basic education in the definition of, and required burden of, proof would suffice.The quality of thinking in some cases here is abysmal.
  9. * Sigh * I for one run apprenticeships and as yet nobody who's migrated here has entered one. Neither is anything I'm saying racist. I'm simply trying to dispel a silly, self-serving untuth that all migrants bring to the party is cheapness. In my experience they bring real quality to the workforce, quality that is shared by the best Brits but not by a great many of the rest. I am acutely aware of the pressure of competition from my own overseas counterparts; we are all competing on an international level now and pretending it's all the fault of somebody else really isn't going to help. Sorry about that.
  10. Sadly your desperation to find someone to blame is clouding your vision. Check my posts, I wasn't complaining about anyone, just pointing out that immigrants are out competing Brits through a great deal more than willingness to work cheap. They're, on average, brighter, better educated and more motivated - certainly the E Europeans for sure. That's an attractive picture to an employer like me looking to pay well for bright young things.Still, keep going with the self delusion. It'll make you feel better. A bit. I love the idea that you have "higher levels of human capital". Hilarious!
  11. Yes, and we have many excellent indigenous people doing well here. We also have great migrants; you just don't have to wade through anywhere near as much dross to find them.I pay well; very well for skills and I told you it's at that level I find such quality in migrants. I also offer above-average holidays and flexible working when the job permits. It's a mistake to try to fight wage rates downwards, I find my costs are lower by paying well for good people than low for poor ones, so it's all for self interest of course. Obviously at the unskilled level NMW prevails but increasingly people who have low skills to bring can't create enough added value (in terms of sale value of their product) so those jobs are diminishing in volume. I think some of these ideas many like to embrace are a form of comfort blanket. The reality is that we are all - me included - in direct competition with people from wider regions. Accept it and you've got a chance. Deny it and face certain failure. That's just reality. Edit: I notice you edited parts of my original post out of your quote that established the basis of my reasons. Why?
  12. I hope a few of you don't go on a jury.
  13. My experience is that the immigrants I'm employing are intelligent, focussed, and have very high standards of literacy and numeracy. They have made a big and brave decision to relocate thousands of miles in pursuit of a better life, doubtless leaving behind at home the less motivated. That's why many of them are shooting through the ranks into well paid skilled factory jobs. I can certainly see the threat to indigenous people, and what I'm seeing isn't wage pressure on the unskilled but exposure of the poor education and drive in many - by no means all - of those brought up here.
  14. Really? All boomers? And they put swings and stuff up there for their kids to play on?And if 'one suspects', is that enough for all the statements of utter certainty of wrong-doing on this thread? These are people too, trying to make their way in life. People on here seem to be desperate to treat anyone who isn't in their position as enemies. It's not likely to lead to anything constructive.
  15. Does nobody see any merit in the idea that a bit of shared play space for kids is a good idea? Is that development really the best solution?
  16. The guy who allows their system to handle numbers expressed in standard form will get a cracking bonus.
  17. Really? What is evil about two parties agreeing to work together on an as-needed basis?
  18. They'd have withdrawal symptoms. I always laugh at the efforts to legislate for all the driving distractions - phones, etc. - when there's been something called "driving without due care & attention" on the books for decades which covers it all. Do they really not understand that less laws means easier coverage? It's a bit like fixing the tax system by making more laws and not realising it creates loads more complexity. It can only be compulsive behaviour. Probably something to do with power deficiency, maybe small penises, or in the case of the ladies a deep frustration with their sex. It's definitely medical though.
  19. If I I could, I would. Anything to make their efforts more valuable so long as it doesn't put me in jail, which those would!
  20. Zero-hours aren't necessarily abusive. If you enter into deal whereby you get the offer of hours when wanted, and no compulsion to be exclusively available I think that's fair enough. It's obviously wrong to demand availability without offering guaranteed hours. I employ people on zero hours contracts but they are not compelled to be available, we have simply done the necessary to accept each other as & when it suits both parties.
  21. Apologies, I moderated my language after you quoted me.Yes, I'd prefer there to be a very modest return for office (so it's a vocation) but acceptance of independent means. Anyone unable to make that work must be an idiot anyway and unworthy of the responsibility of the occupation.
  22. There's problems all right but this kind of cynical positioning doesn't help it. I'd rather have MPs HAVE to have a real job outside Parliament, at least they'd have a clue about what happens in the real World. Just appealing to the stupid, baying mob of jealous fools.
  23. HmmmA choice between an innocent fool and a smart liar? To be in charge, I'll take the smart liar - at least they might win.
  24. Hilarious. She's an idiot who espouses ridiculous policies mostly based on making easy promises and just for once got caught. On MMGW she can get away with the cover of the rest of that industry..... on this she had to fall back on having a cold.
  25. Despite despising the EU etc with a passion, one thing I really dislike is people who stand on the sidelines promising Hell & all. It is amusing to watch them get to actually do the job and it looks like this isn't going to go well in this case. I suppose there's a lot of difference between being in academia and in government.
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