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  1. In any case, boom-boom makes the "brown-Darling" error of mistaking consumer spending for wealth creation. Once upon a time, the amount people spent in the shops had some connection to wealth creation because they were spending real money they've earned through their wealth-creating activity. As soon as this was replaced by spending debt predicated on the absurdity of inflated property values, and the wealth-consuming public sector became bloated and demanded we add massive public debt to the spending, this connection was lost and the measurement invalid. That's why idiots think we need spending on foreign imports to "stimulate the UK economy". Yes, it really stimulates the UK economy to buy more Chinese goods, doesn't it? It would be funny if it wasn't such a base betrayal of people who need and deserve more from their political masters. The sad truth is that until we all do collectively out-compete our Chinese friends, we are collectively doomed. I say collectively, but of course some of us will have the nous to outcompete our direct competitors there and be ok, it's the poor unfortunates deluded by nonsense such as "pay us all more and we'll spend the economy to health" that are destined potentially for terminal poverty. Check out the latest Balance of Trade. £4bn lost every month, even after making a monthly £3.6bn surplus on services (for how long now I wonder?). That's the elephant in the room that will doom the UK.
  2. Of course, I played by the rules. To have chosen otherwise would have simply meant going bust. Indeed, it would have been much less messy and time-consuming to have shut down and laid everyone off. I'm sure you've always taken another approach and risked millions of pounds of self-made capital whilst paying above market rate for services and still thriving. No?
  3. Because with the technology available at the time this was the only way to operate in our market. It wasn't as if we made much profit either; competitors went bust because they fared worse. The other poster is correct; it was done through ambitious investment and we are indeed more profitable and pay more tax. I'm not an opponent of the minimum wage, it removes a form of state subsidy which I despise. What I do believe, though, is that raising it won't remove workers from poverty; the people still with me are doing great, but the majority who were with me are now unemployed and cast on the scrapheap. As a previous poster said, the option to choose not to compete with Chinese workers yet still demand a share of the pie is vanishing, if indeed it ever existed apart from by the grace of the fantasy bubble called the 21st century UK economy until now. Sadly most people are ill-equipped so to do, being under-educated and lulled into a false sense of security by the message that Britain has a permanent right to 1st World status. I think that illusion might be coming to an end.
  4. By the way, just so I'm clear about my experience of this subject, I used to run a £25m turnover company employing up to 1000 people, up to 850 of who were paid at minium wage rates, and below that before it came in. Since the advent of the min wage I now run a £50m turnover company employing 450 people, about 250 of them at minimum wage. If you put the rate up to £10 you'll simply accelerate what I'm up to anyway, which is developing towards running a £80m business employing about 250 people, hardly any at minimum wage. I don't mind the minimum wage, it doesn't bother me. Our development is nice for the ones still with me, but the others are all on the dole now.
  5. And they all lived happily ever after, and there was no war, and no fighting and everyone was friends and worked hard forever? You need to get out more. Incidentally, when prices go up to compensate for higher wage costs and everyones £10 and hour only buys them what their £6 and hour used to, what do you do next genius?
  6. Bought or rather built my place in Canada on an Island. Great thing about Canada is at the 2nd biggest country in the World and a tiny population land is available without having to sell off body parts. 4 acre Island 5 hours drive north of Toronto, nice. Plus they are civilised having not been driven insane by having to live in overcrowded conditions like over here.
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