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  1. ''15 out of 60 notified same day as a company meeting. Mainly because of a large client 'not committing' to anything next year. After the meeting we were told to wait at our desks until contacted by phone or email, '' Seems a pretty unprofessional, manipulative and sinister way to treat staff. It is a shame that in the current climate it is a bit more difficult to tell them where to stick their deselection procedures.
  2. Don't make a lick o' sense to me.............. I tried to understand it, but it all became a bit of a blur after a while.
  3. J. Smith is an appallling, embarassing travesty of an excuse of a Home Secretary. She looks as awkward to have the role, as everybody else is to see her pretend to be a cabinet minister, when in any rational assessment she would not be on a parish council. This is positive decrimination at its worst, and and the price we pay for colluding with the Nu-labour experiment.
  4. Seeing as you ask, No actually (not sure about the 'Joseph of Arimathia stuff) The Satanic Mills are going onto a three day week in Jan
  5. Aston Martin and Bentley now, but I do not see how Morgan, TVR, Lotus and and other 'conspicious consumption' brands can not be dragged down by the same economic vacuum. The question is whether they have reserves to survive on 'tickover' mode, and downsize to such an extent that very meagre demand can still be served by a skeleton organisation, or maybe, below a certain critical mass, they can no longer really function. Even when you slash production costs, there must still be liability for pension funding. I just can't see how all this is going to get fixed.
  6. I imagine that if you and your family find yourself in such utterly dire circumstances you will simply ( in the short term at least) do whatever you need to make things better, and if that means squatting in your own home, so be it. Let someone else argue over the socio-economic protocol, after all that is the role of HPC.....
  8. For those that are interested in such things, it was filmed at Chenies Manor near Chorleywood, Herts. The snow is actually paper fragments fired out of a huge hose, and during the shoot (2 months ago) it poured with rain ALL day, and the paper turned to mush. The odd looking hills in the distance are just painted back-drops.
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