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  1. It's time President Mugabrown did the decent thing, and put the country before his ego.
  2. Tractor production has doubled since December.
  3. Hmmm. Announced it at 1.25 so they would not have to put it on the lunchtime news. Now ramping the feel-good factor in 'theatreland'.
  4. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. Trouble is, nor did anyone else.
  5. Have I been flamed? I can smell burning wool.
  6. This is a very good example of a 'sheeple' thread within our own HPC pen, hence its popularity. Intellectually very 'accessible', no real comprehension required, lots of opportunity to contribute fluffy anecdotal thoughts that do not need to withstand any actual scrutiny. No definitive rights or wrongs, and no consequences or conclusions. Hardcore, free-thinking contributors are more drawn to economic wrangling, ideally with a sprinkling of Stirling M3 and M4, and the ones worth listening to are those can construct some socio-economic projection, and be seen to be substantially correct. Baaaa.
  7. I do not imagine it will impact her life in any significant way, but it would be very upsetting not to be able to pass on your estate as you had planned.
  8. That is like saying Bolinger should forget about champagne and concentrate on wholesome fruit juice. Maybe the market can no longer support high-prestige luxury cars but they would do better to fold than contaminate the brand and the reputation on some half-assed notion of building something of which they have no experience, and is not much in demand even from the manufacturers who currently do it pretty well, such as Honda. Looks as though you take the view that if a product is unaffordable to you, then nobody else should have it either.
  9. My local high street is in a small market town in south Bucks. The array of shops has more gaps than Shane MacGowan's teeth. Three estate agents closed, huge cafe bar shut this week, antique/junk shop closed first week of the year, shoe shop advertising closing down sale, tanning parlour just shut, as well as ''the' town bookshop of 25 years. So many more seem insustainable, such as tree card shops, two gift outlets, way too many hairdressers. It seems improbable that these enterprises are profitable given the relentlessly rising rents and rates. I really wonder what sort of people the landlords think will take on the empty units.
  10. Everyone want's to do the best for their families-I do not think they have shown virtue above anyone else. They came for high rewards, seem to have got them, and now are experiencing loss of income, and worrying uncertainty about their circumstances. Well who isn't? The disaster we face came out of the city, they were part of it. If they are energetic, resourseful people I have no doubt they will sort themselves out eventually. I am about as worried about them as they are about me, ie not in the slightest.
  11. This can end in only one way. He and his wife will take fatal doses of poison, having first given some to their dog. Loyal staff members will take the bodies into the garden of No 10, and burn them.
  12. Could you rent it out, and at least cover costs?
  13. Yeah, there's a lot of us 'working from home' at the moment. The joys of being self (un)-employed.
  14. Not me. I am a tramp, and I live in a shopping trolley under the A40 at Chiswick. There is no obligation to own property to take an interest in economic affairs. Bloody academics and their social profiling.
  15. This phrase 'Kick-start' is very much in vogue at present, the implication being that 'the machine' (car industry, housing market, or whatever ) is ready to roar into life with just a little prompting. Trouble is the brakes are jammed on, the fuel is contaminated and the driver is slumped at the wheel weeping. The problems we face are systemic, and the toxins remain in the system. Micro solutions will not solve macro problems.
  16. There is only a fragment of credibility in your postition, and it is not due to any of the positive influences which you cite. There may indeed be a flight to property for those with liquid assets, as they seek a refuge from the growing thread of wealth destruction, abandoning institutional investments and exposure to global turbulence. It does not mean this is a great time to buy property, but rather that it may be the LEAST WORST option right now. Remember the bit in 'Titanic' when the pumps started working, and she rose in the water. No, neither do I.
  17. Take a look out of your front window. Is there a black Omega parked there ? If so, I suggest you take a fast submarine to Bolivia. Or somewhere. anywhere.
  18. I think you realistically could double your money in the next few days, say up to 25p. You could also quite realistically lose the lot. So toss a coin. Vastly better odds than the lottery though
  19. Sorry, but I have to take issue with that. I fly a Piper Cub, and frankly, it's a bit of a squeeze.
  20. Ron Forthehills


    If you want a deal, you will need to have some sort of conversation / negotiation. I would have said you hold a lot of the cards right now. They must be desperate to make a sale. Any sale. Does it have to be leather? Ikea have plenty cheaper than the figures you mentioned.
  21. The really scary thing is that these people have somehow got their hands on the levers of power, and astonishingly are supposedly 'running this country'. Utterly confused, out of their depth, they are still vain enough to believe their own nonsense. It's like going onto the bridge of a ship, and finding that there is no proper crew, just a rabble of kids and retards, grabbing at wheels and switches on a whim.
  22. We should do a deal with Greece ( the real Home of the Olympics ) whereby they dust off all the facilities they built 6 years ago and hold it there again. A bit humbling for the UK, yes, but better that than international humiliation when it all goes tits up. We have been told that we are having a huge party, to which you probably will not be invited, may not even have an interest in, but for which you will be required to pay. And pay some more. Do not bother protesting that you are not very interested , and we cannot afford it. You will just be shouted down by the zealots for running, jumping and throwing things. It reminds me of the giant R101 airship which was commissioned by the labour government in the 1930's. The project become ever larger, more bloated, more expensive, held up as a symbol of the age, a tribute to the greatness of those who created her. Engineers closest to the project knew it had terrible problems, it was too heavy, the fabric envelope was disentegrating, but such was the high profile prestige of the project, that it could not be delayed. It HAD to fly to India with Lord Thompson and his triumphant arrival had to go ahead on schedule. A Certificate of Airworthiness was conjured up hours before departure, and it set off . Hours later it was broken and burning on a French hillside, having become uncontrollable in flight. 48 people died. The project had become so high profile, and carried with it the reputation and prestige of so many people there was just no way of stopping it. Is there any way of stopping the runaway Olympic juggernaut ?
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