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  1. depends on the stocks. some will actially gain like gold stocks and comodities as safe havens, overall i suspect a large downturn, but in some areas the money is going to pour in like never before necaise there is nowhere else for it to go. oil, pms, commodities, energy, monopolies like water companies. all will do fine infact will rise and rise fast. retail, cars, banks, services, tech stocls are going to crash and burn all over the place.
  2. train is a nightmare for holidays. they are only fine for minimalists. i take fishing equipment and beach equipment and enough clothes for 2 weeks for a family. i live in the so called outdoor capital of the uk, and what you describe is what i see every day, except the miserable soaked faces with heavy rucksacks trundelling along, or the wife on a bike behind her husband fearing for her life on a winding busy country road. what you describe is not a holiday for a family, but a nightmare
  3. far too many of these semi police about now as a kid the only one i seen as a kid was the parky, who incidently did a bloody good job, which is perhaps why they aint around anymore. now they pay some faculty management firm 50k to cut the grass and pick up the litter and give the place a lick of paint occasionally when they could have a parky do it all for 15k a year
  4. you better bring about 50 quid for parking charges for the week. ive never knowing anywhere like cornwall for rip off parking both council run and private.
  5. from bbc i find it costs at least £200 for a proper day out now. i have just returned from cornwall and on way home went to legoland windsor this cost £125 quid just for the entrance fee for 3 of us ie wife, kid and myself. and once in the extras soon added up like £35 quid for a lunch, some things not free when they should be and a gift to take home. place was heaving too. they even charged 2 quid for parking, i thought that was a real con, i mean youve paid £125 quid to get onto there grounds then they chaarge you to park? its much much cheaper to go abroad, heck you can near get a weeks holiday for the cost of a day out in the uk. we in this country are pricing ourselves out of work.
  6. no ea fees to pay, or longer mortgage payments as it sits waiting to sell.
  7. glasgow is the perfect uk example of job flight in the uk. in the 60s there was over a million people in glasgow so many they built now un-needed towns like cumbernauld. then the ship building finished, and all the ancillary buisnesses built up with it, to supply it ect. the nearby coal mines, the steel works like ravenscraig that employed 30,000 people at one time. and everything else all disapeared with the ship building. the population of glasgow near halved and the city fell into a cesspit like state, the people moved north to aberdeen and invergorden and ardersier for oil engineering jobs, in places like nairn and allness the towns were completely full of glaswegen welders and pipe fitters that had worked the ship yards now working the rig yards. inverness doubled in size, aberdeen added another 100k people lots from glasgow. glasgow council spend years knocking down half the city, and only by the late 90s did the population start to stabalise. i believe the same thing happened to liverpool.
  8. i thought the average age of a first time buyer was now about 40? which would make a 1/2, not a 1/3 and of an ever higher age
  9. im intrested in who gave him the job? who sits down and issues these jobs, these people have the real power. it all seems like some secret cartel controlling everything, issuing privledge to each other in a roundabout way to ward off fraud allegations. who the hell are these people with the real power, they seem to control everything, and the most frightening part is how easily people seem to fall under their control. maybe they are drugging anyone that aquires influence and power. do you get the feeling there is something very odd about the world. it realy could be the matrix
  10. 10 mins and your in edinburgh. thats what dunfermline is all about. its basically a suburb of edinburgh with some water seperating them. you get a lot more house for your money in dunfermline.
  11. perhaps this strategy will be used by the government to destroy the unionised state built up by labour. its very hard to sack people and reduce waste when you have wasters in charge to begin with. what is needed is a complete restart. and perhaps administration is going to be used to get rid of debt and poor management. its a strategy that might work.
  12. thats real boring for me. i get bored driving the same motor after a few weeks.
  13. its getting pretty bad when, 200k waged super managers cant even balance the books. i bet the even picked up bonuses along the way. South London Healthcare NHS Trust put into administration South London Healthcare NHS Trust is to be put into administration after it ran into financial trouble, the government has announced. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has appointed a trust special administrator to go into the trust. Mr Lansley said: "I have decided it is in the interests of the health service and, in particular, of the patients the trust serves." The trust was only created in 2009 and is millions of pounds in debt.
  14. 20k to rent a flat in a low wage country like portugal who the hell is this idiot. its not that they wont rent to the locals, the locals aint bloody stupid to pay about 10 times the usual rent, thats whats wrong. but lets just sit and giggle at their stupidity
  15. i wish councils here could go bankrupt. instead they just keep upping the parking charges, the council tax, the speeding fines and selling off everything possible and kicking the can down the road with pfi ect. tje problem just growing. and when they finally reach the credit limit, and have squeezed the public to the point anymore squeezing will just reduce revenues, the then start on frontline services instead of the big fat pay packets for doing feck all they give all their pals. how i wish councils could go bankrupt
  16. yes i cant understand it, football support is falling off a cliff, yet tv payments rise. must be the extra competition in tv. its definetly not a larger fan base. you surely remember the time when everyone on tv or in the media were declaring their love of football, even the prime minister. now you never hear of the football question asked anywhere, at one time every interview in the media they asked it.
  17. getting profits from stock is not money for nothing, what the heck makes you think that? its investing your capital with associated risk/reward instead of just spending it on new cars ect. this topic is infested with socialists that dont believe buisness owners should profit. bus drivers are paid an above average salary, their not on slave wages with the fat cat mill owner standing over them with a whip. as i stated previous, if bus drivers want an extra share of the profits the can allways invest their wages in the company. but alas they just want more money without any associated risk. thats not fair.
  18. so spread the wealth around just not the risk. if bus drivers expect a bonus in the good times they must be prepared to accept a reduction in their wages when times are bad. but we all know that aint going to happen, thats why stock holders deserve any profits and bus drivers dont. if bus drivers want to share in the extra profits then let them buy shares in their company just like anyone else would.
  19. football supporting has just falling out of fashion. hardly hear anyone talking of football these days, couple years ago every tv personality had to express their alleigence to a club and their love of football. now no-one gives a sh&*
  20. why you against shareholders earning a return? they put there money into a buisness, some might even be london bus drivers. its totaly irrelevant what shareholders, make or lose. your sounding like a commie. and also completely missing the point and topic.
  21. because there are a few thousand of them, and any job with that amount of people will have turn over. is there any proof bus driver jobs have a greater turn over than other jobs? i doubt it. and by the way the job advertising thing is a way to fill excess advertising space on their buses, its just board fill.
  22. and sending rangers wasint? rangers is probably the most politically sensitive club in the uk, to a man they are unionist, royalist and labour supporters, its their supporters that keep labour in power in the central belt. so if they can do it to rangers they can do it to anyone. hell rangers is probably the reason the uk is still a union, if they never existed the scots would by snp to a man
  23. actually celtic have the second biggest support in the uk, was the biggest till man utd expanded its stadium a couple years ago. just thought it was worth pointing that out. rangers had as much support as newcastle and they went bust, dont ever think this cant happen in england to a big club, i bet there are a few hiding the debt ready for a blow up.
  24. you need a professional carpet cleaner in there, not one of they crappy machines you can hire from morrisons for 20 quid a day. a pro will have a proper machine and know how to use it, he will also have snail blowers, these circulate the air around the room allowing the carpets to dry correctly. you may also need dehumidifiers class 1 probably. this is basically an insurance job so inform your landlord, or you might find your carpets falling apart with rot in 6 weeks and mould all over the floor joists.
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