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  1. I hope they make a clear break, default and move on. The funny bit will be post-mess, when things get better and they show the rest of Club Med it's not so bad out of it.
  2. The reality about Germany is that they're always either at your knees or your throat.
  3. They won't have a problem borrowing if their gearing is 0%
  4. Offer what you can, creditors can take it or leave it.I guess if it means the ECB won't lend them more in the future that's a price they'll have to pay
  5. Quite. They got clear ages ago.It's a great night, I hope the end of the beginning of the end of the Euro. C'mon, Club Med, join in!
  6. Provisional wording for next weeks Greek referendum just in from Brussels:"Do you wish to embrace the generous offer from your European friends and reject the destructive actions of the discredited Tsipras? Yes, I want to accept their kind offer No, I will not tolerate the vandalism of Syrizia"
  7. This is an outrageous abuse of democracy and must be repeated until they produce the correct result, in line with established European democratic principles.
  8. Unsurprisingly, the 29bn is a no-go. It was only a way for the Greeks to look to their people like they were still trying anyway. Pass the popcorn!
  9. Much of this is fair comment, but it ignores the fact that NuLab had succeeded in making it politically impossible not to endorse the spending frenzy, at least to say so anyway. Certainly given the Tories had been totally characterised as baby-eating fiends.It's easy to forget the ridiculous atmosphere Brown created with his abolition of boom and bust, Golden Rule ********, and general creation of the client State.
  10. A few people have asked me about what Maths websites I referred to. I've pm' them but in case I don't see further questions here's the message I've sent: "There are two I've found. http://www.examsolutions.net This one is comprehensive and brilliant. He covers every topic right up to Further Maths level, as well as providing past paper worked answers. His explanations are brilliant and my daughter in particular has benefited enormously. The second is here http://betterexplained.com This guy operates on a different tack; he focuses on teaching intuitive understanding, and is clearly enormously bright. He goes up to a very high level. I did Maths as a young man and was conventionally well taught, but together these are far superior. Supported by access to a tutor group I wouldn't hesitate to recommend learning maths just through these resources. If you're interested in Maths yourself, dip in. I tried the Complex Numbers section of Further Maths in the latter site and the clarity was a million miles beyond my schooling, it became childishly easy."
  11. At what point will predictions of imminent crash stop sounding wise? I registered on here in 2008, so late to the party, and the predictions were already long standing. Low interest rates are settled in for a long time; the country still offers political stability to foreign money and Lindon isn't getting much bigger. I'd be very surprised if such a thing happened in the near future.
  12. Yeah, because finance wasn't regulated at all. :picard:Course, that's overlooking that the legitimisation is what kept frauds out of jail and sanctioned the moral hazard of endless bailouts. Some kind of free market.
  13. You seriously think just started the other day? Honestly?
  14. It plays well to take that type of position on the cynical wing of a fairly cynical forum (a position you've worked hard to make you own since the days I first joined here many years ago, which I often find very entertaining!) but it doesn't really bring any enlightenment.The point made was that if all Public Schools did was educate tossers (which obviously it isn't, many kids leaving them are smart, well educated and, crucially, confident we'll-balanced kids) then they weren't much to worry about. But hey, don't let me spoil the fun.
  15. In any case teaching through schools will die out. The Internet offers far better standards of teaching already, done in the great tradition of a free market - by people doing it because it makes them happy.My kids use a Maths site that knocks spots off pretty much any school. Edit: predictive text malfunction.
  16. Well quite! I was told by a doctor friend the other week that two structural changes have lead to a shortage in the supply of Doctors. She said that; - The limitation of hours on junior doctors means there's a huge loss of cover from what were essentially very hard-worked apprentices. That super-hard work level also weeded out those motivated more by the pay than the aspiration. - The rise of female doctors who, over a whole career, devote only a fraction of the total hours to the job that a male counterpart does, because she (i) doesn't on average want the same hours commitment, and (ii) has a shorter career. Obviously, she costs as much to train.
  17. So why talk about Public Schools, they're irrelevant to that point?The problem has got nothing whatsoever to do with money, quite the opposite in fact. It's about two things only: 1. Opportunity to stretch. The demise of channeled education (Grammar schools, vocational) in favour of a determination that everyone is the same is designed to destroy social mobility. If education is to facilitate social mobility you have to accept streaming or separation, It's kind of obvious! 2. Thinking the best teachers go into it for pay & benefits and can't be trusted. This has put off the right type of teacher (those who do it for higher principles) and attracted the wrong (motivated by earnings, benefits and resistant to reward for results). Efforts to rectify this by increasing benefits and regulation/admin just reinforce that.
  18. if thats true then they're no harm are they?
  19. Half right. Abolishing grammar schools was a crime against people. However, there's nothing wrong with Public Schools, nothing good ever comes of trying to level down.
  20. it's a relief, 6th form debating society level politics wasn't going to end well. The mistake Tories make is thinking that people either (i) can be persuaded they're nice, or (ii) would vote more for them if they were. People vote Tory if they believe they're competent, nothing else. They might as well get on with everything everyone knows they want to. Hope they do, and fast.
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