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  1. bbc headline Facebook shares spike on debut its only after a couple of lines in it mentions its infact moved back to the start price, so bbc bosses, why the heck the fancy big headline for a share that has hardly moved in price?
  2. whatever happens now its certainly not been the opening they all hoped for and shouted about.
  3. i though it was 70 in pre-trading as poster above?
  4. the rest of the market on the otherhand is on a slow grinding crash allready.
  5. i live in the town in the uk with the greatest annual rainfall. it rains i think over 200 days a year, on the other days its snowing. another couple of shops have just closed in the high street. guess it must be the rain
  6. and the termites eat your bed , while the boys from comptom bust a cap in yer ass ho
  7. gotta admit im excited about watching how this performs in the next couple of weeks. how sad am i lol
  8. That zuckerman better get his pay day sorted before he gets rumbled. if a billion people are on facebook, and facebook made a billion bucks. That means schoolkids they made $1 from every user. Hardly big beans ehh. I cant even see how they can make as much as ebay. Im sure they mkle a lot more than $1 average per customer, a lot more. The price now makes facebook the same value as amazon lol. anecdotal ive 200 people on my facebook list, used to be about 20 on regulary, like every day to chat. Now about 10 the others are basically in for a couple mins peak and nosey and then away for another month. The status updates are getting less, and the tagging system means that your newsfeed is out of hand with spam, as everyone posts like if you agree type of silly chain letters.
  9. most people seem to consume much less than they used to in the 70s, 80. 90s. cars last longer and need less repairs and less fuel to run them, computers have got smaller and smaller as have tvs and cds instead of videos and now itunes instead of cds. most homes are minamalist, who can remember the clutter and ornaments ect in yer grandmas house or fathers shed. as each year has passed all this stuff runs more efficient and becomes smaller. even floor coverings last a long time now with tiling and wooden floors instead of lino and carpets. my dad had shops selling tat when i was growing up, this stuff wouldnt sell now, people dont want it, but they lapped up this junk when i was a kid. houses now have energy efficient light bulbs and fridges and tvs that switch themselves off, heck cars only need serviced every 20k miles instead of every 5k and falling apart at 6 years old. i cannot honestly see where we are using all this extra energy up, but what i do see is a buisness that cost about 5% of your average pay now taking 15% even though your using less of it.
  10. used it once, simply because there used to be a definite confusion on whenever you were in the right lane for the m6 or m6 toll. the last overhead sign for the toll used to say just m6, by the time you realised you were on the wrong road it was too late. i believe they were forced to change the signage to make it more clear in other words to stop decieving motorists a couple years back. now when i drive through its clear now which your taking. i wonder how many people they caught out like me. i wouldnt pay outta principle ffs dont we allready pay enough to use the roads.
  11. well it looks as if the attempt to form a government has failed. so what now ?
  12. easy. spread betting. get an igindex account, but im sure you will be able to do it through betfair or paddypower or whatever as well.
  13. everyone is now working on the assumption greece is going to leave, exit strategies are being put in place from norway to belguim. the norwegens seem some smart cookies thats for sure. if greece defaults and leaves which i think it will, there is gonna be a huge buying oportunity there for future holiday destinations. remember spain? used to be cheap till they joined the euro then messed up the tourist trade, they also would be better off back where they were.
  14. thats the threats i got from my credit card lender in 1999. told em to stuff it, you cant take what i dont have. people are happier, eventually richer without the debt teat. the greeks will be as well. there gonna starve whatever happens but best they starve for 10 years than a hundred years.
  15. use the rent money to put a big anti landlord poster up on a billboard
  16. what about selling all their tvs with a built in playstation ?
  17. is this the end?, wasint long ago were scoffing the very idea. now there openly discussing it. from bbc http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-18046280 Europe central bankers have been openly expressing views on the possibility of Greece leaving the eurozone as its leaders struggles to form a government. Germany's top banker said it was up to the Greeks to decide, but if they did not keep to their bailout commitments, they would receive no new aid. His counterpart in the Irish Republic said a Greek exit would be damaging but not necessarily fatal to the euro. Greece is to make a final attempt at forming a government on Sunday. President Karolos Papoulias is to meet party leaders after they failed to deliver a coalition through their own negotiations. Greek voters punished mainstream parties which backed the bailout at last Sunday's parliamentary election. If no new government is formed, a new election will have to be held, and opinion polls suggest Syriza - a leftist, anti-bailout party - will benefit most. Syriza firmly rejects the terms of the most recent EU-IMF bailout, which requires tough austerity measures in return for loans worth 130bn euros ($170bn; £105bn). with china and norway scrabbling to sell all euro bonds this week, i think the real delayed crisis is about to un-fold and faster than anyone can imagine. buy anything but euros.
  18. every guy in his 60s at the end of his working life thinks to a man that they know far better than anyone younger than them and that the world will collapse if they go and retire. my father is the same, except i dont fall for that nonsense like you do. keeping with the theme of doctors on here i damn well know id rather a 40 year old doctor than a 60 year old treat me, the 60 year old doctor has probably never picked up a book on new diseases or treatments in 20 years. people get stuck in their ways. your father in his, i bet he dont even like using computers. And they like nothing better than slagging off the young uns, mostly cause they dont understand wat the hell their talking about, realy its all about a pecking order. older you get the more frightened you become of change, my dad is petrified of giving his bank details to someone online to buy something. new knowledge is as important as old knowledge. a perfect pair would be someone fresh outta med school and someone heading into retirement, hence a 40 year old has probably the best balance of both. Most likely your dad was re-hired cause he knew the right people.
  19. yeah same with rangers fc , success built on debt and not paying the taxman. they need to be liquidated, yet you still hear the bleating from fans and others.
  20. yet they have increased the amount of people working for the government by over a million in that time. so wtf are they all doing?
  21. thats crazy ehhh. especially that facebook is actually quite a mature buisness now. how much is it actually priced in to make? more than apple? any less and it looks poor value.
  22. dont these guys have wifes and kids? always seems a little odd to me how they are allways talked of as together, living on same island , sharing all investments and even there holiday boat. never hear of any wifes ect, or even hear of these guys as a single entity. weird freaks
  23. just get the hell outta london, london is realy just for the rich and the poor, if your not one of these your wasting you time. try yorkshire or cumbria.
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