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  1. I couldnt even face watching the video, this terrible father that dragged his kids up, hangs around with the odious sting and bono is a ******. If they want to feed the poor how about they stick their hands in their own pockets instead of preaching to the guillable who fall for that bull.
  2. i did, the problem was getting others to join in while they were being brainwashed by the system, the systems sole purpose was to denigrate anyone that realy did want to change things. I joined the bnp, not because im a racist but like all the others that joined because they didint like the way immigration was changing this country. infact the people who i met in the bnp, and i met all the main people, were just realy people that loved their country and were sad and fustrated at how it was being changed. For my trouble a local paper published my details when the members list was stolenn, then my family got the most vile, ignorant, threatening phone calls and harrasment from nutters. Its at that point i came to a sad conclution, which is, the system is far to powerfull to run against and will use anything to stop anyone trying to rock the boat. And the saddest bit of all is the majority of the population believe in what they are told. Being against immigration was made practically illegal in the uk. i aint got 250k, but im saving hard as i can to buy me a run down place in france, im over half way there, and im getting the hell out of this frightening mind control system.
  3. i phoned giffgaff up, when the whole system crashed for a day a couple weeks back. i had removed their sim and inserted one bought at a supermarke. i used this and found out all of giffgaff was down. after i knew it was back up again, i could get giffgaff sim to work. so i phoned the helpline and explained i needed the sim configurated again cause i took it out. they asked me what it was in and then sent me the specific codes for the sgt. it worked then and i used it for 4 days, on the 3rd my waiting goodybag was renewed and 1 day later they dumped my internet. i was fuxing fuming. there is no-where like you say that tells you tablets are not allowed, no-where, so cant understand where you get that idea from?, buried in its contract is a fair use policy, this is not on display and if tablets are not allowed this is not on easy display either, so your wrong in what you say. and as i said, you dont even need to worry about reaching this limit anyhow with 3 as there is no crappy fair use unlimited internet as the internet is unlimited. infact i consider it a asa issue calling your internet unlimited when it obviously is not.
  4. when i head to the bookies if i win its off to the fanny grinder club, if i lose its off to the elephants foot sellers. so its very handy having them all in the one place. if i get realy lucky the local meat grinders get a visit. wtf do i want a stinking charity shop or estate agents for.
  5. perhaps he stays with his girlfriend, but due to previously been chucked out and made homeless in the past when the relationship broke up, he feels the need to maintain a bolthole as security. i know ive thought of this in the past, and wished i had once or twice as well. nothing like known if it all goes wrong you are sorted. Also its good to have a mailing address. it could also suit them because his gf is claiming benifits as single and incase of any problem he can prove he dont live there, even though he realy does.
  6. thats the one miggy, as i explained above all the rest are liers. i pay 25 though as i want the unlimited everything edit i just want to add. ive had mobile internet since the first it was available. i had at first a vodaphone dongle about 8 years ago now, got it on so obscure contract that they were desperate to get me off of but couldnt for years and i got unlimited internet this way. ive tried everything cause service is and was more important than cost, though im not wanting to be treated like a mug either. and so far as ive said its 3 eat all you want, month to month contract that is the only uk true unlimited mobile internet in the uk for a fixed monthly cost. so do your research but dont believe some that claim they are like giffgaff because though prob fine for a phone, for real mobile internet they are a joke. i pulled the card right out and dumped it with 700 mins call time remaining ect. it was proof to me they were not real unlimited, hardly something usefull for someone that spends the week working all over, which is what i do and what i need internet for. if anyone can tell me anyone that is truly unlimited other than this one then im intrested in hearing it. eventually they all will be, bit like when freenet came along and revolutionised the dial up market and stopped me paying 500 month in 1999 for my phone, now instead 15.99 woho. but at the moment its a rip off market like it used to be for landline. regards
  7. ive just explained, giffgaff are not unlimited, they took 25 month off me then screwed me for doing 4gig month on a galaxy tab.
  8. ive spent over £100 in the last month finding this stuff out. first dont bother with your typical pick up a sim at the supermarket thing, just get so many meg a month. so i tried giffgaff and they claimed all over the place about unlimited internet, a total expensive lie. see its a fair usage unlimited, and when you go over what they consider fair usage you end up cut off from the internet. funny they did this to me ie cut me off the day after my latest £25 ,30 day goodybag was activated. nice! ehh. they dont like tablets you see but dont mention this in any thing i could easily see, i just wanted unlimited internet, and decent calls ect, and was willing to pay for it as well. so i found 3 all you can eat data, and at a monthly £25 quid it allows tethering and true unlimited. bloody nightmare to get what i wanted. so far so good and true to their word. the rest are just a shower of crooks
  9. actually ive found those that couldnt get contract phones, ie they people with bad credit, are the ones with the biggest disposable income now. its all the a+ credit junkies that are maxed out, the poor credit brigade have no debts to pay off there wages. the best financial move you can make is to be a bad credit risk
  10. the point is get some gold or/and silver. i havent got any barter tokens and would have to earn them just the same, the point is i can head over to birmingham or texas or jaffa and deal with the people for gold or silver, but not some town barter tokens or even some countries currency. your explaining how fractional reserve banking came around, to basically prevent me meeting highwaymen and getting robbed of my gold or losing it in other ways, a very common occurance. and a gold backed standard for a paper currency would be just fine, and it was all fine until they started reducing the amount of gold to currency they could lend, it got so bad in the end they just abandoned the gold alltogether and here we are back saying lets get back to the point they cant do this. fractional reserve banking in at the root of the problem and the system wont be fixed till we are back to a gold standard. until then use what it will be backed with.
  11. thats just a lot of risk, hassle and education of the systems when its not needed. just revert to the gold and silver system, and you dont need a load of old promises and trusts. why even consider it when gold and silver a proven system for 1000s of years works just fine. paper money that can be stolen via inflation at will is the problem. im willing to sell my labour for it anytime, and abdul in karachi is more than happy to sell me rice for it and chang in canton is happy to send me a computer for it. these little town credit and barter systems are just silly, we have an international system allready in place, even better than fiat monies, no exchanging of paper or forex trading needed, no currency tables, all things run to snip at the value. its the true global currency we all speak, anything else is quite frankly bulls%^^.
  12. surely at the new prices its worth city postal companies to get in on the action. the royal mail is going to end up with the isle of lewis, canna and bideford
  13. just use gold and silver. there is no other need for any barter system, its the perfect way to cut out all the middlemen whilst earning and spending something worthwhile anywhere in the world, not just some small greek town or french hamlet.
  14. The solution for the working poor, like myself is to stick every penny you can spare into shares. If the feeling is your working just for the bosses, then why not get a piece of the action yourself. I read a book awhile ago called jennifer government, a scifi book that basically had everyone owned and even named after their employers, the book was pretty crap but the idea makes sense, the only way forward is for all employees of a company to own it, like a tesco share scheme. A minimum wage and a stake in the profits, this is to me the way forward. Even pensions should be abandoned and the employees just recieve so many shares per year in their firm. then youve only your board of directors to blame, no one else.
  15. i ust dont get the idea behind the article? if people aint working they are usually spending, and if they aint spending on sunday im sure they will be buying double on monday. it seems the cebr must be over represented in factory production members, and under represented in hotel chains, holiday camps, brewers and camping gear manufacturers. there not thinking whats good for everyone, just whats good for them, every day left on this island is a chore for me, anywhere but here is becoming proferable, will leave you all to fight the sharia law demanders, the romanian gypsy con beggers ( why is everyone so scared to call them what they are gypsies) and the likes of the cebr who all to be honest aint fit to polish my moral boots.
  16. just an observation, call me a racist if you wish i dont care, its only the facts. but most of those seem jewish, maybe the conspiracist have a point ehh ?
  17. i was brought up next to glamis castle ,, ( said as glams castle, funny hearing tourists say glam-is) they recieved huge grants to renovate the place on a regular basis. the queens cousins own the place and its a private residence, but being a historic building they get massive monies for upkeep, so saying they have no subsidies is a lie. Also the owner gets money from the privy purse ie the dole for royals.
  18. saving, scheming, planning, getting prepared, fighting every step of the way myself to get the hell out of this country. i cant wait, i feel i have regained hope ive now made this decision, and if uk property was giving away free tomorrow i woukld still go. like people for centuries leaving their crappy countries for a better life elsewhere. im off
  19. so some guy might swim 0.00003 seconds quicker than the last guy, and someone will fire a pistol that is otherwise illegal to do so in the uk, so i guess it wont be a brit. and after working we might sit around with a beer and watch some maniac lift a weight or some teenage girl cry cause she fell off a gymnastic bar. realy who gives a f&&& i think most british people would have giving it all up for the world cup to be held in the uk. or the beckhams burned at the stake
  20. ahh the 80s big old buses with blacked out windows, pretending to be a new kinda hippy and freeing yourself from the system. yet the first in the sign on queue, saw loads of this. were going tent city or pretend to be a hippy living in tents and vans way. its the future ive tasted it. face some facts, There are no jobs for everyone, infact there aint enough for half of us in reality. so we keep cutting the hours and keep pushing and pushing when the fact is there is no need for all these workers. this is well understood, so we can keep throwing as many as we can into education, or silly schemes or hiring them into stupid government make jobs, or create more red tape to create more stupid jobs to keep the masses busy. trouble is weve been doing this since the 70s, there hasint been jobs for 40 years. There trouble is what to do to keep the masses busy and how to feed them while they do it.
  21. i dont believe there is anything wrong with a welfare state, infact i wouldnt want to live in a country without some fall back mechanisim, i dont want to see india or somalia in the uk where people starve literaly. The problem is the abuse of and stupidity of the system and rules. a welfare state that pays out more than working is just sick, and one that pays out to mass immigrants on massive scales is plain evil to the populance.
  22. sleeping in your office is only viable for a week or so, people start getting nosy and annoyed at you after that. the poster above about the indians fails to take into account the planning authorities fail to let us live in the buisness in the uk, its pathetic how many above shop areas are basically abandoned in the uk, this is where the local butcher and key cutter used t stay before they were bought up and now used as a sometime store, must be near 1/2 million places like this in uk just itching to be put to use and give independent people a chance. but unlike india they dont allow that here anymore. So try building a buiness while paying 800 month rent
  23. i think you will find the dickheads are all the people that thought they were doing the right thing, all they savers and honest payers. they all got shit on. its a topsy turvey country where those that do what they thought was the right thing, end up realising it wasint. personally i ruined my credit rating for about £400, thats kinda foolish, i wish i had ruined it for a lot more, like the £70k my friend did
  24. spend the 25k on a car or great holiday or something, and tell em to stuff it. the best thing anyone can do for there finances is get blacklisted for credit, it liberating and when the shit hits the fan like it is now you find everyones up to there eyes in debt except you.
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