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  1. looks like its begun, now we get to watch the reality tv of a family living on the breadline to hold onto there house. i remember in the last crash a panorama special did a program on how people were struggling and paying every single penny to the bank just to hold on. well this time i think a lot of people will sum it all up like this. put down 10k, loaned 80k, house then worth 2 years later 150k so took out 50k in a equity rlease. so basically theve had 40k free cash in a couple of years havent had to pay extortionate rent, and now the negative equity and/or the super high intrest rates kick in are they gonna stick around struggling? na
  2. well i think the glory days are over, and when the unemployment starts increasing again you always get the diyers that stick the adds in the paper and run around in estate cars like theve been doing it all there lives. wont affect me too much i will still make a living from the claims coming in and im established with the insurance companies for my work, but the privates that call will drop like a stone and them that do call will start trying to tell you how ling a job will take. they say stuff like "ack its only an hours work" "do a deal on this job and i got more coming up you wil get" "how much will you knock off for cash" "i will labour for ya on it" "do you think you could up that claim a bit and you will get the job and then fix that bit of guttering over there for free" "it just needs a quick lick of paint" "how busy are you cause you can fit this in whenever you like" "whats the best deal on it" "can you fix they couple of slates up there while yer here anyway" "my dads a builder too" "is it all realy necessary" "i have a couple of bits of rotting wood in the shed you can use to do it" "so its 40 pound to do it well i will let you know i have 5 others coming around to quote" "my uncle said that theres no way it should cost more than 50 pound" "how much will you knock off for all the scrap metal in my backyard" "can i post date the cheque" "i would make you a coffee but ive run outta milk" but on the plus side i dont need to listen to anymore "ya know were earning more from the house than we do working" "we remortgaged to get the kitchen done and look at the shiny new car we bought" "im a property developer" "a bit of paint couple moves and we will have no mortgage" "isint life so wonderfull" "werent we so clever to buy" "my sister in basingstoke paid 100k and sold for 300k" "im a property developer" "im a property developer look at the shiny new car i bought" "na they could never fall" "the house across the road sold for 180k" "i will wait couple of months before selling there still going up" ahh the joys of the self employed builder have fun
  3. i work in construction 2 years ago i was knocking back work with a stick, there was so much customers were near begging you to come do there jobs. last year they still wanted the jobs done but were more price intrested, looking to cut corners and tidy up than something real nice. this year they still want the jobs done but to sell and they are doing everything they can to have the jobs done on the insurance i reckon half the jobs are now insurance jobs and 1/3 of they are people that basically want you to cheat and lie about whats neediong done so they can get you to do something extra for free. last week i went to a job the kitchen roof was leaking in water so i went up onto it and basically it had been neglected fr years and was full strop off job.This had nothing to do with insurance but the people wanted then to pay it. and its like this more and more and more, people are basically broke and all the guys doing insurance work are being called to quote jobs that just shysters wanting you to cheat and lie to insurance companies. what they fail to understand is that its the insurance companies that call on us to do these jobs they are our customers why would we cheat them, they would never give you work again.and lots expect you to do this "as a favour mate" This tells you why b and q are dropping in sales the boom is over and its run for the exit time. my father told me this same thing happened in 88/90 insurance companies will have these statistics too that just before a crash the claims coming in substatially increase. im new poster but been avid reader of here
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