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  1. Yep, technology is the solution, not the problem.And it's nothing to do with attitudes to unemployment, it's everythjng to do with why freed up time isn't put to productive use.
  2. If staged I suspect they sat on it and it was swung out. Maybe something is under them out of frame.I otherwise just don't get the point of guys taking a walk across each other like that implies. Maybe they were experienced high workers but they weren't mountain goats!
  3. It's a great picture but I always think there must be something out of frame that changes it. Is that true? I mean, it just doesn't make sense that guys would choose to toddle along that girder for lunch - apart from being bonkers it's inconvenient.Anyone know?
  4. Scarcity doesn't determine value. Usefulness creates demand. Scarcity determines supply. The two intersect at price (source: 'O' level economics). I'm no fan of the knowledge economy idea but it's one thing to bring to the party to increase the demand for labour, by increasing the usefulness.
  5. I say again wonderpup, please tell us when the Goldilocks period of ideal technology was.
  6. Not logical. Nobody cites high house prices as the cause of better housing but I do cite technology as the cause of longer life and greater wealth. I do not say technology hadn't impacted the work required to produce something; this exactly why it has dramatically increased wealth and well being. What it's also done is open up amazing new frontiers of activity that generates wealth and benefits. And so it will go on, thankfully!
  7. Wonderpup - You've totally forgotten that technology makes brand new thing possible that could not otherwise have existed. That's because you're utterly rooted in the present and are just extrapolating from what you can see around you. Oh. And how many people in Britain are without shelter compared to 500 years ago? Or are we counting straw shacks with no heating as housing? Chalk that down to technology too. Loads of stuff, accessible to virtually everyone. Long lives. If it's not from technology tell me what it is from. For the umpteenth time, your complaint is with restraints of activity from the State. You've been told this by so many, so often, but it can't be processed because it makes the 'wrong' people the bad guys for you.
  8. The Luddites are out again. Same old forum, full of fear and resentment masquerading as cod economics. Technology is great. Makes us wealthier (all of us), makes us live long lives. The crap old jobs being replaced are the same ones we all moaned about - when it renders call centres obsolete I guess we'll be getting all misty-eyed about those wonderful days of call centre community. I wonder if those taking the opposite view have a particular period in the past when technological advancement was just right, or is it today, or do we go all the way back to stone tools? It's a fair question, we keep hearing how it's all going to be bad in the future. When was the Goldilocks period?
  9. Kicking off? Wasn't it 350 people? I remember a fair few getting all excited a few years ago when the Summer looters came out, that fizzled to nothing.
  10. Pathetic stuff; they promised the Greek people the World while in opposition, got the worst nightmare (the opportunity to do what they promised) and then ran right smack into reality. So all that's left is to go nationalist and see if the rabble rousing can cover them. There's only one grown up solution, which is to accept the impact of Grexit and work to rebuild. Looks like they're no different from any bunch.
  11. I didn't know you knew him.I knew a landlord who bought duffed up houses for cash, renovated and redecorated them himself, then rented them out to long term tenants. His problems only began when he got older and found the rent collection too much of a hassle at his age so rented to local authority supported types and learned what a load of smack heads are like to rent to. His impact was to turn shells into decent homes and didn't do it with loans or any backhanders from the State.
  12. If you're English the end of the Union is bliss. Such a shame oil has crashed and even wee Jimmy Crankie will confine herself to whining rather than actually trying to break off the teat.
  13. I can't be bothered reading him. I assume he's sneaked in there that we would be dramatically better off if we were using the Euro. He usually does.
  14. I thought it the therapeutic expressions of a funny guy who confessed to expecting more from land lording that it's turned out. An interesting view from the other side. The difficult truth is that not all landlords are monocle wearing baddies and not all tenants are Bob Cratchett type honest oppressed slaves. The only certainty is that all are people, share human defects and its a bit of luck if the decent ones in either population meet up. When it doesn't you get abusive landlords who leave people in hovels, and feckless tenants who wreck the place and shit in the living room before moving out.
  15. I can never fathom anyone thinking that taking a drug is a good way to address life choices. Just work things out and get on with it. As for the idea that if we all shared everything out everyone would have enough, that is compelling logic for 7 year olds but unworthy of adults. Progress requires drive and ambition. Ambition can be fuelled by gain, which is the opposite of sharing out. The trick is to make sure that this doesn't extend to monopoly control of unique shared assets (land being the most obvious). After that it also fair.
  16. The big flaw in all this is the idea that austerity = poverty. It doesn't. All it means is the government doing less. The rest of us real people can get on as normal, or probably a lot better without them.
  17. Yeah, I'm not any kind of military student but carriers seem to be about being able to deploy efficiently faraway without needing access agreement elsewhere, but seemingly very vulnerable. I don't know, maybe these days they're very tough. I agree with the OP though, that negativity seems hard-wired now, and it's not only about this country. That's just a symptom. Is it the appetite of 24 hour news? I have no idea. It's quite damaging in that a tendency to think negatively feeds upon itself and if it becomes habitual it's a killer in every possible way - relationships, career, lifestyle, health. Critical thinking is great. Negative thinking is awful.
  18. All sorts of things can look good from minus 45! Florida for the Canadians seems a bit like North Wales for Scousers, except they speak the same language. Oh, hang on.....
  19. Dear me.Apprenticeships that lead to high paid jobs. One ex-apprentice engineer now earns £62k, another two on £55k. Isn't that what everyone whines that employers are supposed to do? Is this what this forum is about now? Anyway, whatever. Enjoy the self-comforting myths.
  20. Don't take out a student loan, complete waste of money unless you're doing a serious subject at a top institution.I'm not a small businessman.
  21. Sadly the only way these days (at least in my experience) is to grow whilst limiting / reducing headcount, and to employ brains at the ground level and promote on merit. I've not had great success consistently with direct appointments to senior levels, it's a bit of a lottery. So we don't bring in except at clerical, factory floor or apprenticeships (which aren't just engineering, that can include accounts, etc).Best thing about promoting from within is you know for sure your people really understand what you're about, plus it's very encouraging for others to see that they can get on regardless of what they had when they joined. It's all about what you bring personally. People say you miss out on alternative ideas from other businesses but I'm happy to take that risk as the cost of doing it this way. I'm really enthusiastic about the possibilities to run a good business in a demanding environment by being not soft or cuddly, but demanding and rewarding. In a conversation like this it comes over in a bad way when I hear cynicism about immigrants and anyone who employs them.
  22. Fair play, it's not always easy on a forum and I tend to let my temper bring out the worst in me.Cheers.
  23. Yeah, right, I'm an English man whose racism extends to being biased against Englishmen. That's a new one. Still, you're spot on on one point - I pay really well for the smartest people and you won't ever be working for me.
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