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  1. My sense is that people would consider this something beyond standard council duties and pitch in. Also a way for normals to show their position, since they're not going to chuck stones back at them.
  2. Are these people counter-revolutionary revisionists, or just stooges for tptb? Or are there just loads of normal people who don't make noise like the knobheads? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14456857
  3. My Dad has always been utterly opposed to police holding guns, he said 35 years ago that this is where it gets you. His view was no guns for police, but anyone shooting at one gets everything the law has to offer (min full life term, maybe the chop), that way he reckons you'd create minimum incentive to shoot a copper (because you know he's not packing) and maximum disincentive, plus the coppers don't go, as you put it, all Robocop. Sounds right enough I think.
  4. Are there many precedents for there being years between the "this is it, we're off burning the streets" phase, and revolution? I can't think of many. Are you sure you're just not trying to maintain the thrill of imminence without the obligation for delivery in the short term? It looks like you want to keep calling it even though "it" never happens.
  5. Jeez, surely even they don't move THAT fast??!!
  6. I guess we can look back in a few weeks and know who was right then?
  7. And when things are centrally controlled they can be centrally neutered, either by persuasion or force. That's another reason why this has no legs. I'm not quite far enough along the road to think this has been cooked up by the government, but I certainly don't see how this does anything but helps them. On a very bad day, with my paranoia at full setting, I could see this having been kicked off intentionally. But no, I think they are just useful idiots.
  8. It's not a matter of self-delusion, just a bit of intelligence and analysis. I mean, do you seriously think this country is poised to overthrow the order because there's a few thousand (at most) hoolies with mobiles doing their thing? Honest? Is that really what you think? If so you spend way too much time on tfh forums. Oh, and I don't think many people on here are into gold. I never did see the point in hoarding yellow metal. As for a VI, I suspect I am less dependent on the UK staying stable than you.
  9. Yeah, those things go together. I tell you. if you think this is what revolutions are made of you are badly misinformed. As a guide, what do you think an opinion poll taken now would say about this? Support? Condemnation? All this is going to lead to is some very quiet background work to remove the organisers from the field. You'll probably never even hear of it.
  10. Oh don't make me laugh; I never meant the miners, I meant the very similar riots that went across Bristol, Liverpool etc in the Summer of 1981. It's not about burying heads or anything, this is just thuggery and the huge majority are against it. Nothing like Egypt, not even slightly. You're deluding yourself.
  11. I don't find any of this hard to understand; once they work out that law and order is largely based on bluff and self control, the thieves and vandals can come out to play. What I do find hard to credit is the stupid people calling this as some kind of uprising against the powers that be. I guess mobile phone shops and neighbours houses count as tptb. Probably a few on this forum have [email protected] themselves senseless tponight hoping this is the moment they've been praying for, but actually it's just exactly what we saw 30 years ago, which lasted a couple of weeks and then faded away.
  12. Great to see the people striking back against the elite..... er........
  13. The interesting thing is that this isn't UK manufacturing decanting to pay workers 1p a day, but to a high wage economy. People really have to stop the whingeing and complaining about how these awful people don't do business here, and ask WHY they don't. The senseless moaning is unproductive - which kind of reminds me why the firms go elsewhere. They go to low wage economies - it's not fair, race to the bottom, etc. They go to high wage economies - it's not fair, they got better education etc. What are we? The "Ugly Goldilocks" economy - not cheap enough for the low value stuff, not smart enough for the high tech? Ultimately the problem here is that we have rubbish management and a high cost state. The labour force issues is irrelevent, there are always enough decent people around to staff a good business. The problem is that management takes short term views, and the state sucks the life out of wealth creation.
  14. For those of us a little older this is less novel. Anyone recall these halcyon days? http://www.private-eye.co.uk/covers.php?showme=511
  15. The weather has been so hot hasn't it? Never minds, it'll break soon and that'll end it. I've never seen a really good riot kicking off in a rainstorm, or the freezing cold.
  16. How many people are doing this rioting thing? I mean, if there's upwards of 50,000 at a go then I'll buy it that there's something going on. Much less than that and it's just some crims and wannabees having some recreation. I'm out of the country and not really following it. Which is it?
  17. Fudgie, I am from Liverpool. I was there through the Toxteth riots. All about stopping Thatcher, but she didn't. Then they stopped.
  18. Oh great, the wet dreams of the armchair revolutionaries gets an outing. Sorry kids, it's just some summer madness that'll fade away in no time at all.
  19. I'm not sure whether public or private sector are entirely helpful labels, especially now we have so much state spending on things bought by technically provate companies. To me it's all about whether a provider supplies people who have a free choice whether to consume, or not. The former category will tend towards providing what the customer wants at a cost they are willing to pay, or fold. That sounds like wealth creation to me. The latter can do pretty much whatever it feels like, at whatever price it feels like charging. That doesn't sound like wealth creation, and I'd have thought it was a terrible missed opportunity.
  20. That's just another way of you saying you don't know. Bit silly really, or are you truly saying humanity will be extinguished by financial implosion?
  21. That's true. If education is what you're about then the certificate is irrelevent because you achieved the objective when you knew stuff. The paper is for other people, and often because the law says you must have it to do certain things.
  22. Blah blah land blah vaue tax blah. Is this what this place is still blathering on about? I guess you'd abolish all income tax as well, and any transaction taxes at the same time? If so, good for you and I'd agree, but you didn't make that clear. The tenor of this site is heavily biased to envy, so the majority would want the high-minded sounding LVT PLUS taxing everything else.
  23. Yeah, great idea. Guy works for money, pays his tax, buys a house and you fine him a large % of the taxed income he used to buy it. FFS, you lot are just so f*cked up.
  24. One of the big lies is that the best teachers are attracted by high wages. No, people who want high wages are attracted by high wages. People with a vocation to teach want to teach and be great at it. The high wages are a device to fill the positions with people who just want a job, who are then content to implement whatever [email protected] the state wants to fill the syllabus with.
  25. But thy shouldnt stop really , as the World goes on of course, and that's what's particularly interesting as it would be good to have an idea about what will be important afterwards.
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