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  1. On top of tax on income? And what if I'd not bought a house but instead kept it in the bank, or bought a nice painting? 0.5% of those too?
  2. And what about someone like me, who has inherited nothing and yet has a big house etc.?
  3. Thing is, she's probably right; * no building * currency being trashed How can they NOT go up (in nominal terms)?
  4. I don't know about 57percent but some would prefer to go the whole hog and have the lot. Then get angry at the consequences.
  5. Fair point. It's often hidden behind high-minded concepts like LVT (but always forgetting the bit where taxes on wealth creation are abolished as LVT comes in). Until this country moves the debate from how the state should take wealth off people and moves onto what it takes to create the stuff there is no hope. It truly is like deckchairs/Titanic stuff.
  6. But that's an argument to remove the exemption on principal private residence from CGT on a sale, not a mansion tax or the like. A mansion tax says that you get some of your taxed income fined off you because you spent it on a house. Spend it on a piece of art or jewellery and no problem. It 's that logical. It's just thinly disguised envy at work.
  7. It's just stupid envy; if you buy an expensive house out of TAXED income, and already pay a higher Council Tax on it, what's the thinking behind fineing another portion of it off you? This country is in enough trouble without just declaring that it's against anyone who has anything. I find the whole thing so boring; nobody puts their minds to how to create more wealth, or remove barriers to trade, all they do is whinge on about how more of it should be taken off people who have it. It's pathetic really.
  8. I tend to agree, although some kinds of work (such as selling drugs) are no less a job than anything else. The problem is that the World isn't meant to be fair and we as a group still don't get that. As an example, we think we are entitled to health care. We aren't. Nobody owes you anything at all.
  9. Well quite! But you should have been here yesterday when brassed off and the rest were basically [email protected] themselves senseless at the thrill of the revolution having arrived.
  10. Very much in sympathy with the "revolution".
  11. I want to see that. That said, I have complete faith that it didn't jolt her one jot. She is basically the same as the Taliban or the Christian nutters in the USA; completely convinced by unshakeable faith. It's quite fascinating to watch what a person of moderate intellect can achieve when they are untroubled by logic.
  12. There should be some kind of online shrine to her, featuring all her classic moments. I'd do it myself except I can barely switch this computer thing on, and I'd rather spend the time staring at the ceiling. But it would be a fun thing to see.
  13. I'll miss her when she's gone. There are so many people in politics who believe absolutely bonkers things and cover them up so well they sound intelligent that it's great to have a total f*ckwit who doesn't hide it.
  14. I'm out of the country. What's she said? It is classic Harperson?
  15. Why has this thread swung into race anyway? Anyone with a brain knows that this is just [email protected] misbehaving. It's even more stupid than the theory that it was some kind of social upheaval in response to bankers and the like.
  16. Well I don't know so actually, because I've only come back on here in the last couple of days having lost interest in the site for many months. The only people whose opinion made an impression on me are wonderpup (humerously negatively) and Injin (positively), plus a few good guys like tired etc.. The rest are mainly a blur. As for the last few pages, I can only judge on what I've read and w's accusation about how Bingo would introduce his wife based on him saying here she was brown was, well, either stupid or misrepresentative. Take your pick.
  17. So you really think that because Bingo has said on this forum that his wife is brown means he'd be introducing her as "my brown wife"? Seriously? I find that a bit odd, to be honest.
  18. Do you really think that stating his wife to be brown suggests he would introduce her as his brown wife? If I had a 4 foot tall wife I might accurately state she is very short, but it wouldn't follow that when we met new people I'd say "please let me introduce you to my very short wife". That's such a silly thing to say it makes you look like you're trying now to back up your pretty heavy accusations of racism in the face of some statements that at face value suggest he isn't racist.
  19. Anyway, was that it? That was a quick revolution! Who's in power now then? "Eve of the War"
  20. I can't follow the logic that colour doesn't matter so avoid saying it. Avoidance means you think it matters. Now that's a fair enough opinion, I don't really object to anyone holding any opinion, but it's certainly inconsistent with the absence of racially driven thinking. If you really want get away from the hangups them you've got to treat the colour of skin as you would any other distinguishing mark, and use it productively. What you certainly cannot do is go to the next level where you refuse to acknowledge reality. If the trend in London for rioters to be black is a fact, then call it for what it is. If the trend in Manchester is for them to be white, then state it. Facts are facts, acknowledging them may help come to a solution.
  21. They'll be chewing the carpet in two weeks when Katie Price is the lead news again.
  22. I find that poster racially divisive.
  23. It's what expeditionary forces have been made for since Agincourt. They knew more than they were letting on.
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