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  1. Leftist believe anyone on the right is not only wrong but evil. Leftists are willing to do all sorts of unspeakable things because their ideals are good and the ends justify the means. People on the right view leftists as misguided fools. It's difficult to hate a fool.
  2. I'm not going to have kids, OH feels the same way. We'd end up at the mercy of the state, you need to be really quite well off to avoid that. We're just going to live our lives and have some fun. Most of those around me having kids are total pondlife. The middle class aren't bothering. Pretty sad but there you go, past caring now.
  3. Past generations made their wealth through productive industry. We'll make ours by using huge amounts of energy to pump harmless gas into the ground. Genius.
  4. It's a bit of a funny system though isn't it? Those earning more than 120k pay a lower rate, as do those on less than a 100k. But those on 100-120k, we'll show those bastards! It's almost as if the labour gov wanted to look like they were soaking the rich without actually upsetting any of their super-rich buddies.
  5. The trouble is working for the minimum wage will get you almost the same income. Hence the lack of incentive for employees to pay well. Aldi are one of the exceptions when it comes to pay. They'd probably make bigger profits if they paid less and let the state top their employees wages.
  6. I wonder how many gender studies professors are straight men? I'd love to see the reaction if those departments were forced to adopt quotas.
  7. Soros accusing bankers of being parasitic? pot? kettle? black?
  8. TPTB don't want us meeting in pubs and talking about things without a government moderator present. They'd much rather we got pissed at home and allowed the idiot box to fill out heads with authorised opinions. Also, £620 average weekly wage?
  9. Immigration will stop when quality of life in the UK is on a par with countries from which immigrants come from, countries like: Eritrea, Syria, Somalia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Afghanistan...
  10. The Thames was very high in Sunbury today. Lots of houses are right on the river and looked to be inches from the water if not flooded. I did see a car with water up to its windows as well. I know it's not much fun if you're caught in it but I love a good flood I do!
  11. I sometimes wonder how many people couldn't be send to gaol if the authorities needed to badly enough. There are all sorts of strict liability offences out there nowadays. They don't need to prove intent for lots of serious crimes: terrorism, tax, health and safety and so on. It's long been the tactic used by power in less developed regions of the world. Still, I don't know what people are worried about. All you need to do is keep your head down and let the authorities do the thinking for you. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. That's somewhat optimistic! I don't really notice much consciousness over land reform other than on this forum. Most people are happy to fright it out over the crumbs.
  13. So, if an immigrant can take your job then you're obviously a monumental minimum wage loser and should probably just kill yourself. Funny guy.
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