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  1. ive never heard of a fruit and veg stall paying. near 400 quid a week anywhere . let alone the new 700 quid a weej fee. i can get a independent shop in pretty much any high street in the uk for less. i smell bull-shot
  2. no im not, it is 30k, probably more, using a trainee wages as an example of a bus drivers wages is as i said typical union bull. i think its 48.5 hours a week the maximum allowed so bus drivers are not out there slogging their guts out all day and night as mentioned, not at all. plain rubbish being spouted here to try and justify a un-warranted extra payment. oh you poor hard done by workers earning more than the national average. somebody think of the children
  3. big deal if you earn 20k and it costs 25k to rise above the poverty line, yet in many countries 5k will give you a better standard of living. ive no idea why immigrants keep flocking to the uk, it must be the large wages on offer relative to their own, then they realise how much it costs just for the essentials. i bet your average pole has a better quality of life than yer average brit in extortion uk
  4. caunce street is one of the worst streets in blackpool. its full of druggies and this landlord would have known this. i doubt a skip and a bit of decorating will cost him 12k as well, he is just trying to make it sound worse than it is. this landlord is dealing with the bottom of the market, no decent families would ever live in this street or the ones around them, anyone that knows blackpool will tell you this. houses on this street are sold for around 40k. i notice in first picture the landlord had damp proffing done, as its been replastered to a metre, and thus is shouldnt be wallpapered anyway for at least 6 months, perhaps the landlord wallpapered and it just fell off? and hes blaming the tenent for his own knowledge of building works. this is a non story really, just another landlord dabbling on the slum end of the market and then complaining about the people his slum attracts. if it costs 12k to fix that place to its previous condition then im a mushroom
  5. wish i had read this thread when you suggested GKP. hope you got in on it. i know i wish i did. sitting over 200 now
  6. halls food is seen as real crap. i know even bargain hunters find it hard to justify eating that. sow rolls, which are what all the pigs are fed on has gone up in price from around 200 tonne to 300 tonne in 2 years and that aint helping. infact im suprised its so cheap, planting, sowing, adding vitimins ect, transporting a food product for only 300 quid a tonne. amazing really. broxburn is allready a crappy wee town, full of chavs and bad council housing, the old village its built around destroyed and 60s and 70s concrete crap built to house the overflow from edinburgh. bit like skemersdale you get the picture. this will be the final nail in the coffin of this dire slum, probably a good thing and people throwing here in a life of hell might now have motivation to get out and build a better life for themselves. good riddance to halls. i bet they send the crap that they cant sell in the netherlands to scotland ehh.
  7. steal all you can, everyone is doing it. and if you dont you will be poor. everyone is doing it, bankers, council bosses, nhs managers, immigrants, the people that claim they will help you back to work, but in reality just help themselves to as much as they can. the car park scammers that have locked down villages and towns with yellow lines forcing you to pay to park everywhere, the service station scammers that think its fine to charge 3.40 for coffee. the whole economy is based on extortion and theft. so remember to make sure you grab your bit
  8. 100k or so for a crappy flat in africa? this is complete madness, did no one think to ask who could buy these before building a million of them. at they prices manufacturing will be coming back to europe and usa quicker than we think.
  9. im suprised they didint go bust years ago. was never anyone in their when i passed, i said a few months ago to the wife they were gonna be the next on our high street to go.
  10. soon the big builders are going to realise, the can build and sell 10 houses a month at 200k each, or they can build for the mass market selling 100s a month at 80k. soon its going to be much more profitable to build fast for the people not the speculators. otherwise its close up shop and close down.
  11. you use a new driver as your example, see my early post about you union types trotting out the lowest paid as an example instead of using the average. i got the union name wrong, so what they all preach from the same socialist book. the rest you put is just opinion not facts. im right about driving hours, there is a limit to how many you can drive by law, your trying to state they will have to do more, this wont happen as its illegal. how exactly is it any more work for a driver to stop for 20 people instead of 10? its not, if it took longer you would be paid more so there is your bonus, some extra overtime. loads of jobs have times when the workers dont go on holiday, people who work in tourism, or a taxi driver at xmas. we all have to deal with that and so should bus drivers their not special. if london drivers feel underpaid for london, they could allways move like many others do.
  12. loads didint even want tenents, lots of silly speculators that bought the overpriced flats believed it was best to leave them empty and as new for selling on after a few years. these people realy got burnt, most were public sector types with no idea of the private sector and were fleeced accordingly. all so they could tell there friends about there property portfolio. i dont hear much from these people anymore, wonder what happened to them all
  13. seems you agree with everything i said, you just dont like it pointed out.
  14. its all very well discussing whats happening and the outcome, these are things none of us can do anything about. what we can do though on an individual basis try to protect ourselves and also look for opportunity. think having more than 10k in the bank is stupid, the money is being printed, hence your cash is being devalued. this is a fact, so why give your wealth away? i think we all understand that houses are not going to rise in value, infact the chances are there going to decrease, so buying a house is probably not a good idea just now, unless of course your paying rent and have cash in the bank. i think under those circumstances it might be best to just buy to het rid of tje devaluing cash and stop paying rent. any other scenario its surely not worth going the house buying route. paintings, cars, collectables have been riding the debt bubble gravy train. prices have risin with house prices, cant see this being worth it. gilts, premium bonds ect are not worth it, paying less than tje government devalues the currency. no point at all letting your money devalue this way. shares have been falling, company profits dropping, commodity prices falling ( yes no matter what you think about copper prices say, they are less than they were 7 years ago even though inflation has risen about 30%) i can only think agricultural land and gold and silver can be worth holding, pethaps with some commodity and essential services shares, mainly from other countries can be worth having. everything else is fubar
  15. none of these rates seem to beat or even keep with inflation. a saver just seems a loser. id rather take my chances in shares
  16. even the houses should not have been built. did some work on the first block of flats as you reach clifton drive from blackpool, everything is covered in sand right up the walls. the guttering needs cleaning out every gew months for clogging with sand, and the windows on the sea side are hardly viewable out of. and considering this is a row of houses nack from the beach, just gives you an idea of how crap they houses are. tjey cant even park yhe car. where they putting the huts? at the old nursing home or further in near town?
  17. you can buy a flat in blackpool for 40k. lytham st annes is worse than blackpool. when i lived in blackpool we were allways reluctant about doing work in st annes, it was hard to get paid, allways very fussy people that wanted a bargain price. never had this problem in blackpool. st annes is full of people up to their eyes in debt. another thing. the beach is rubbish. the town is full of junkies and your beach hut will be over run with sand, even the houses have sand all up the sides and gardens of sand. 40k and i wonder what the yearly fees are?
  18. you dont need a bus drivers licence, he is not going to be carrying passengers for profit. he will though need a c1 on his licence which is not giving automatic since i think 1995 which allows you to drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle ie horse box, converted bus, lorry
  19. it must be in their parents garden just like 100,000 other people do in caravans
  20. homeless

    Tony Blair

    remove this posting at once. moddddddsssss
  21. the chuggers that ask you if you would like help filling your bag, right at the supermarket tills. are i think the most aggresive high pressure ones about. you fill your bag right with the bucket and the guy looking at you. it truly is a form of extortion. ive gone to the till jockey supervisor couple times now and told them i wont be back as i disagree with the high pressure charity begging. i also wouldnt give money for babies in gambia or anything, time these people looked out for their own, its not my fault they have no respect for their fellow citizen.
  22. they are restricted by law to how many hours a week they can work. thete is not a full time london bus driver taking home less than 30k your 25k figure is once again union-esq of trying to gain sympathy by stating the very lowest wage earner for the job. unison love trotting out a student nurse as as an example of the poorly paid when its pay time to show as an example, when pnce again average nurses pay is abput 35k. the trouble is we dont believe them anymore, the public are watching the unison members all earning more than they do, while bleating continuosly about how crap there pay and conditions are. the public understand this is not true. and the public know london bus drivers are allready the best paid bus drivers in the country, and nothing will change in their job at olympics time to justify extra payments. the job just consists of stop and start as usual. no special extra will happen, they will just continue to do their contracted hours, nothing extra. no added value, just the same job of moving people.
  23. imagine a small place, an island. population 20,000 people and a fast falling school roll as it has one of the most aged populations in the uk. now imagine this little place taking on £200 million in debt just for its schools. not for anything else, just a couple of schools. it would have been cheaper to send every single kid to eton. this is what the western isles council has just done, built 4 schools costing £200 mill, and the land came free. someone worked it out up here, that for the next 25 years it is going to cost £32,000 a year for each childs education. personally i think they have missed some stuff out and it will be nearer 40k a year. insanity
  24. how about just paying their debt off for them. surely thats the real way out. to gift them the money they are all due. infact thats realy the only way out, pay off there debt and tell them they are getting no more so fix your deficit. the problem is loans, they cant afford any more loans
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