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  1. At least Hove is clearer Average Property Selling Prices in BN3 (£000's) Feb 2008 Feb 2009 Change Detached £599,929 £370,000 -38% Semi £374,818 £328,738 -12% Terraced £311,462 £301,250 -3% Flat £208,419 £194,455 -7% All £269,987 £252,445 -6%
  2. House for sale in case anyone is interested http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/4305522.TV_...righton_s_menu/
  3. Erm... question from the thick person.... £275K for plans and a titchy bit of land?
  4. If that is not a leading question, I don't know what is! I would guess anti-depressants and cocaine.
  5. In this weeks Latest Homes (which is again stapled yipee)... Fox and Sons Public Notice stating they have an offer of £175K for Flat 2, 8 postcode BN2 1AP....last sold 2 May 07 for £250K
  6. Oh.. and stupid question time...what does PMSL mean? And while we are at it.. MEW?
  7. OMG....what???? Who exactly would even contemplate spending that much for a flat nowhere near anything at all? I want whatever drugs those people are on
  8. No I was not clear. It sold in 2002 for 238K and now it has been repossessed (I am guessing) and the bank is willing to accept 195K for it now.
  9. Ok .. I have just found another one that they want more than £195K that was last sold August 2002 for £238K.. (BN2 1DE) I think I actually find that a bit scary
  10. I only ever seem to post about other peoples misery... anyway.. Habens Carter or whatever they were called at the Preston Circus end of London road appears to be closed down. Also King & Chasemore are acting for mortgagees requesting any other offers above £155K for Flat 4, 39 BN3 3PB. Quick check shows that this was last sold in July 04 for £170K
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