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  1. back down to 28 today, and might break to 27. i think its worth £12
  2. north west is the same. 5 years ago in blackpool, you couldnt find anything under 100k, thats for the crappiest terraced off central drive. now these places are going for 40k at auction, and its right across the board from the 1.2 million pound homes in lytham to deepdale flats in preston and old terraced mill houses in greater manchester. i dont care what the media or statistics say, i know whats happebing in the nw, because ive took a very avid intrest for the last 10 years. prices are still dropping from top to bottom
  3. about as british as guinness or english as whisky. but then i dont give a xxxx for anything else
  4. that would be 40 quid for food on top of everything else. or 2 cokes and 2 beers each for the family of 4, wouldnt be much change left for burger and chips all round. i mean where does he get that figure? im thinking its gonna cost about £500 all in for a family of 4 to go watch some ping pong or whatever, every single day they go. and nearer £1000 quid if your not from london and need to get a hotel room. anyhow, ive realy no intrest in watch twits run and jump and cry. im off fishing in cornwall yeah!!
  5. yeah i see your point. thats why a decent area should be worth 5 times the price of a house on that crappy street.
  6. i would just love one of these attendees to get the hump with them all or something and then completely spill the beans on what its all about. 100 or so attendees a year, surely there is one itching to go rogue on it all. now that would be a story worth hearing
  7. cash rich , time poor people are complete fools. Whats the point of cash if you got no time to enjoy it.
  8. Facebooks app for android is complete crap. Very very slow. So i dl one called friendcaster. No adverts on it nothing. I think this is what morgan stanley were on about, and i can see why. The friendcaster is very fast in comparison. Ive no idea how fb are going start squeezing cash from users. Not that i go on much now but sometimes i get bored of hpc and a couple of other places and go for a nosey.
  9. ive allways fancied a metal detector, just never got around to it. They aint cheap 1000 quid for a decent starter one that would be worth having. One day i will get one
  10. Down over 5% today back around the 31 area. Seems 31 is the level for now.
  11. but i think its crap, just because you dont. I will go fishing, you can go wat h all the freaks you want
  12. you completely miss the point. Its not that people dont enjoy coffee its that it costs about 6p a cup to make and sells for so much. Unlike your fags and booze that do not. You would be commenting about over priced lager if it cost the landlord 6p a pint as well.
  13. morrisons as well as other places sell these cups you plug into yer fag lighter, takes a fair bit of time to heat up but pretty damn good especially at motorway services. I get packs of they ready coffees , just add water things from poundstretchers 10 fora quid. Kenco or nescafe brand. and bring along some tap water. I swear i save 20 quid every motorway trip. With 3 of yas in the car you can be spending more on coffee that fuxing diesel.
  14. According to the bbc article on their website at the moment, a trial is about to begin before the roll out of the universal credit nationwide. It does mention housing benifit on it, though i have not read the ins and outs. It really is a battle between those working in the public sector that are just looking out for themselves and their jobs and to hell with everyone and to hell with making thinks more efficient qnd value for money, and those trying to positivly reform the system for the good of everyone else. I wholeheartedly believe this is the diffrence between the uk and germany. The people here running the system just dont give a damn about anyone. Thats why they pay 32 quid for a pizza, 3000 quid for a laptop and fight against any sensible progress. Untill we remove these people and their stupidity and selfless agendas we will never get a fairer, better. Wealthier society. It wouldnt be allowed anywhere else thats for sure.
  15. Was reading an article about this, and it seems this is going to replace dole, sickness. Housing benifit. Income support ect. Im thinking this could be a massive hit to btl, as now the people on the dole will shop around for the cheapest rent instead of the maximum allowed. Ihope this is how its going to work anyway. If this is the case this will be the biggest problem btl will have faced in the whole boom and bust and will allow workers to once again live in homes as good as housing benifit claimants. sounds like a great, sensible, fairer policy all around. And i guess the ps unions will be fighting against and trying to hyjack progress to hold onto the non jobs, im thinking maybe 200, 000 wont be needed shuffling around all the various claim papers.
  16. Yup a camper van far better. You can sleep in a camper van, you cant in that beach shed. You can move to various new venues, you cant in that shed. A camper van is safer. You can hop in yer camper and bugger off if a bunch of crazies or alcoholics decode its a nice beach to start hanging out on. In a camper van you could drive somewhere more private. That hut is worth 5k tops as somewhere to stick yer snorkel. Edit. The only reason to buy this is pure unadulterated snobbery. I wouldnt want to live next to these type of half boiled snobs let alone sit in a shed on a beach with them.
  17. i guesz the best way would be conditions rather than pay then. Perhaps have free holiday competitions or something.
  18. After Hours: 30.90 -0.22 (-0.71%) still dropping, it might actuaklly drop below 30 in after hours. 25 tomorrow, now that would be a huge crash and burn
  19. i dont tip anyone, and wont go where a tip is expected, why should i? do you tip when you go buy clothes? if you like the service, you go back or stick a good review. and as for the old story staff depend on tips, well they get nmw like half the country.
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