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  1. wouldnt be hard to beat stocks though, seeing as most are about 10% + down this year allready
  2. half a point from chaos. no wonder they would sell our children to save the ponzi
  3. i got out of my student loans because at that time you could still do so via a ccj. they closed this loophole shortly after. the debt was only about 5k anyhow, now its plain silly money and its also a debt you can not default on even with bankruptcy. it will not be paid, because unlike the spin by the uni's and government, most uni graduates dont earn more than the average if you take out the very lowest paid. the only real gains are by people in monopoly jobs ie doctors, surveyors ect. the rest frankly no-one gives a f%$% if you have a degree, just what money you can make them.
  4. because a secret society wanting a world government has placed all the european leaders into position who also influence the media to the public and control all the money. they use this to keep us as slaves and influence our opinions. has ir realy been better in the uk since we joined the eu? .... if not why have we not left, even when the public have demanded it? why did ireland have to have 2 votes on the new treaty? .... would there have been 2 votes if the first voted for it? there is something not right going on and it stinks.
  5. the offer realy is we buy your house at its 100% market value, knowing full well we will sell it for 80% of that value. we sell you our house which you cant get a mortgage for because its 150% of its real value. this serves a few purposes. 1. you can buy our house because your putting down a huge deposit ie your old house. 2. the bank will loan you the money on the questionable value of our property because of the large deposit, otherwise they wouldnt. 3, we skim you for about another 50k we wouldnt get in a normal sell, due to the overpriced house less the loss on your property. 4. the buyer thinks were honest because we paid full value of your house. 5. kaching same scam is done with new cars. i hear people saying all the time we traded in the car to them, they gave us a real good price we were happy. what the forget is they then paid full wack with no discount for the new car, and could probably have got 5k off by buying online without trading in. its a marketing ploy, and a bit of a con to be honest, someone will know the name of this scam.
  6. this would be a nightmare in administration and fraud. the simplest way is what should have happened all along in that the house owner was subject to the council tax not the tenent, this would have saved all the transient up and runs without paying after 6 months ect. and on a hpc perspective it would have showing exactly what it costs to rent a home these days ie rent+ the tax as one bill to a tenent. the council would thus recieve its tax with much less administration and defaults.
  7. i believe the ford transit has lost the position of best selling uk van which it has held for over 40 years. though they try to not admit this as the best selling van is now badged by 3 diffrent companies ie vivaro,traffic,primestar. but just a look around proves this to be a fact by a long chalk.
  8. me and my family live on less than this pair of failed property speculators, and aint starving. this story is quite pathetic.
  9. this is a complete poor me non story. after all hpusing costs they still have 100 quid left over. there are 5 million households in the uk in the same position amd in it for years, and in a worse house than their living in and a landlord leeching off them and chucking them out at will. so why did they pick this family out as hard done by?
  10. no cash is fine with me, infact i hope they impliment it. and then we can all get to a barter and gold/silver system quicker. thats exactly what would happen if cash was removed.
  11. surely germany is going to go into recession soon enough itself, all its customers cant afford its products. ots happening to french manufacturing and italian and chinese. i cant see the germans being immune to it all. it wont be long till its car manufacturers are squealing. have you see the price of a vw golf lately? people cant afford that amymore.
  12. capital one are a last resort credit card, they start you off on 200 quid credit, hence will pretty much give anyone the card. they used to almost fprce ypu to take ppi on top. but now they have to pay back every single ppi claim. was story of them the other day. to be honest i think the rate is probably right due to the defaults. better than a payday loan.
  13. campervanman has got to be a troll, i vamt believe any rational person can think the way he does. in his world every young person should be forsaking a life, just so they can buy some bricks and mortar. it reminds of the pink floyd song, another brick in the wall, where the faceless kids are fed into the mincer. i wonder what kind of youth/ twenties you had campervanman. bet you never got drunk or laid till you were 30.
  14. the knowhere guide is a good review of most localities quite good fun to read too reviewing individual anything is not going to work. review sites are for mass products
  15. ive a feeling countries are going to go after this money now, its probably the only realistic way out of the mess we are in. its also not like a guy with a billion quid is gonna miss half of it is it? unlike continuing to put pressure on the poor masses. seems fairer to me and im pretty right wing. i believe there is such a thing in the world as enough wealth. you cant just have more and more accumulation, whats the point of it. its destroying the world. from bbc http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18944097
  16. bt are pretty much finished, they would have bern 10 years ago but for the fact people need a landline to get internet access. now 3g is everywhere on tablet computers/phones on payg or contract, and everyone is going to go this way within next couple years. bt will concentrate on buisnesses for a while before the whole fixed line telephone system is abandoned. kids of every generation have found ways to impress the opposite sex, this generation have been told since birth that means wearing the right trainers and labels. its not their fault its what the system has told them. i think some people on here and most everywhere would have people forego there youth just so they could steal the money from them. well i see that aint going to happen, and when i do see an occasional kid, coming home sitting saving every penny, studying every night i just think that kid is going to regret that when he gets older, life is for living
  17. ahh the layton flats. lots of rough wasters and junkies living in these. they are however stuck in a decent enough area, near bispham road and stanley park. so the area could make a very good estate. thing is though property prices are dropping on their ass in blackpool to the point i think that its uneconomical to build there. lots of junkies are gonna get 5k and rehoused though, the dealers will be having a ball
  18. well said i voted to get labour out, which in my area meant liberal for my sins. and was happy when the tories got in. i thought surely they would reduce this crazy spending and get rid of the insane public service economy. but they have not done what people voted for, they have just fed money to the bankers. i hope to heck everyone votes anyone but the three main parties at the next election, except respect they realy are loonies
  19. as if anyone cared about the jubilee thing, they struggled on the bbc to fill the coverage because there were no spectators, very little parties. no-one gave a damn and why should they. there was a huge build up, extra holidays off school ect, a media frenzy by the establishment. and it was a disaster, the public has seen through the sham. now that makes me proud to be british
  20. last couple days some positive news on the economy. jobless rate is lower, now today retail sales are up. are we really going to come out of recession, im getting all excited.
  21. learn to fish, you can catch all you ever need to eat easily
  22. ive allready had 15 years of austerity, whats another 8 years ehh. if you werent in on the housing game, ie too young, a student, missed the boat, priced out by the time your life was in a position to buy, or for whatever reason, then this country has been a hellhole to live in for years now. if you did happen to ride the housing gravy train, then lucky you and your austerity train has just arrived. welcome to my world and the world of millions of your fellow citizens. see ya in the reduced sticker aisle.
  23. i wouldnt buy platinum group metals as investments just now. though later may be worth doing so. i make my living buying and selling catalytic converters, hence im in a good position to understand this market and here is why. manufacturers of cat converters have improved the catalytics in vehicles where they now need less precious metals, newer cats sometimes only have a quarter or third of older ones. smaller cars are becoming the norm, with smaller engines and cheap cats, example a vw golf cat has only about 15 quid of pms in it, a vw lt van has 100 quid of pms. the more people buy smaller cars the less pms used in its biggest market. no-one is buying big volvo and bmw cars anymore. more and more cars are electric, hence no need for pgms. the recycling of cats is now well advanced, with manufacturers now doing take back schemes with buyers, ford, citroen and others do this routinely now, hence most cats are fed back into the supply chain, requiring less newly mined pgms. ive earned my living soley on buying cats from scrap yards and exhaust changers and sending them to a refiner for 8 years now so i reckon i know the market better than most, but as allways dyor. best regards
  24. but i live in places like this, holidays for me are to go where people are, not to be remote again. your looking at it from a city dwellers perspective. i live at the bottom of ben nevis for heaven sake and work on the islands. its great to get to the city
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