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  1. Another property expert comes out of nowhere.
  2. total nonsense. Im not running away from myself, im running away from you. Its easy to get citizenship in another euro country, im half irish and i will be taken that citizenship. Ive accepted the situation for 10 years, have you not read what i wrote at all? So you suggest to get by i have to cheat? Thats a real good way to live waiting on the knock on the door. Its also another perfect example of why i need to get the hell out, the idea i need to cheat just to survive. Im my new country i will own my house, no mortgage, no landlord its the dream of nearly every brit, its what most work their whole life to achieve, its what they call financial freedom. Ps : yes its france im moving to.
  3. Another reason to leave this festering hole. So they take the council house from me, then they take any chance of owning a house off me, so im left to the mercy of the people that priced me out in the first place to house my family, ie the massively mortgaged landlords. Then they double the price of fuel and council tax and electricity and all the other things of life i have no real discretion over paying, while claiming im skint cause i spent my cash on ipads and lager. Then they prevent me earning a living wage by importing loads of cheap labour for me to compete with, and hand me out tax credits, because even they realise they have gone too far. And as i get a bit older they rip the pensions from me as well. So as it stands and this goes for millions upon millions of others in this country. My lot is a life of living in other peoples houses paying about half my wages for the privledge, then the council tax and utilities grabbing the rest. There is little left over, i cant shop, i cant buy a car, i cannot go to a football match or pub, because its all taken. And while this is going on to me they expect me to pay the pensions of the people that gave me this life of servitude and hopelessness. Ive said it before on here and will repeat again, im out of here. Im so desperate now it scares me. There is no hope, i should have realised 10 years ago when this all started getting silly. Well at least now ive got my mind straight, i now realise like most of the usa, there is no dream its just fed to you to keep you from going crazy and keep you working like a slave. Im out of here at the first oportunity, im paying no more taxes here, im selling everything i own and putting the money into shares cause i dont even trust the bloody currency of this shitty country anymore. And when im out im revoking my citizenship, im ashamed to call myself british.
  4. I find charity shops far to expensive. Its cheaper going to asda or tesco for clothes and a traditional second hand bookshop is cheaper than from the charity shop. They load the prices with added guilt. Something that extremely bugs me about charities is the now common help with bagging your shopping ones. The coop and others are fond of this extortion. Im sure youve all beenconfronted with the annoying begger at the end of your checkout with the large collection bucket expecting to get your change for doing the task of sticking your shopping in a bag. Well i used to fall for their high pressure begging, now i say sure help me fill my bag ( though i need no help and they actually hinder me) and i walk out and dont give them a penny. I bet their all getting paid as well.
  5. my dad used to buy this, thought it was great and kept phoning me and telling me how house prices were allways going up and that property is the best bet ect. i kinda hate my dad for that
  6. im not a bad person, ive allways considered myself decent and law abiding and with a strong sense of fairness. its a pity so many house inflation boomers, bummers and boasters, looked down on me with contempt and pity. That life has been quite a struggle mainly due to their antics and those of the banks that allowed them to indulge. so f**k em
  7. fantastic amount of work youve put in M21er, many thx for the effort. lancashire is in a right downward spiral the now. i think its safe to say as things stand the now nw england is the epicentre of the crash, prices been dropping for at least 3 years now. others are starting to make momentum and will join them soon.
  8. i realy cant see people fighting like mugs for their government again, vietnam was for me the last real war this happened and the usa had a heck of a job trying to presuade the people to fight, unlike ww2 where they went to war and then backvto ww1 where they actually thought it a privledge to die for the cause. The government are going to have a bloody hard job making people fight, especially this shafted generation. I think protectionism and a financial iron curtain will be the way.
  9. depends what you mean by worse, i dont see anyone actually starving though some are close and have a few bad days though kinda their own fault. And people dont seem to be homeless, and the heating is still on. Things are hard for a lot of people the now, but your average joe, hes still way way better off than he was in the 1930s. who knows what will happen next though, i remember the couple of years after the recission in the 80s ended as being worse than the actual recession, its the length of time that things are bad that gets most in the end.
  10. Talk talk have a call centre on isle of lewis in stornoway, pretty odd place realy to have one but there you are. The announced this week that they are looking to employ another 25 phone jockeys for the place. I know a few folk that work there allready and they tell me the pay is crap, and the team leaders only get like 40p hour more for the greater responsibility. Pay for the standard bod is minimum wage plus small monthly bonus you dont allways achieve. Im thinking the same will be the case at their southampton centre, in which case it will be the btl landlords losing out ad no one on they wages can buy a house.
  11. all these people trying to create the no fun generation, just so they can go have fun themselves. It alway annoys me when i hear people saying they are just spending their deposits on fun things and not living a life of drudgery and slavery so they can hand everything over to someone else. Life is for living, its like the kids at school that all theyvdid is study study study, how very drab and boring these people were and became, most ended up in some soul destroying council job, lets face it its where they belong. Me and my pals had fun and to hell with thinking of mortgages and saving when we were 21.
  12. there was snow from 6pm till around 8am from ullapool to aberdeen on one night, that was pretty much it. Rest of the country was spared. By midday inverness ect were pretty much cleared. During the night there was nothing open to buy as usual. On this note, i noticed for a couple of months salt and grit and snow shovels and tobogans stacked high for sale at the doorways of the supermarkets. They were well prepared this year for some bumper sales. And then the snow never came.
  13. i will be running the bean protection rackets sonny.
  14. I thought private jobs were supposed to make up for public job losses? And so goes southampton property market
  15. I thought private jobs were supposed to make up for public job losses? And so goes southampton property market
  16. We have a hot water boiler that is about 6ft tall, and having a kid who still wets the bed needed to keep this on constant for his morning bath. So i spent 250 quid and had a shower put in and a curtain road the bath. Now the mrs heats couple kettles full to do the dishes ect and we just do without it. I recon we save a tenner a week, so in 25 weeks its paid for.
  17. Wayy back in the posts my black day call i got 4.5% Drop. Im very proud of the fact i called it right. Nw only if i could repeat it and make a killing. Doubt it, i just got lucky someone had too.
  18. I will work in the uk to begin with. Im in the lucky position of being self employed and can set my own hours. Wife and kid will stay there permanent. Im hoping though to get something to transport each way once i get settled. I know up here in highlands they transport shellfish to france, perhaps i can look at that market. Im not doing this under some romantic allusion, im going to move to a rural area, same as i live in here. Just this time i will have my own house, and im also looking forward to learning a new language and culture. Variety is the spice of life. Ive lived in england, scotland, ireland. So i dont suffer from panic about living in a new place, heck i been moving about all my adult life. Mainly because i dont own my own home. Im actually moving to france so i can settle down, something not posdible here.
  19. Ive been on here 7 years now, thats a decent part of a working life. And only recently have i came to understand that even if things change, there too late for me now anyway. Ive decided to move to france and amd saving every last penny i can and selling everything i can. The hardest part was persuading the wife, but she would like a garden same as me, and i will never have a garden in the uk, doubt even a flat. So for me the time had come and gone when i buy into the uk housing market, and just like many immigrants that had to leave their countries for a better life i can see millions that have paid landlords for the last 10 doing exactly the same. Time to face facts people, you stay here and your life is gonna be crap, ive even come to the conclusion if houses were free in the uk i still would move, im kinda sick off the place. Its been a cycle of high rents and low pay since i left school. Id stick around and help the poor struggling mortgage payers and rich government workers pay for their lifestyles. But on the other hand. . . . . .
  20. Another day another geldoff rant. Imagine when you knew your kids were spiking their viens with heroin and whoring with all the junkies, you still didint go out their and condemn what they were doing. What father that had the chance wouldnt have done that. Mystery for me. Why has anyone bought anything sting has done since the police? Who are these buyers of complete crap? Where are these people and imagine being stuck in a lift with them. Shiver
  21. Living in the highlands which makes up over half the area of scotland, a large percentage of the population use oil instead of gas to run thier boilers for heating and hot water. The price of this is astronomical, i swear i would never ever use that and vast amounts of people are seriously regretting having it installed, they ripped out the solid fuel stoves when they did and many regret that as well. Talking to friends and aquantances they are generally having there tanks filled about twice a year and this is 900 quid a time at the moment for 1200 litre standard tank. So 1800 a year whats that 40 quid a week just for hot water and central heating?. Im personally quite happy with a couple of they cheapo halagen heaters, that you can run practicall all the time cheaper than an annual boiler service. They also heat a room instantly which is ideal.
  22. Another day another bob rant from me bob geldof is also a traitor, he took a knighthood same as terry wogan and a few others while being irish citizens. How could any irish citizen get a knighthood of the english crown without being a traitor. Why would any englishman even want foriegners getting knighthoods. Hypocracy alive and well in the british establishment. Giving knighthoods out to anyone with influence so to keep them all in the same club and most importantly pro establishment and pro royalist. A pro british royalist irishman ha! He should be hung up from the street lights in oconnel street.
  23. Stainless steel cat. Thats exactly how it should be, and probably will end up. The intellectual property owners are fighting against the tide, they all recieve monies for any commercial use of their products ie using a song in an advert or a clip on tv. Yet i.sist on taxing the very people that make what they do of intrest in the firzt place. didint the ramones give the music away free at their concerts? I think thats a great idea, come pay to see me at concert or watch my film at the cinema and take away a dvd. Artists have just had a ruling in their favour to actually increase the copyright time on there material, and copyright owners are getting aggresive and have basically destroyed the likes of youtube, which was a great place to showcast their material to future fans, no youtube is being made to delete everything but amateur videos. They are getting people jailed for many years for copyright infringement yet even worse patent infringement is seen as a part of buisness.
  24. Im on facebook a lot, well used to be. Thats because its lost its buzz, please do not be tempted to buy these shares. Facebook has also pushed an annoying timeline thing on the users that every single user loathes completely, and is peed off facebook wont listen to them. I think its gonna go the way of myspace and bebo. Its just a picture hosting thing anyway with comments, that links to games
  25. Im on facebook a lot, well used to be. Thats because its lost its buzz, please do not be tempted to buy these shares. Facebook has also pushed an annoying timeline thing on the users that every single user loathes completely, and is peed off facebook wont listen to them. I think its gonna go the way of myspace and bebo. Its just a picture hosting thing anyway with comments, that links to games
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