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  1. This is a parody right ? Not actual official advice.
  2. Very interesting snapshot, Costalot. It sounds as though you have some personal knowledge of Spain's 'good life'.
  3. But surely Disney has been the salvation of childrens' literature? I mean, at first AA Milne told whimsical stories of an innocent and very English childhood, understated and charming. E H Shepherd illustrated them with subtle pencil sketches, which perfectly captured the gentle tranquility of Five Acre Wood. B O R I N G !!! Disney ( The Master Storyteller ) knew that it should all be multi-coloured, the brighter the better, and that actually Wimmie The Pooh did not come from Sussex, but from New Jersey. More music, more loud American voices, more schmaltz, that's the way to tell children's stories!
  4. The hardest thing is working out which one to hate the most...
  5. Nortel were, and I think still are at White Waltham , Maidenhead, in a large business park built on the site which was previously the Fairey Aviaition Company. It is one of the larger local employers. Its not mining, steelworks and shipbuilding this time.
  6. I hope they don't fire the person that shapes the Turkey Dinosaurs - those mechanically salvaged, turkey-derived meat product novelty shapes are a work of art.
  7. Some mistake surely? This is actaully the figure from the Government's Nujobs Dept, for the number of new vacancies they expect they will soon be creating in the flourishing public sector alone.
  8. Negative. I was a contactor. It's coming out of the marketing budget.
  9. Hope Furniture Village do not go the same way. They owe me money, but don't pay for 90 days (due Feb)
  10. Where did you get your Instrument Rating, or have you just got an IMC? Would you have no hesitation in over-shooting into very poor vis, to get re-established on approach into a field licenced for VFR operation only? Would it be fair to assume you know the square root of f**k all about flight safety and light aircraft operations, or are you an AIIB inspector?? Dickhead indeed.
  11. It is a culture of work and enterprise which many people would do well to emulate.
  12. As with pretty much any scheme which this government attempts to influence, higher education has become appallingly expensive, and in its present form is probably the wrong option for a majority of students. They are paying top-dollar for so-called degrees which have no particular merit because most other people have them as well. Socialism abhors intellectual elites, and so it attempts to dilute grammar schools and universities by abolition or opening them to the masses. They have turned education into a market-based arena, and it is market forces which will unravel this bloated and misguided enterprise, as 'students' see that for many of them there is no longer any compelling reason to embrace £20,000 of debt. Another hopeless labour initiative. Never mind, lets give ID cards a go ..........................
  13. Not shopping.....................PANIC BUYING !! Relax. Crash still on !
  14. As soon as people believed they might fold, their fate was sealed.
  15. Very prescient- Battle of Britain Day. ''Never has so much been owed by so many, to so few''.................
  16. What's the difference between Batman, and a Scouser?? Batman CAN go out without Robin!
  17. Somebody should post this on PPRuNe (THE UK flying website, plenty of rotary bods on there)
  18. live in london, but buy liverpool terrace. drive up in flash car, white suit, want to make 10 million by 30. Which of these 5 traits do you find objectionable (fashion considerations aside)? He has found a way to generate some wealth for himself, and for all we know is a model landlord. Suggest you try not to take it so personally.
  19. Any business which is based upon selling information has a bleak future, especially recreational information ie newspapers, magazines and reference-based books. Paperback novels will probably be more enduring. I used to buy maybe 4 aviation mags a month, but have not bought one in the last 4 years, as pretty much all the content is online, without delay, at no cost. I wonder if there are still any deluded door-to-door salesmen vainly trying to flog encyclopedias
  20. You just cannot believe them. Prices on most of the staple requirements have SOARED in the last few weeks, and this high profile statement is likely to be a pretty empty gesture, ie maybe just nudging back in the direction of the prices in place a few months ago.
  21. What forum do you think you have posted in?
  22. Yet another festival of greed, exploitation, bullsh*t and complacency that is long overdue for a reality-check. It is hard to believe that it actually had its origins in some sort of sporting tournament.
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