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  1. You are forced to wonder if our Socialist government are actively attempting to dismantle the capitalism-based economy. Wealth is being distributed from the 'haves' to the 'have nots', the feckless, the generational non-workers, especially the burgeoning masses ever more dependant on State hand-outs. So far so good, far better than they could have hoped, but what are they hoping will replace capitalism. I'll never vote for President Mugabrown again........Oh hang on........
  2. It is GROSS behaviour for you to open someone else's personal correspondance, especially since it could be readily forwarded, and even stupider to disclose your actions online. As of last year, I became a landlord, after self and girlfriend got fed up with living in two house at the same time, so moved into the biggest one, ie hers. As an aside, I HAVE informed the building soc, DO have landlord's certifates, Do have rental insurance, and do tell HMRC. My tenants had a 6 month tenancy which expired, so it just rolls on at mutual agreement. They moved in during April last year, and I am not inclined to raise the rent any time in the forseeable future. If you have good tenants who pay up and are no trouble, you would be mad to rock the boat for £30, even £70 per month. Voids are very likely, as well as all the hassle of re-decoration and heaven knows what else. The fact that they have no children or pets is a bonus. It is very important to me that they are happy- once there is antagonism and agro everyone suffers, so I try to fix problems without delay, and cut lawn, hedges, clear gutters etc at no charge. I monitor local rental rates, and would lower mine if i thought the market required a reduction. I take the view that you get the kind of tenants you deserve.
  3. ''Ok . It's time to phone the receivers, and see what offer they will accept for this one. As we know, it has a slightly gloomy outlook, seems to be prone to subsidence, and has only a few windows (of opportunity). Also, let's not forget the special features, such as the living gargoyle which dominates the frontage, as well as the far-reaching views towards the Job Centre'' 'Well the great news is they have accpted our offer of £1.20p......................oh hang on, they want to keep the office stapler, so just 20p then!. Hurrah!'' Doubles all round ! Can we have another series please?
  4. 'His agent said Phil was unable to respond to questions because he is filming in Australia.' If only someone could invent some sort of device, perhaps a telling-box, or a phon-o-speaker which would enable people to talk to each other remotely in distant places
  5. Certainly not sell it , in the current turbulent situation. To be holding liquid assets is a big worry, with little scope for growth, but plenty of potential for rapid shrinkage, or complete disappearance! At least a house is a house, even when Sterling is tracking the Zimbabwe dollar.
  6. Everybody gleefully observes that the UK 'grinds to a halt', as if something is wrong. The truth is that most people love to grind to a halt, to enjoy some novel respite form the usual tedium. The schools can't wait to close, the pupils love to be off. People with 4wd's hugely enjoy roaring about proving how essential they are, and anyone with a flashing light on their vehicle gets a kick out of zooming around looking very serious and professional. People can enjoy 'living on the edge', 'battling with the elements' , comparing stories of epic endurance , but safe in the knowledge that it will all have melted tomorrow! In Norway, Switzerland etc, they like to be efficient, and sensible. In the UK we like to get excited, faff about, take time off, play in the snow and have little adventures. Today is working out perfectly.
  7. He maybe believes that this is a viable alternative, and for him, as a gay man it seems reasonable to be flexible and travel light. However, anyone with a family and children is probably deeply rooted in a community, and taking foreign emplyment means either huge displacement, or family separation. I don't imagine he has given that much thought.
  8. All of those three 'events' are no more hyped-up retail 'gouge-fests' , engineered to persuade you that you need to be taking part and spending, to prove your love of your partner, your mother, and your rabbit (never mind all that religious mumbo-jumbo). So don't miss this enticing opportunity to cough up a sh*t-load of money for a load of sh*t.
  9. Not just me then. I registered Jan12th but still nothing back. Helpline said ' just wait till it comes in post!' I find the fact that the system has broken down is astonishing- no, not astonishing, the other thing--inevitable!
  10. The only consolation is that as the situation become utterly intolerable, so the demand for change must become irresistable. We can only hope that the population can find the energy and spirit for a final push, and topple this hateful regime. Whatever would Ian Smith say? Not much maybe, he said it all 30 years ago.
  11. Is humanity diminished by their departure ? I suspect not. Off to the Jobcentre on Monday then, with their luxury P45's.
  12. I suppose it is possible, but I would imagine we would be deep into meltdown territory, perhaps a cessation of centralised commerce, heading towards barter and scavaging. Is this what you mean? One, even two, could fold but the others would surely become stronger in the absence of competition.
  13. How very apt that they even screwed their own staff, by getting them to graft all month, and then stiffing them on pay-day. There truly is no honour amongst theives. Nice that the directors launched their own private 'lifeboat' a few days ago, by flogging off the auction arm, so they have safe jobs to swan off to. I certainly would not speculate that there was a blizzard of back-handers, 'commissions' and salting away of the last of the agency's funds in its dying days ( Sorry lads, we can't pay you, no money you see!) That would be libelous.
  14. Allow me to recommend Air Atlantique at Coventry, and their fleet of well-proven DC-3's!
  15. That looks like a 'teaser' price, to gain publicity- hey , it worked! That will hit £250K no problem, probably much more.
  16. How quickly things change! Just yesterday, we had a thread about how the French social/economic model towered above the blinkered money-grubbing Brits, and our broken society. The reality is, I think we are all going down together, and the population SHOULD express their outrage at how us proles have been collectively shafted. Rise up, smash a CCTV camera today!
  17. If you will forgive the observation, you seem to be a bit unhinged. NEITHER of those tabloid reports suggested the LL was drawing attention to the history of the property. I realise facts are a bit dull, and harder to work yourself up into a froth about. The boring reality is that, having forgone 2 years rent, the landlord decides to rennovate the empty property. The neighbours are pleased, and the housing stock rises by 1. Landlord does not want to talk to the press, no doubt knowing that it would be reported in a sensational manner, thus setting off the nutters (again).
  18. Are you in some sort of 'personal services' or is it the films ?
  19. In the '70's British Leyland (Gawd bless 'em) used to store vehicles in fields prone to flooding, and there were reports of cars sitting in water up to the wheel arches. At least the cars presently stock-piled seem to be on hardstandings , though I doubt that a years external storage will do them much good. For instance, the paint will fade on one side, if it isn't moved around. We had a new Marina, and the rust was breaking out within a year.
  20. They have gone too soft on employee rights This will never stand up in court.
  21. Must be a right pain trying to get that concrete shell to burn nicely.
  22. There is nothing, absolutely nothing which the BBC relishes more than a story about itself. Witness the Andrew Gilligan/Panorama affair, Ross and Brand, even the BBC's shunning of Crufts. Robert Peston, of course, thinks he is the news. All these executives just love coming down to the studio and being interviewed live on air, confirming to themselves that they are indeed Very Important People.
  23. Fair point, but with the best will in the world, I can only comment on what the BBC serves up to me, in rural Bucks, quite some way from the M25.
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