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  1. anyone done the totting up so far? we have cyprus spain portugal ireland greece i bet on italy next.
  2. im thinking of going on the dole like everyone else, even countries are at it. gonna get me down the appropiate government office and tell em i cant pay the bills.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18586532
  4. just on bbc news, cyprus begging for a bailout now
  5. good job we had you along to fix it all. cheers
  6. here come the grammer police, and so soon as well.
  7. i honestly hate this cherie blair person. she realy feels she is brilliant at all she does. wonder how the little dope smoker son would have done if brought up as a latch key kid while his mum did double shifts at tescos ehhh.
  8. they will still recieve the decent wage and benifits package they recieve allready?
  9. aye but outside inverness in the wee villages maybe 70 miles away from a supermarket, a packet of custurd creams costs £1.99 and a matheson sausage £2.69 and so it is with everything. on the islands the prices are eye watering in the local monopoly greengrocers, its like doing your weekly grocery shopping at a motorway services.
  10. seems the country destroyers at unison are at it again. this time there demanding £500 Extra on top of there normal wages to drive buses during the olympics, or there going to bloody well strike. why should these bus drivers recieve more for doing there job and hence their paid for hours as normal. get real london bus drivers and get real unison
  11. i hate anything that becomes popular, be it apple, tv program, a singer.political party or ideology. anything anything that becomes popular makes me sick in the stomach to see. im a contrarian, if everyone started raving about this new wonder veg or something id be shouting it down as a load of crap. there are millions out there like me, were often labled killjoys or grumpy old men if your being polite. but the problem is were ahead of the curve and allways rigjt in the end. when the froth blows off were usually standing there with a told you so smirk. and then i hate the fact everyone jumps on my bandwagon and acts like they allways thought like me when they nevet did in the slightest. all my family now allways knew houses were over priced and will now drop in price, they all know now boyzone and westlife and the spice girls were complete crap, and its amazing how many closet clash fans have in the last couple years suddenly revealed themselves considering they thought i was some daft punk. its amazing watching all these people about turn and now bevome experts in things they denigrated. apple are crap, and android is going to take over within 2 years. but you guys allready knew this right?
  12. why dont you just pay the whole mortgage off, shares are pretty much dropping by the day, cash is becoming worth less all the time. and intrest rates are about to go up. just get it paid off then sit back and relax, and then build your portfolio up with the mortgage payments money you no longer need to pay.
  13. scary its all more layers of management, then these layers of management all accountable to a company that has management to mange them and is owned by shareholders all wanting share price rises and dividends. ive yet to see any private run social enterprise be better and cheaper run than run by the council paid by taxpayers to do the job. its just passing the buck and fear of failure causing this. remember the skye bridge? the m6 toll? ppi for school and librarys ect the railways where now we got 100 companies managing the same network one company used to manage, all needing paid and profits. telepjones, bt was inefficient and wastefull, but now we got 40 companies all fishing in the same spot with you and me picking up the tab. farming out council houses to community companoies ie housing associations, these are starting to flex there muscles with silly rent rises and making houses more expensive with shared ownership than they are sold for in the private sector. and there are much more examples. what was needed was some politicians with balls to make these organisations profitable by efficiency ect. its just everyone let the wastefull council crooks walk over them. we neede real business people in them, procurement people you know people that understand you can buy very good laptops for 500 quid you dont need to spend 2k. stationary buyers that know how to get the best deals. people that know consultancy forms aint needed to stick an anti virus program on a computer. and thats the real solution. people like me actually that are tight and like a bargain, not some silly idiot that dont even know the price of milk. they gotta stop looking at qualifications ect. i recon the best run council in the uk would be mafe up of a bunch of market traders and tradesmen, not policy graduates and buisness studies students. they know jack shit. they have been giving a chance and shown everyone how shit they are.
  14. trying to put this into context ony 320,000 people now repaid 1400 million since march. thats huge amounts. i wish i lived in iceland
  15. ive got genel energy. month or so ago now for 600. just 1.9k worth, but im quite excited about this area. genel is right up the **** of the kurdish and turkish governments, thats going to be important in this region. they have done a deal to supply the kurds for their domestic use at a discount price. so i believe they are well placed for any future licence rounds ect.
  16. yes its intresting what they actually offer, i guess its a viewing service for potential buyers. the rest is just like an ebay posting
  17. housing associations are evil. shared ownership is for people who are mentaly challenged, and housing associations are taking advantage of the desperate with these schemes or scams. the homes are wayy over priced to the market value, the people can mever afford to buy anymore share in them, often they get the house back for free when the people abandom them. and if any repairs need done the 25% owner is responsible for all they costs, and the tje 75% housing association owner that dont pay these costs dictates how they should be repaired. if you value your life, stay away from shared ownership its worse than timeshare
  18. yup loads of great pre-made homes around, ive been screaming for years this is the way. i think every council should be forced to find land, and i dont mean the cornor of the playing field, but proper land in it area to stick planning on and sell off for 10k each, with a max of one lot per person and caveats to prevent speculators or non british people from buying them, these plots can then be housed with a prefab or quick kit house as fast as possible. everyone has allways known this was the way to fix things, they just preferred to squeeze everyone for cash instead. this would would create variety and speed, unlike the rubbish uniform homes that have been made the last 25 years. now being on the dole wouldnt make em so smug ehhh. and i bet they would all be rushing outta rentals in kensington to get their little plot of england. i believe this plan could save the country. creating a new housing boom, thats one in actually houses not one in speculation.
  19. recieving loud and clear from the the centre of the earth rodger. over and out. http://images.google.co.uk/images?source=mog&hl=en&gl=uk&tab=wi&q=centre%20of%20the%20earth&sa=N&biw=400&bih=575&sei=va_jT-XPEM6u8QP8sfijCg#p=0
  20. no dont bloody merge. its today this is happening so need a fresh thread for updates, not to have to read through hundreds of posts to get to anything fresh. anyone needing more indepth can go read the other thread first.
  21. my whole suit, shirt and shoes for a wedding i went to last week cost less than 40 quid. all new too. im actually a little embarrased to admit that. i was pleased to notice many others there were suitable attired as myself. thats asda price ching ching
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