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  1. its the same everywhere isint it. in the last 10 years every town or village i know has been changed with new builds everywhere. all the old tumbledown property has been renovated, houses made into flats, old schools made into flats. everywhere. how can there be a housing shortage? its everywhere i work all over the country and see it. its especially true in scotland where in 10 years the population has hardly risen, yet property has popped up everywhere hell inverness is now a city with twice the population it had 10 years ago its amazing its transformation as anyone that knows the place will tell you. elgin now has new elgin vastly expanded onto it 1000s of homes, keith, huntly all new estates and 100s of extra flats. inverurie another town doubled in size and its the same all over the north and just the same in the south. how the heck do they fill all these homes when their didint seem a housing shortage before and little population growth.
  2. they should have a compulsory gcse on personal as well as general finance, perhaps also changing the rubbish home economics one also adding things like how to constantly find better deals for you electricity ect. im a constant bargain hunter in all manner of my life, ive completely changed my wife of 3 years attitute to life as well, shes happier and for the first time in her life is putting money aside. she had no bloody idea. when i moved in with her ( well at the time i was living in a shed and she had a council house it made sense, what with a kid an all) the first thing i did was a full review of her out goings, it truly amazes me how so many people look only at what there wages are, when there is as much to be made by how you spend them. i cut her electric bill in half (well my bill now as well) then did the same for internet and telrphone and dumped her contract phone for a payg she was hardly making any calls. i dumped her dd for tje tv tax, hell ive never paid that in 20 years( google how it works) then i do stuff like turn the boiler off if going away a couple days, i got couple of the instant and cheap halogon heaters and pulled the fuse out the box for the crazy expensive storage heaters. i then filled the freezer from the discount and reduced shelfs. i even bought a whole pig and 2 lambs. she now feels like she just had a 200 quid a month pay rise without getting one, and eats better quality food. also and this is true im absolutely sick of hearing all the time of hard pressed families, its single people, and in a majority of cases single men that have got it worst in this country. its a total disgrace how this group is ignored and others deemed more worthy of any help or understanding of their plight, couples have 2 wages or incomes to pay the rent on the same bedsit or flat that a single person has to find all on there own, costs the same to heat for two, tv licence for 2 nearly even same to eat for 2. so im sick to hell of hearing about hard done by families the real victims out there are the single guys with ordinary incomes hell they even pay 25% more council tax just to rub it in, yet no-one stands up for them. rant over oh yeah, dont pay off your credit cards, just throw them away, after making sure they are maxed out of course. its the best move you can make for your financial future to be blacklisted. now you gotta learn to save and what you earn is your own.and dont ever feel bad about it they have actually stole a heck of a lot more from you. and when they come calling and threatening tell em to f#&* pff, laugh in the face of there silliness expecting you to be actually responsible for your debts, yeah just like they are for theirs ehh. love peace and harmony
  3. prob some white hating racist from morocco or egypt who couldnt get a loan so thought all white folk must dieeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. hi sour mash. i never meant anything about dodging any consequences or anything, just asking for opinions. im not a daily express reader waiting on my next house prices increase headline, im a long time member and poster of this forum, one of the guys from the early days who could see the writing on the wall, long before most did. so your being unfair with your assumptions about what im asking and if im to be fair your just making it up. anyhow. your solution seems to indicate more of the same, me personally i see that as a solution that will turn me and you into slaves. infact i suspect anymore than another 2 years of this and this country is going to go to war with itself. as each month passes another few thousands more cant buy a house or get a job or lose their job or the middle class starts to have children that have to rent. every month that goes by the people in the angry pile grows. The system being taken to resolve this mess is to continue adding to that pile of angry people month on month they have not factored in another 20 years of this in other words this is going to last our whole lifetime if we do not stop them. we have to stop them.
  5. thats the perfect solution, and anyone looking out for the needs of this country would instigate your suggestions immediatly. the trouble is the BMA that issues the tickets likes to keep a nice shortage going to keep the wages up. they should be told to **** off and the right people brought in looking out for the nation.
  6. oracle. i cant see ot going military, i think were past listening to that kinda shit in the west. the propaganda dont work like it used to. take the jubilee for instance, 60 years ago millions out in the streets celebtating and parties ect. now the jubilee this year even with huge propaganda they could hardly get the nation to lift an eyebrow.i guess the danger is from some other country that believes their own governments ********. but the internet is changing all that. the bosses aint happy about it but what can they do. i suspect trade wars instead this is kinda off topic though
  7. its obvious there is a problem. unless were all a bunch of jokers. come on using 3g now
  8. actually nuggets mahoney i meant here as in this forum, i say we because i feel we all run along the same general wavelength. i dont fancy chibbing in for an island kingdom with bono and sting. unless of course we could use them to build our roads and clean our toilets or stuff like that. every new country has a few they need to sacrifice for the greater good.
  9. seriously how do we? we know what went wrong, we know its still going wrong. but im assuming were all past the blame game and are thinking how do we sort it for the greater good of everyone. if it aint gonna sort itself out then can we chib in together and buy our own country like the barkclay bros did (never hear about wives or kids of these two) .
  10. this aint going to happen people by property from 4 walls and a floor to prestine renovated. are you saying only prestine renovated could be sold?
  11. and yet everyone keeps carrying on like you need there loans and mortgages, let em stick it. seriously stop thinking they control you and you are just stuck with it. money lenders have been the ruin of societies and allways in the end destroy the host.
  12. this thread has gone quiet, which is a shame because the problems are still there i cannot connect using talk talk isp. whenever my wifes ie, my firefox or my tablets dolphin browser by wifi. i can however connect using 3g by 3 on my tablet. so looks to me there is a problem with talk talk, or an area problem? thats still not resolved
  13. so mary portas, whoever she is. gets money from the government and access to councils to hand them this money which she will do so only if shes allowed to make her tv shows. please stop paying your taxes, rob everything from the government you can. there all bloody crooks
  14. its a disgrace also the medals are not gold, even 9 carat would have been nice. all that money spent yet the skimp prob less than a million on the medals. the shame
  15. samsung and coca cola, following the torch relay around. what a disgrace that we cant promote british firms and the organisors selling out to foriegners. also lots of foriegners following the torch around selling flags to the spectators.
  16. my cash has been eroded by a massive amount just sitting in the bank. thats unfair i worked for that money and then they stole it from. and have no doubts about that, they stole the money to pay down their debts. so i came to the conclusion i could either continue to let them nick my money or stick it elsewhere. so i bought commodity shares with it, id rather lose it myself than give it away.
  17. the wilsons, its gotta be the bloody wilsons. buying up ordinary peoples houses, the rubbing there noses in it. i truly hope there bust. though i doubt it. shame
  18. what is this crap credit of any description is the most evil thing in the world. its credit that has caused all you people to not afford homes, credit is used to enslave you. its what causes inflation, it makes you their worker drone. they waved the credit cherry at their credit worthy and pushed houses so far outta reach of real hard cash from wages, yet none of you mention this here instead just moan how you can get the credit. the best thing that can ever happen to anyone is to bw credit blacklisted (they call it low credit score.) because now your wages are your own, you can now save for that var or tv, you are their worst nightmare. im credit blacklisted and damn proud of the fact. and if i ever find out they want to give me credit again, im gonna do something to make sure i get blacklisted again.
  19. been a nightmare last few days, talk talk using firefox and on my samsung galaxy tab using dolphin browser on 3 network both its been crap ranging from impossible to a quick 5 mins before crashing again. im suprised at no word yet from fubar on this issue ?
  20. i hope it all happens soon. im tired of waiting its become boring realy. lets have the big reset then we can all fight to the top again.
  21. god help us all if we become like the germans. efficient and bland and sheeple like. i prefer we stick our fingers up at big buisness and go throw cans of lager at the queens boat.
  22. that hill/cliff behind that house dont look that bad. i bet i could sort the falling rock prob out with a year of sundays, some absailing rope and buckets of cement and a stone pick. i wouldnt call it a cliff either. no idea why they sue for 2.5 mill? the couple however seem like chancers that dug themselves deeper and deeper into the mire trying to get a slice of the good life. millions did pretty much the same in the boom years, companies were throwing money at everyone and even told them how to scam the system. they needed an injection of capital every now and then to keep the illusion going, and reverted to stealing to get it. im sure millions did this, and are doing it now to hold onto it all.
  23. if they default and leave the euro, at first they wouldnt need a new currency, they could use the euro for trading like a few countries do with the usa dollar in its transition stage. they still have euros in the country of value on the international market, thats unless their default destroyed the euro, then its game over anyhow. even the greek printed ones would need to be accepted untill changed and removed by euro banks. then a fresh new currency brought out, which should give greece an initial boost as the government sold it into international markets. its the shattering of the euro dream thats being defended realy, not the 1% haircut on the euro that greece has. now italy and france is definetly game over.
  24. yes a cheapo one can be had for £100 quid, which would probably do for coin gathering. i bet you would have it paid back sharpish then its profit all the way. there are loads of places worth doing, parks, beaches, country fairs, markets ect ect. some areas you will need premission though. and you just never know you might find something that pays the whole mortgage off. i joined a metal detecting form for a nose around, it it seems pretty much everyone finds valuable stuff on a regular basis, at least a lot more than the hobby costs. with a few finding real treasure trove. i can see your penny finding expanding into a whole new area soon
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