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  1. Last summer they took us up to £1.20 a litre, and people did not squeal too much.

    That figure will now be the new 'target' for the fuel retailers, and we will no doubt be back there soon, and then off into new exciting uncharted territory.

    Expect the usual justifications, from bad weather in the Gulf to social unrest in Iraq. In the winter, 'cold weather will increase the demand' for oil- price rises of course.

    In the spring, it is the start of the 'motoring season' in the USA, increasing demand for oil- prices rises again naturally.

    No mention of maximising opportunities for super-normal profits, for the colluding cartels, and higher tax revenues for a bankrupt UK government.

  2. Yes, in WW2 the RAF enjoyed great success with twin engine medium bomber Wellingtons (wooden geodesic frames) and Mosquito fighter-bombers (the wooden wonder).

    Sorry , but there wasn't much wood in the Wimpey, I don't think.

    Also, it wasn't that much of a success either, but was about the best there was, until the advent of the four engined heavies, ie Lanc, Halifax, Stirling.

    Re the other point raised about using more screens for lookout, the reality of combining a 'real' view with a digital screen is a very uncomfortable mix of focussing, and adjusting for very

    different light conditions.

  3. If it is the hands on flying element that costs the largest part of the loan requirement - then surely it would pay private light aircraft owners to "lease/loan" their aircraft to the likes of ryanair for the periods they themselves do not use them , thus reducing their annual costs and allowing cheaper access for the cadet pilots ?

    With jobs becoming hard to find people will travel further afield to find them this will require more aviation transport so on one hand less "luxury" holiday traffic but more "essential" work /commuting traffic - this will only enhance Ryanairs business model

    You rather misunderstand the situation ( not unreasonably ) but infact Ryanair give not a fig how much their 'baby' pilots are paying for flight training, since that WHOLE financial burden is on the Wannabee, and infact the airline is actually making money by charging for type-ratings. Imagine getting a position as a Train Driver wth Virgin, and then they happen to mention tha your conversion onto type is going to cost YOU thousands and thousands of pounds.

    Yet in commercial aviation, it has become the norm to pay everything yourself, and boy do you pay, typically in excess of £100,000 pounds. In the past, airlines sponsored the training of their pilots, but those days are long gone, since they realised that people will pay themselves, for the chance of the dream job, 'to slip the surly bonds of earth', and soon work up to a £90,000 per annum command. But times are changing, and pretty much nobody is recruiting, except RYR, and often on short term, low pay, 'taster' contracts, which will perhaps use you for the busy summer period, but come the winter, you are back down the Job centre.

    The industry seems very prone to linear thinking, looking at the last, say, ten years, extrapolating those trends and saying 'that's how things are going to be', more of the same.

    Yet the truth seems to be that the air transport industry is in the grip of a crisis, which may be a turning point rather than a comfortable 'blip' , and all the cheer-leaders for Heathrow's third runway, and the whole flight training industry, which has so smoothly relieved students of a Kings ransom, have yet to face up to a very uncomfortable reality.

  4. if Iran ends up with a servicable nuke, and a delivery system, how long before the temptation to push the button becomes

    irresistable? About two weeks I imagine.

    After all, is it not the will of Allah that the Western oppressors learn to respect and fear the middle-east nations, and

    if Allah had not wanted them to let it go, he would not have blessed them with the means to defend themselves.

    Israel,( funded, informed and protected by the USA) will not tolerate such an escalating threat, and must surely launch a pre-emptive air strike to

    remove such a burgeoning threat. As long as ArmouredDinnerJacket is at the top of the heap, then doing nothing is not really an option.

    With Strike, See Spike, as oil leaps to hitherto unseen levels, who knows $250 a barrel..............Unleaded £2 per litre anyone ?

  5. It is hard to know exactly who to blame for destroying the once-magical experience of flying. We public have been doing it for less than 70 years, and finally the wonder and enchantment has been squeezed out of it. Perhaps the airlines NEVER really cared for their customers as individuals, but at least once they pretended, whereas now

    the industry, coaxed on by M.O Leary, is blatant in its contempt for the 'self-loading freight'.

    They ever growing burden of expense, inconvenience, lack of accountability and indifference has made the whole experience so unpleasant that it is a wonder anyone wants to fly anywhere in a commercial airliner.

    I wonder if P Skellan is familiar with Wee Weasley Welshman ( another RYR driver- under threat of redundancy ) over on PPRuNe.

    The long-running thread '' Growing Evidence That The Upturn is Upon Us'' shows a lot of cross-fertilisation between here and there.

  6. Reminds me of the old joke about Ryanair: I'm not saying the plane was old, but I had to sit next to the rear gunner...

    I am no flag-waver for O-Sneery, but the RYR fleet is amongst the newest you will find. Check out BA, for some very 'experienced' airframes.

    ''They patched her up with paper-clips, and little bits of string

    And still she flies, She never dies

    Methuselah with wings !'' Anon

    ( Actually a tribute to the DC-3 )

  7. Your dad sounds like a top chap, and well worth spending more time with.

    Pop round every morning and make him a big old fried breakfast, and don't skimp on the grease. Or the salt.

    We should all spend quality-time with our parents, and there are plenty of exciting things you could to do together.

    Think free-fall skydiving, bungee jumping, and so on. While he is doing it, you can hold his coat, and watch.

    Sad to say it, but with your deposit and present earnings, you do not realistically have many options.

    You might expect to get a mortgage offer of £60,000 but you are still £20k short of a grotty flat. IF, there is a continued fall in the market,

    this is the sort of property which will fall fastest ( ie least desirable) . Are you any sort of key worker, to qualify for a shared ownership deal.

    Perhaps Cupid will come to your rescue, and your accomodation problems will be solved that way!

  8. It is very difficult to pick the bones out of that, knowing just one version of events.

    No doubt the LL would relate a different version.

    Looking at it from another angle ( not more accurate, just different) he may indeed be very tight for funds himself and is perhaps a reluctant landlord.

    He has a tenant who is changing her name ( not illegal, but a bit odd ) , has ceased to pay the rent on time, and and has cited a string of calamitous events as the reason she has broken their agreement. No wonder he is worried. If he then defaults on his mortgage, it will probably have major implications for him.

    Not all landlords are evil exploiters. Not all tenants are upstanding honest individuals. Things are seldom what they seem, especially if you have just the 'spin' of a single party on which to base your judgement.

  9. Berko is just over the hill from me, but it seems to me that it is still in the grip of enduring delusion about the town's worth

    and desirability. Perhaps something to do with the rail links to London, for those unfortunate to have to use such facilities.

    Chesham (5 miles ) offers more affordability, and better schools, retaining selective education. Though the town is scrubbier, and not so

    'smart' it has a lot going for it, especially if you can live on the rural periphery.

  10. No, I will buy a small 15 years old second handed Fiat or even better a scooter so in the case of an accident I am sure my off-springs will all die ...

    What is wrong with an idea that I buy a bigger and stronger car to increase passive safety of my children???

    Me and my wife are trying to be responsible drivers and we just want to increase the passive safety of our children. We do not drive to kill!

    You are brainless and I claim my 5£!

    It is awkward to make these points to my intellectual superior, but surely it must have crossed your giant brain that the very bulk of your lumbering 'car' which MAY serve to protect your and your brood will at the same time actually imperil the majority of road users who for various reason have elected to drive more modest, sensible vehicles.

    Your position suggests that all responsible parents who really DO care for their children are duty-bound to buy a small truck, and when they all have, you are going to need something even bigger and stronger, for this automotive game of conkers. The logical conclusion is that we trundle our kids to school in decommisioned Challenger tanks.

    After all, you can't be too careful. Or too selfish.

  11. But why exactly did this family "need" a massive 4x4. I

    You need a Canyonero (4x4) if you are a moderately incompetent driver, and for the safelty of you and your passengers prefer to drive a well-upholstered truck, which would be better employed invading Poland.

    You must also believe that your squawking off-spring are more precious than those of your fellow road users and in the event of a serious accident prefer the bulk of a SUV, which will mash the other people into the road, but leave you pretty much OK.

    As an aside, these behemoths do not go hand-in -hand with wealth ; a friend of mine owns a huge farm and historic manor house, but so detests these vehicles that he carries round a wad of abusive notes to stick on them. His prefered mode of transport is either mountain bike, held together with baler-twine or a Fergy tractor. Nothing to prove.

  12. I repeat:

    Please, Ron Forthehills, Jim B, why do you come on here, post an incomplete and not fully informed comment, and then dissappear as if nothing more can be added to your finalised comments?

    Well, a bit prosaic, but I buzzed off to have a spot of lunch, and then it started to rain, and I went to get the washing in.

    Anyway, I am all ready now for some macro-economic arm-wrestling.

  13. We have, what is loosely called 'the pension industry'.

    Look around at this industry, look at their gigantic offices and headquarters, the thousands of 'worker bees' hustling up the business, processing the data, pumping out the marketing.

    All these people, and their buildings, and their cars, and their phones, and their bonuses. Who is paying for all that ?

    We are. That wealth we set aside for our future well-being first of all has to fund ' an industry' , and whilst our fortunes rise and fall, the industry which we seem obliged to pay for has very fixed cost, which never seem to go down.

    How much better off might we be if we did away with the pensions casino, and simply invested in some straight-forward saving scheme, at a predictable and sensible rate of interest, free of other charges, and commissions which cream off so much of out assets.


    It is all about who can get close to 'the money', who deals with it, converts it, invests it, stores it etc. The bankers, the accountants, the financial advisors, the loan-arrangers all have the money going through their hands, to manipulate, to syphon it off and divert plenty to themselves. If you want to get rich, get close to 'the money'.

  14. Jarvis Errrr-**** is as incoherent as.....................whatever.

    On some level he supposes he should be amusing, ironic and insightful, but sadly he just stumbles................pauses, misunderstands the question and looks very confused.

    Is he Derek Draper's less-charismatic twin ?

  15. Queens Head sounds good,- I am there at least 2 nights a week. Seems to be the only pub in Chesham not on the brink of closing !

    Took part in the Queens Head 's 'Tour de Pednor' bike ride yesterday. T'was a touch on the warm side!

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